September 2007: And what now?

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September 2007: And what now?

Many look for success, others run from it, but in the end, whether they looked for it or not, very few know to handle the Beast of Success like him. The soul healer has used success as a tool to communicate love to more and more people throughout more than three decades. Shared love, honest love, faithful love. Among the many elements of this success, behind the ease of sharing emotions, there are many years of work, humility, honesty, loyalty, capacity to overcome, critical optimism, wide-awake dreaming, roots, parental wisdom, simplicity, work, more work, alert senses... but the important thing is not so much why as how. He continues watching the world with an infinite lucidity. Perhaps it is the nature of being an artist, but often success spoils everything. To achieve success without losing one's conscience is, unfortunately, very unusual.

When Manu closed the door to Virgin, many said that he was crazy and that he was going to vanish commercially (clandestino comercial). Some were thinking that it was the right time; everybody was talking about independent labels (...). Through friendship, loyalty, and independent freedom, Manu maintained the level of production of the Mano Negra days, wandering around the world, pioneering a new form of do-it-yourself production using all the new tools that allowed him to bring reality to his music, fleeing from the cold Parisian studios. But after the announcement on the part of the multinational of hundreds of dismissals throughout the world due to the "crisis" of the record industry, Manu completed his third disc, thus fulfilling his contract of 3 discs signed for Clandestino and decided to regain his freedom and conscience,
without quickly forgetting the girlfriends who were getting close to him. What seemed to many to be suicide was a resurrection, a breath of fresh air and freedom.
And now what? he then had to ask...
Sometimes life decides for you and you only try to follow your instincts.
Life is a lottery.

And the separation with Mano Negra was sudden, visceral, and traumatic; it had been the first great blow in Manu's musical history. Surely no one realized what had happened until much later. The cure did not come fast. With the help of a cow, a crocodile, a panther, a motorbike and a knapsack, the sun finally began to shine.

In 2004, a sudden and long Siberian winter hit Paris and brought friends and relatives together to join forces. This period of hibernation in the France of La Valse à Sale Temps, resulted in Siberie M'etait Contéee... Magnififififcooo.
In my modest opinion, the most intimate work of Manu (until in its production), double therapy that passed somewhat unnoticed, perhaps because of the unusual format, proof that Manu always communicates emotion above all else. Happy and sad, infantile and lucid, simple and universal, a reflection of a life filled with hope and misfortunes, solitude and celebration, love and heartbreak, friendships and anger, hard blows and aquaintances, separations and reunions, always surprises.

Faced with thousands of spilled liters of ink for or against Manu, he has always found truth in the public and in general, he would say, among the people. If the bad fame keeps chasing him, perhaps it is because he keeps running while the bad fame stagnates.

If I were Manu Chao,
I would not change anything
If I were Manu Chao,
I would live like him,
I would say to Sgae
that it is the great thief.

And now what?
It is the time to enjoy, because Bob Marley isn't dead.
La Radiolina is on its way and fills the broadband.
Today is raining and today is real.
Mama Cuchara help us...
Manu continues curing ours souls.
You used to make the children and the adults happy.
Here, introducing.


The question: a message?
Manu Chao, Radiochango Editorial, November of 2004
"Right now you make it difficult for me! Good luck to everybody who's out there on the highway. To the day day we try to do something side by side, to go to fight the madness, everything that it is happening in this world. I believe in that, and I hope that it works, it's a race against time. Side by side, to try to deliver an attack, in every detail. It is sometimes the small things that give us the courage to fight the current of catastrophe, the end of the civilization. It is becoming catastrophic. What it gives me optimism, is that there are more and more people who realize that we are heading straight for the edge. The more people that realize this, the more we will be able to be change the order of things. To put it into perspective, there have always been mutherfuckers in the history of humanity, there is no shortage (laughter). We live in a disastrous time but there have been others. What we are living through is not anything new to civilization. There were other moments of crisis. I believe that that is our problem. We forgot the lessons of the past.
We are reliving the same scenarios, mistakes that were made 1000 - 2000 years ago. It's a pity. We always repeat the same mistakes. That is power. We've been living like this for 2000 years. When one has more power than the other, one will attack his neighbor. It is dramatic! Lessons of our ancestors haven't been learned. It is necessary to respect our elders, something very African. But also, it is necessary to see the mistakes of the elders... Not everything they did was good, they also made their mistakes. The problem is that we repeat the same stupid mistakes that they made. If anything is certain, it is that you can't expect anything from those in power. Those in power are crazy. Even if some of them had good intentions, now we are spinning out of control and there are no brakes! Capitalism is totally wild and it is impossible to take control of it. It is very complicated now to change things because the machine is running unrestrained at full speed. So if we want to make a change for the better, it can no longer be done from the top, but must be done at the neighborhood level. By finding ways to live together, change is possible. In a more general level, we can no longer sit and do nothing. It must be the people, a personal revolution, at the family level, a revolution at the local level. That is how we can do it. Nobody has excuses. We can't wait for someone else to fix the problems. There are no excuses, everyone must do their part. One cannot complain about the neighborhood without doing something to improve it. Each at his level, but fighting. It is necessary for each person to fight at his level. Then you'll see results. If you make a mistake, you'll realize it, you will have changed something. Often you'll make a mistake, but it is important to make mistakes, at least you'll have done something... "

:: (Translation from Spanish by Kevin Johnson) ::



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