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DOSSIER March 2007
by Squaaly


Watcha Clan
Watcha Clan



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WATCHA CLAN presents :
Diaspora Hi-Fi
Live electro-world

Diaspora Hi-Fi, the mediterranean caravan project began to sprout in the mind during the three concerts performed in Algeria in 2003. After the creational residence in Oran in June followed by a stop in Barcelona in September 2006, a second residence will take place in Morocco next spring and the Clan will be investing Europe to present it’s new project from it’s home port of Marseille.

From the balkan mountains to mediterranean shores, oral traditions from Maghreb to the London dance scene, Watcha Clan propose a musical and spiritual journey both political and mystical. Gypsy sorcerer, elephant surfer from the mountains... the musicians of this strange cooperative of sound invites you on a voyage of multiple layers. Supreme Clem's programming (Laptop, harmonium, accordion, melodica) will blossom in full liberty, supported by the sounds of the guitar and bass of Mat "La Basse" whilst leaving ever more place for the sounds of Sista Ka's vocals. The sound of the entire world intertwining with samplers, or ancient languages, in the image of Hebrew and Arabic, answering to rap styles to be reborn in an energetic style, mixing traditional and cultures to modern expression of electro hip hop.

After the first tastes of autoproduction (20 000 albums sold in 5 years) several travels to Algeria, La Reunion, India, Cuba... and around 400 concerts (Spain, Germany, Hungria) the Clan poses itself ready to realise a new work. An album where birth will be given to a new universe even more skilled, more energetic and more focused shared in emotion and senuality, lyrically refined whatever the language.

A willingness to fight equally, as the group a real bastion of independance, assumes always it’s route and it’s development. Far from a solid place in the majors, Watcha Clan reunites once again it’s companions so as to assume the production, the promotion, the tour, and to continue to follow their adventure, a real voyage both artistic and human.

When a mediterranean tribe flirts with the london dancefloor ...

Records [up]
Live au cabaret Rouge   Live au cabaret Rouge
   2001 - EP

Nomades A.K.A.   Nomades A.K.A.
   2002 - Album
   buy it at iTunes
Le Bastion   Le Bastion
   2005 - Album
   buy it at iTunes
Live Injection   Live Injection
   2006 - Album
Diaspora Hi-Fi   Diaspora Hi-Fi
   2008 - Album
   buy it at iTunes
Diaspora Remixed   Diaspora Remixed
   2009 - Remixes
   buy it at iTunes
Radio Babel   Radio Babel
   2011 - Album
   buy it at iTunes

Main contributions [up]
Balkan Beats, Vol. 3   Balkan Beats, Vol. 3
   2008 - Compilation
   buy it at iTunes

Lucha Amada - Musika Rebelde   Lucha Amada - Musika Rebelde
   2011 - Double Compilation

News [up]
  14.10.2011: Compilation Lucha Amada
  14.10.2011: Recopilatorio Lucha Amada - Musica Rebelde (Castellano)
  21.01.2011: BRANCHEZ -VOUS SUR RADIO BABEL, nouveau cd de WATCHA CLAN (Français)
  25.06.2008: FESTIVAL LES MÉDITERRANÉENNES 2008 (Français)
  25.06.2008: FESTIVAL LES MÉDITERRANÉENNES 2008 (Castellano)
  16.04.2008: WATCHA CLAN PRESENTA DIASPORA HI FI - Una caravana mediterránea (Castellano)
  17.03.2008: WATCHA CLAN présente DIASPORA HI-FI Une caravane méditerranéenne (Français)

Forum [up]
  The Forum for Watcha Clan

Videos [up]
  10.2007: WATCHA CLAN présente DIASPORA HI FI en résidence à AGADIR
  03.2007: Videoclip: Watcha Clan - ELI

Contact & Management [up]
Vaï La Bott, Julien Queysanne
Tel: +33 (0) 607 78 98 09
Mail: soupaju.watchaclan@free.fr

Vaï La Bott, Marion
16A boulevard Clément - 13013 Marseille
Tel: +33 (0) 4 91 62 72 21 / +33 (0) 6 75 20 77 84

Band: info@watchaclan.com

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