February 2005: Action!

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February 2005: Action!

Sometimes in life the concept and feeling of hope becomes the prelude of an action. We, as individuals have a feeling, moreover, a necessity of feeling useful, doing something, getting somewhere, achieving purposes. We have the capacity of desire. When this desire becomes a necessity, it opens our eyes, to see that idealism is a deceit, what we need is action.

Under this principle of will, more than 200.000 people have gathered this year in Porto Alegre, Brasil, in the fifth World Social Forum, from now and on WSF.
For those who still do not know what this encounter is, and for those who might start their implication in this project, I feel the obligation of explaining what is the WSF.
The WSF is an encounter where every group, movement or person against neoliberalism and capitalism, can meet, in order to impulse the development of a more fair and human society. Therefore the basic purpose of this meeting is not only to debate ideas democratically or formulate proposals, but to ACT, to ask for the respect of human rights, to FIGHT.
What is neoliberalism? Some of us should ask. We can state that neoliberalism is a set of economic policies that have widespread around the world, dominating the poor, that grow poorer, and giving advantages to the rich, that grow richer. Even thought this concept is rarely used in the USA media, we must know that, more than a concept, this words are a severe reality imposed to those who can not consume, by powerful financial institutions as the International Monetary Fund or the World Bank. Consequently WSF is a social battle against this situation. Is a reaction to money's birthday party that takes place every year in Davos, Switzerland and reunites all the powerful business men "owners" of the world. In Davos we have the promoters of globalization, in Porto Alegre we have the promoters of humanity.
During all these years WSF has widespread several proposals. The imposition of the Tobin Tax* in order to fight against speculation and to give undeveloped countries the opportunity of having more resources, the suppression of the fiscal paradises etc. Therefore WSF final purpose is to fight against the predominance of the market over the national law of every country, over the human rights or over the individuals, because nowadays we are considered as possible consumer prospects. Every life is a new possibility of spending, a new income for market. Every life is a new river bed for money.
From this editorial -if we can call it like that- we want to incentive every single person that reads this lines, if someone does, not only to open his/her eyes but to visit this encounter, next year, and most of all to chip in one's small contribution of ideas, and of course, of ACTION.

Tobin Tax: A tax created by the economist professor of Yale University James Tobin that proposed, the implantation of a tax over the stock market exchange. This tax would be deducted from the international capital circulation. In words of Ignacio Ramonet, director of "Le Monde Diplomatique" the imposition of this tax would end with the world's poverty in approximately 5 years.

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