January 2008: Choose your track

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January 2008: Choose your track

If you are listening the regular media, you will soon find out that 2007 was a pretty bad year, full of more dead american soldiers in Irak, with pakistan killing its main opposition leader, and with a Kenya facing what could become the next african civil war (Rwanda crisis started almost the same way, with a few hundred killed from only one ethnic group).

And if you pay close attention to business and economics commentators, they are predicting a major crisis for 2008, much worse than the subprime crisis we had in 2007. On top of that, 2008 will be the year of the american presidential elections, so it will be as it so much activity takes place in America, while actually no decision will be taken during this year of polls.

What? A black guy and a woman are runing for investiture at the democratic party? Letís talk about it! Letís adress such a great proof of openness and democracy! But meanwhile, hey, who solves the situation in Irak? Who tackles the fact that 18 000 american are dying each year for not having access to the care system? Anybody here?

As far as we are concerned, at Radiochango, we prefer not to listen those sad news from giant news corporations. Weíd rather listen those who do not belong to the establishment. We prefer to follow the unexplored tracks. We prefer to listen to this little voice, deep inside, whispering that everythingís possible and that we can change the world if we really want. All we have to do is becoming a consumíactor, buying ecological and fair trade products, or simply recycling. Gathering all together and creating a community of people willing to change the world is a good start. Thatís exactly what we are doing at Radiochango.

2008 will be the year of our seventh birthday. We will celebrate by organizing monthly fiestas in Prat de LLobbregat with the Gats association, with whom we shall merge this year by the way. This birthday will also be the occasion to launch a new 2 CDís record with artists such as La Troba Kung Fu, Ojos de Brujo, la Martingale, Che Sudaka, La Phase, Bngao, Akli D, El Kapel and much more. Last but not least we are working on the development of a brand new Radiochango Esperanzah festival in the streets of Prat de Llobregat, near barcelona. If everything goes according to plans, the festival will be live during 2009 summer : a mix of music and Non-profit organizations will share the stage. More to come about it pretty soon.

While working on these exciting projects, the whole Radiochango team wishes you all a fantastic 2008 year, full of joy, happiness, and the necessary energy to keep on dancing all night longÖ because thatís what matters, isnít it?

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