March 2006: 5 years together

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March 2006: 5 years together

With this delayed editorial, I would like to draw your attention to the editorial of MonoLo, in spanish. He initiates a request, or rather renews the request that has already been made several times in the international community of RadioChango. I will translate and summarize it, for those of you who donít speak spanish. MonoLo calls for all of you that would like to see something different, something new in RadioChango, to be more constructive. To not only criticize and wait, but also to supply. This project, that was the initiative of three people, is not meant to stay in our hands. It has always been, and will be, an open project for everybody. Some people have joined us. A few. Not enough. And like MonoLo points out to us, life will direct everybody to follow different roads. And we still cannot see a new generation coming up, to continue the project. RadioChango is not just a musical media. It also is an alternative. It is the choice to listen to, and read different thin
Topics that are rare and not to be found in the big media. It is not just the music, in which it is, in my opinion too often confined. It is also an archive with articles, not to convince us of anything, but to offer us a different point of view. It has already been said : our aim is not to make the ę changuist@s Ľ believe anything, but to make them open for doubte. We dreamt of a media participating in the global plan. We imagined a a media in catalan, basque and arabic... We didnít think we would unite so many people. We dreamt of the participation of writers, artists and journalists. We were surprised by the participation of some of them. This has all come true. Some things we already have achieved, other things are still to be done. But today I realised, while reading my friend MonoLoís editorial, that without a doubt, the main goal is that the Chango becomes your dream in order to make it continue what it has started. To become everybodyís dream, not just to want it. It
is to
do something about it. To use the tool to convey your conviction en your taste. Beyond all doubt, within five years we have brought the site as far as we possibly could. And I am sorry for those who wanted to see it go even further. I am convinced that, just like in the gouvernment of a state, you have to know when to change, and let the young generation put their energy into the machine. Without a doubt, on this point I take the thought of my friend even further than he already did. I emphasize that this is not about our desertion. We will always stay remain present. I only invite those of you who want, to take the tool in your own hands to see RadioChango renew itís fire.

5 years together
To celebrate this fifth aniversary, MonoLo has organised a party for the Changuist@s, in one of the popular places in the Catalan capital of Spain.
Saturday 25 of March, in líAteneu Nou Barris in Barcelona
With the groups :
- Nour (new group of Yacine, former Cheb Balowski)
- Elkapel (group of Josť, former Color Humano)
- Che Sudaka
- Bad Sound System
And also DJ Brazuka (Wagner).
Roughly the whole family and many artist with whom we have spent time in those last years.
Tickets are sold in Mariatchi (Calle Codols 14) or in La Zarza de Consum Solidari (Plaza Augusti Vell 13). Doubtless a memorable party, which I will folow at a distance, but which I recommand to all of you.

:: Indio' (translated by Wimma Kanis) ::



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