May 2004: All that glitters is not gold. All that is moving, is not walking. All that one cannot see, is not dead

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May 2004: All that glitters is not gold. All that is moving, is not walking. All that one cannot see, is not dead

Terry is a great guy, my best friend and a person with whom I have a lot in common, even to the point that we both expect a baby. Don't take me wrong, I'm not saying we discovered new techniques of anal reproduction, but that we both have the chance to live our last moments of irresponsibility and peace because, in the start of summer, our partners expect a little being we call XY.

I already mentioned that 2004 would be a year of changes.
And I really hope that XY will be born under the sign of hope, in a world more just and conscious of its possibilities and weaknesses.
But this will not be possible without everyone's collective effort.

When the Twin Towers collapsed - I remember, it wasn't that long ago - among people of all social origins, nationalities and cultures, you saw a kind of hope appear, a hope called anti-globalization. This movement meant refuge to people all over the world, and began to unite increasingly more people who were motivated to make this world a more equitable world. You had the impression things were going to change. And some things have changed indeed, but not really in the way I expected them to.

The Twin Towers collapsed live on our television screens, and I have the impression that they also came down in our consciences and our lives like a ton of bricks. The debris of the towers, a dark, black cloud has surrounded our minds and keeps us from seeing clearly. This phenomenon is going on for almost three years now, as if our newspapers were still covered with blood and ashes of 9/11. The simplistic, black and white debate about the Sword of Good versus the Sword of Evil has been the central thought of millions of journalists, philosophers and politicians all around the world.

In accordance with and leaning on the vision of the governments in this crusade of Good and Evil, the great majority of newspapers, TV stations and radio stations, have altered the theory to the point where they make us believe that the central problem of humanity is the terrorism, created by a bearded, perishing old man caught in the cave of Ali Baba in the lands of the Silk Road.
A continuous propaganda of billions of television hours, and several hundreds of billiards of newspaper pages, added to millions of liters of saliva tirelessly chewing on the same images of blood, war, negotiations, and damage has contributed to anaesthetize the movement of anti-globalization. But if the movement is diminishing, the problems against which it was rebelling remain a cruel actuality which, today, we are consciously forgetting about. From now on, in many cases, these problems will be even worse than they were three years ago.

Who worried the last three years about the women of Rwanda, Algeria, China, Palestine, Czech Republic, Kurdistan, Morocco, Pakistan, Colombia…?
Who tried to fight against the prostitution of minorities and different kinds of child exploitation?
Have you seen the demonstrations to protest against famine in North Korea, China, India, Africa?
How many hours of television news are needed to treat the problem of poverty in the world?
How many millions of committed people are needed to respect the Kyoto protocol?

Our impassibility only serves the interests of sellers of oil and weapons, the same people that finance the ones that govern us and put pressure on them to sell even more weapons and oil. And tomorrow our newspapers are stunned to see the black and bloody future that awaits us.

Since three years, the only ones "gaining" from terrorist attacks, are the madmen of every terrorist organization.

A lot of us are aware of this, but what can we do about it?
Is there nothing we can do?
Everyone is able capable of responding in his or her heart and mind.

Day after day we transform ourselves into machines that consume information and products like fat sheep, incapable of choosing our own path. Our purchases, our reasoning, our impulses, our desires are all controlled by a shrinking handful of persons and companies.

We have to move before we rot away.

XY has intensified my desire to fight against the injustices and my wish for an equitable world.

Luckily, an unyielding and never shrinking group of resistance exists, that still makes it possible to find hope today.

Since 50 years, Le Monde Diplomatique has realized an amazing paper, inviting to discuss and reason about the fight against injustices and for a better world. 8 May 2004, this prestigious monthly born in the context of a bruised and amputated Europe, will celebrate its birthday together with several of its companions in battle who accompanied it during many combats: Noam Chomsky, Ignacio Ramonet, Noemí Klein, Bernard Cassen, Maurice Lemoine, José Bové, Ramón Chao, Wozniak, Manu Chao,...

These people, their visions and attitudes, their thoughts and their combats, make it possible to create a better day after tomorrow for everyone.
More modestly speaking, others also try to change the world, in which XY will live, in their own way. Anso and Julien for example. These companions of Radiochango France are working on launching a live radio station on the internet, on which you can follow the 24th anniversary of the Berber uprising in Algeria, the 50th anniversary of Le Monde Diplomatique, etc. to the other end of the world. With their attempt, and honest journalistic work, they try to change the world a little bit for everyone.

Meanwhile, in Barcelona, an urban project called FORUM 2004 came to existence, under the false cover of an interesting cultural initiative. It tried to make Barcelona into the "Cultural capital of Europe".

Through Radiochango we want to express our profound disapproval of this initiative of "Dialogue between cultures" financed by the most disgusting multinational businesses. It is like in football, where, to feed their arrogance, in a certain social justice, they make it possible for poor children who will be stars one day, to feel one with millions of people…. I don't understand how you can pretend to represent these feelings and speak of nature and ecology while still allowing companies like NIKE and ADIDAS to be associated with your image, your club or your sport. The products of these companies are often produced in poor countries by companies that exploit their employees, force children to work and threaten anybody that goes against their interests (trade unions, politicians, NGO's….)

The Cultural Forum of Barcelona is the credible image of this hidden hypocrisy, and we call upon all artists and public to boycott this event.

Behind a mask of diverse cultures and debate about a more equitable world, this Forum 2004 is financed for by companies without ethics:
ENDESA which exploits and robs the land of Mapuches Indians in Chili.
TELEFONICA which exploits and underpays its employees in Latin America while paying billions to its former president.
NESTLE which caused the drop of the coffee rate for over 40 years, and, together with UNILEVER takes part in an enterprise which finances research for genetically modified food.
COCA COLA, which represents the most basic global culture, condemning generations of children to obesity, cardiovascular diseases and sugar addictions… which buys the water reserves of Brazil for a handful of dollars, bribing local politicians… which is capable of putting its beverage distributors there where neither humanitarian help nor contraceptives arrive.
INDRA which produces radars and technology used to fight wars, and sells it cheap, without worrying about the consequences of their murdering machines.
EL CORTE INGLES which forces women in Magrebh to work in unacceptable circumstances, like INTERMON OXFAM states in its last report about Spanish textile Companies and Their Social Responsibilities.

And these are just a few of the sponsors of this event.

The Forum 2004 in Barcelona is therefore already a failure of mind and conscience. It will never be a reflection of Catalan culture, nor will it be a mirror of the cultural diversity of the world, but, like in football, a true image of our actual society and its contradictions, filled with economical and cultural hypocrites.

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