October 2003: Can Tunis

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October 2003: Can Tunis

It is from afar that I write this month’s editorial, due to an interesting immersion trip to the South of France. The situation in which I find myself as I write is also a little peculiar, so I apologize in advance if my ideas get a little mixed up this month. Here the latest news from the front relate to the growing absurdities of French government policies, A certain draft for a new law has caught my attention and by mentioning it, I mean to contribute to the debate begun in last month’s editorial, written by El Mago. This draft, which is scheduled to be debated this month refers to the strenghtening of legal punishment to consumers of cannabis. The sanctions contemplated reach 1500 euro and for underage infractors – who very often would be unable to pay that much – the confiscation of their cell phone or scooter. We are obviously looking forward to the rehashing of this text to include alcohol consumers. Liquid drugs, which are much more destructive, on the social level as well as within the family, have the support of the French society. The very same politicians who preach so moralizingly against marihuana and hashish will very often make a public appearance with a glass of spirits in their hands. In some countries it seems that the job of a politician requires a PHD in heavy drinking...and it is the one who won’t collapse under the table who will be named chief. We should not forget that the two most powerful men of the past 10 years – Boris Yeltsin and George W. Bush - who have had access to the codes necessary to flare up the most feared nuclear weapons of the planet – are notorious drunkards. The powerful of this world can sleep well and continue to smoke joints without inhaling or having blow jobs done to them without swallowing. Our ever more hypocritical politicians can toast to it, because nobody is going to confiscate their scooter tomorrow. The use of drugs will not be cease tomorrow either.
This was meant to be a small digression, because the truth is that polititians make me laugh. It is better to turn our attention to moreinsteresting things
After a very hot summer, with the Jai Alai tour and the incursions of Che Sudaka ein Chiracland and Berlusconía, we thought the back to school season would be calmer. We were surprised by a musical storm from our own land, from the heart of Barcelona. The first hurricane was the release of the long awaited album of 08001. We are very happy to be able to offer you this album through Radiochango and we recommend it vividly. It is the work of street musicians of the El Raval district in Barcelona, but it seems to us the most international of the albums that we offer on our catalogue.
The second musical storm came from Kinky Beat, a band which unites members of Jaleo Real and Radio Bemba, among others. It offers steady rock and metallic percussions,0 a variety of rhythms and very peculiar voices. In their concerts the atmosphere is very cozy as the band is very open and warm with the audience. Their agenda for October begins this Friday in the Factoria (Terrassa – Barcelona) to where we suggest that we flock. Factoría has always been an important musical reference and it does not surprise us that they have been attracted to a new group emerging in the Barcelona musical scene. But if our news come from Barcelona, the confirmations come from Italy, with the much awaited arrival of Mau Mau after the incorporation of 99 Posse. Many thanks to Andrea for his work. We will also be following the arrival of Aretuska (the group in which the extraordinary Roy Paci plays trumpet) on the 10th of October. Massilia Sound System, which played superbly at the Les Mediterraneenes festival in Argeles is also on the way. We won’t stop here, because the musical intercultural fusion of North Africa will also make its mark, represented by Gnawa Difusion.
In our kitchen we are preparing a revamping of the Social Conscience page with Santi and El Mago. Our aim is to create a new design which will allow more NGO and free lance writers participation.
As Barcelona prepares its 2004 Forum by investing millions and as real estate investors make the bubble even bigger by selling Barcelona and its harbor I would not want to finish this editorial without advising all the Barcelonese and all the tourists who arrive each day to take a walk around the Can Tunis district. This district of Barcelona has been completely abandoned by the city hall. It brings to the eye another image of this city. The time wasted and the neglect of successive municipal governments claims lives every day. As in 1992, it would not be a surprise if all of a sudden poisoned horse meat was sold to the population in order to destroy this unsettling Barcelonese district.
To finish I want to remind you of intelligent buying, one of the slogans of the social Conscience page. I have been seeing too many football T-shirts displayed around in spite of having the trademark of a company which exploits children and entire populations. Let us be more intelligent and free than our football players and let us not forget to think before buying or displaying trademarks.

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