April 2003: It is better to be a tourist and a born-again Christian in the Azores than a Muslim labelled as Taliban in Guantanamo

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April 2003: It is better to be a tourist and a born-again Christian in the Azores than a Muslim labelled as Taliban in Guantanamo

Yo soy un hombre negado
Y Donde crece la palma
Acaba el mundo

The sun comes out in Barcelona and in the streets protest posters blossom. In the avenues people replace automobiles and are counted in millions. They are aware that the future has to include dialogue among the peoples of the world, peace and understanding. We have the impression that humankind can stand upright in the face of adversity, it can struggle and rebel.

This is the equinox, the beginning of the Spring and the Americans have decided to prolong the winter of humankind.

If somebody had told me a year ago that three pale-looking tourists would meet in the Azores to launch the New World Order, I would have thought it very funny and would have praised them for being so imaginative.

I don't know if it was a dream, but I had the impression I had seen three enlightened people leave for a Crusade in the Holy Land.

Some people go to Gethsemane like Don Quijote leaving to face the windmills. "Our friend Ansar, the President of the Spanish Republic" as Bush Junior said in the beginning of his presidency - has become, in the last few months, a real petty dictator surrounded by a court of fervent self-righteous Opus Dei members, in possession of his own fifteen minutes of prime-time, evening-news TV . The little man with a moustache wants to puff himself up . I've been making fun of this for some time, but when I see some photos of Aznar, his smile reminds of Charlie Chaplin's in "The Great Dictator". Look carefully and you will notice the striking resemblance! And what can we say of Blair, the representative of Britain's democratic youth, who sold his soul to the devil for three barrels of BP and a place to the right of Father Bush and to the left of Mother Thatcher.

For this war-minded trio, the issue is a combat between Good and the Axis of Evil. The born-again Christians are a religious movement which encompasses 30% of the American population and which was the ideological and electoral basis for George W. Bush's presidential victory. This movement has been growing, particularly after September, 11th and the renaissance of strong patriotic and religious values. A document called Project for the New American Century (www.newamericancentury.org), dated from June, 1997, contains the basis of the present strategic policy adopted by the United States. This document was signed by Jeb Bush -the brother who gave Bush the Presidency by allowing the fraudulent re-counting of votes in Florida - as well as Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz, who now hold important decision-making positions.

Rice and Powell are like white doves next to them and because of that they are considered dangerously moderate. In several PNAC documents and precisely in "Rebuilding America"s Defenses", a huge budgetary effort is advised to provide the United States with an army capable of " waging and winning several wars simultaneously ". This tremendous bugetary effort was unthinkable at a moment of crisis like the one the United States was facing when George Bush came into power. Only a catastrophe that could act as a catalyst for public opinion and thrust defense issues to the fore, creating widespread fear, would justify such expenses in the eyes of the population.The attacks against the Twin Towers and the Pentagon gave carte blanche to the White House ideologues to implement the plan without having their decisions questioned by anyone.

What an interesting character, this former CIA agent (something he has in common with Sadam Hussein) called Bin Laden. Originally a misture of mama's son, playboy and mobster, he later converted to religious fundamentalism. But, unlike Bush, the man was a reliable enterprise strategist. This born-again Muslim could not have been more useful to repay the debts incurred in the election trail (to the generous patrons from the oil and the weapons industry) and to galvanize public opinion. It is possible that his likeness, like a ghostly-ghastly puppet, after having turned up in Afganisthan and Iraq will be spotted in Iran, in Pakistan, in Tchechenia or in Lybia, provided that political and economic interests make it visible.

Speaking of Lybia, mythical characters, fabricated legends and George..., all this reminds me of an ancient tale.

The legend of the dragon
The most widespread legend about Saint George is doubtlessly that of the dragon, in which the saint is presented as a soldier or a knight who fights against a monstrous being (the dragon) which lived in a lake and terrorised the population of a town in Lybia. This animal demanded two sheep every day to stay away from the town, because the smell it gave out was so terrible that it contaminated all living species. In the end, the farmers had no more sheep and decided to give the monster every day a living person, chosen by lot. One day it fell to the king's daughter, but when the monster was about to devour her, Saint George saved her. This legend of Saint George was written in the XII century by Santiago de Voragine in his work the Golden Legend.
TV networks love simple messages and stories of evil-conquering heros and are savoring the war show. Blind thirst for audience is doubtlessly the name of their game. The Geneva Convention states that it is prohibited to show prisoners of war. All the TV networks show the images of prisoners of both sides. After September,11th nobody reflects: it is forbidden to question . One can either be for the United States or an enemy, for whom " grave consequences are to be expected ". "Old Europe " can begin to play dead . Murdock and his media armada, Bush, father, brother and mother of bombs are ready for the combat and any argument will do.

While lawyers and the protection accorded by international treaties are refused to the prisoners in Guantanamo, the issue is to extend to the whole world and to reproduce democracy, American-style, in which the government, with the law in one hand and the Bible in another, sentence dozens of innocent men every year to capital punishment. Bush, the same person who refuses to respect the Geneva Conventions in the case of the so-called "Taliban " prisoners in Guantanamo (those who managed to escape death in American containers !) now demands that it be respected by Iraqi soldiers in their dealings with American prisoners.

At a time when tens of thousands of Iraqis are crossing the northern borders of the country (Iran, Jordan, Turkey) in search of safe haven, Spain intends to address humanitarian problems with three ships. No joke, I would not be to enthusiastic to go on board of a floating hospital named Galicia. It doesn't pay to play the game side by side with Bush and Blair and give Europe the cold shoulder.

While Israel continues to defy every UN resolution about the Palestinian problem voted after 1945, the Anglo-American-Spanish coalition talks about reinforcing respect for international law and attacks Iraq on the pretext of repeated infractions of a resolution dated from 1991.

As the Pentagon's pharaonic military budget has not yet been exhausted on Iraq, Washington, thousands of kilometers away, begins to distribute the markets of Iraq's economic reconstruction in real time. Among the first companies to be chosen is one co-directed by the Pentagon's chief, the Secretary of Defense, only two years ago.

To evaluate the intelligence and enlightenment of certain rulers, it is enough to turn on the TV and listen to them as they speak. For instance, the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs declared on the fourth day of the conflict that the Spanish people - after having shown a normal ethical rejection to war - were beginning to understand that the war on Iraq was bearing good fruit : the Spanish people could well see that "the stocks are going up and they pay less for fuel". It is important to note that the next day the IBEX index in the Spanish stock exchange reached its lowest in 8 months.

Confronted with this kind of confession, we realize that the values proclaimed by this trio of murderers and the dialectics of the war of Good against the Axis of Evil are only the demagogic fašade which hides the deep preoccupation of our democrats with the oscillations of the IBEX, FTSE and Dow Jones indexes.
As they demand where Bin is, I wonder when Tobin will appear.

On our side, we will continue to struggle for a different world and we will continue to dance even faster and more confidently because now at last the masks of our democrats have fallen.

On our side, we will continue to give hope to ideals and sunshine to human hearts.

When the times are difficult the tempo becomes lighter. Music channels anger and heals the soul.
Arriba la vaina !
Let us continue to fight.

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