February 2003: Oh, the anguish of a blank page!

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February 2003: Oh, the anguish of a blank page!

Barcelona – the 27th of January, 2003 – 4:22 a.m.
Oh, the anguish of a blank page!
Dammed be the ecstatic cramps of a writer tortured by the inertia of a ballpoint pen with tachycardia!
The hard reality of the amateur essay writer whose spirit was taken and put to test by daily futilities.
It is no use to walk, to run, to cross towns, to get out of breath, to get one’s feet covered with rotten blisters, to take a deep breath; kilometers whistle around one’s head, as if to mess up the hair of a GI US or even a neo skinhead -and taking away all creative essence, however little there may have been of it one day.
Then one forgets, one tries to feel reassured by the image of the maudit artist. One gets drunk, totally spaced out by the the spirit of J&B, one gets lost in the alcoholic vapors of a speakeasy, feeding the senseless hope of pinning down a subject for the next editorial.
The end is rather predictable.
After soaking in rum for a night, one ends up getting hold of the first mindless stupidities of the day to make barroom philosophy. Sure enough, one’s roommate should be thrown out of the window by his pubic hair because of that quarrel over soap, the neighbor - that bitch - should be shot because of the shit in the stairwell, the moronic expression of the passer-by, who should get a blow on his face, etc.
So we put together this regrettable editorial, that I do not dare to reread for fear of keeping just half a line of the ten which so painfully found their way to the page.
Good night!

In Davos, Lula explains to the holy war-minded wealthy that his war is against hunger. The Social Forum in Porto Alegre brought together more than 120.000 people, that is, ten times more than three years ago.
Meanwhile, Nike, Adidas and Levi’s, never ceasing to expand their web of intermediaries, go on with their lack of interest for the working conditions of those who sew the tennis shoes and the T-shirts which will be donned by ball-kicking millionaires. We are all responsible. The consumer, in this era of capitalism driven to extremes, has an extraordinary power: that of choosing not to buy. This is a significant weapon, when we think that those who make ink run in Venezuela or who cause the death of ink-producing Galician octopuses and make Galician ships inactive are the companies whose services many of us seek as we need to fill up our car tanks with precious liquid every week . And what can be said of France’s hypocritical foreign policy, worried these days about the political destiny of Africa, a continent plagued by AIDS and by a rotten economy due to American, French, Belgian and South African multinationals? To Sharon’s electoral lists, which almost seem too short, we must add the dead in Gaza and Cisjordania. At least it is February, a month in which politicians say less stupidies. It will probably be the month in which a new war in Iraq will be announced, but let us not fear, it will be neither a new Gulf nor a new Vietnam war, rather a precise surgical operation carried on under the vigilant eye of old Europe, which hopes to get a bigger piece of the pie by playing dumb. It will be a clean coup with no broadcasting of bloodied claims - the story ends when an oil producing country is brought to the service of a democracy which needs oil barrels under 20 euros to keep the pace of its freedom-loving development.

Now to more joyful news: we will soon have Wagner Pa with us to announce the release of his new album, Dani Carbonell (Macaco) in an exclusive interview, Joan (Dusminguet) explaining to us the recording of Go – the third album of the Catalan band, the clandestine tour Jai- Alai Katumba Express of Manu Chao and Fermin Muguruza with Radio Bemba in small concert rooms throughout Spain, the release of Che Sudaka’s first album (available for purchase online from the end of the month) a new profile in the Artists section, with the much longed for Mártires del Compás and surely new surprises that will be added to what has already been prepared.

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