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Wagner Pá & Brazuca Matraca Wagner Pá & Brazuca Matraca
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  Wagner Pá & Brazuca Matraca Wagner Pá & Brazuca Matraca


DOSSIER June 2001


Wagner Pá & Brazuca Matraca
Wagner Pá & Brazuca Matraca



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Wagner Pa, the brother of the district
Wagner Pa and his Brazuca Matraca (Catalan-Brazilian) are here !
The great mystical circus has arrived !

In the streets of Avinyó (Barcelona) the bossanova sounds fill the air in the festive environment.
The fact is that " Barcelona no es buena si la Bossanova no suena" (Barcelona is no good when bossanova is not heard). And when it is bossanova sung by Wagner Pa, melancholy is very soon replaced by fiesta.

The carioca rhythms and the variety of styles (reggae, ska, bossanova, rap...) make the Brazuka Matraca and Wagner Pa concerts sound like carnival. Everyone is invited to come up on stage and very often friends from other bands play with them one or several songs. Such has been the case with Dusminguet, Macaco and Ojos de Brujo.

Wagner is the real name of Wagner Pa, not meant as a homage to the Austrian musician, rather chosen because W was a fashionable initial for names at the time. Wagner says that in his school other children were called Ericclapton da Ricardo, Letsgo da Silva or Undeuxtrois de Souza. Others were named after half the Brazilian national soccer team of 1970. After all, Wagner was not so bad. Wagner decided to add Pa to his name, as an allusion to Pan, the Greek flute-playing god. This was also the pseudonym with which he used to sign the poems he wrote when he was younger.

Wagner arrived in Barcelona when he was 20 to live with his mother, who worked for the Brazilian Consulate. From the start he breaks everything around him (beginning with the hand-dryer of the airport as soon as he arrived).
He goes on to play with various bands, such as SuperElvis (bass), then works as a DJ and organizes concerts, at first with Caracola, then with Mestizo. At that time, he takes jobs in production, management and as a DJ. Soon he becomes a DJ at Jamboree, the most famous disco/bar of Plaza Real. With Mestizo, he is in charge of Macaco. Dusminguet and Sargento. Soon Manu Chao joins the club. Wagner appears in the albums of Dusminguet and Macaco and works for the Sound System with Fermin Muguruza, Dani, El Mono Loco (Macaco), Manu Chao.

Stimulated by his work in this environment, Wagner decides to go on stage as well. He begins by gathering all his friends to organize a large concert in the sala Cibeles (situated in the Gracia district of Barcelona) with the purpose of raising money for an eye operation. This turns out to be a very successful event, even though the eye operation is not entirely paid for. It is Wagner's first major appearance in the media, in the company of Amaparanoia, Color Humano, Dusminguet, Macaco, Manu Chao.

Wagner comes out fully motivated from such display of confidence and friendship and surrounds himself with a skillful group of musicians (Brazuca Matraca). Their first album, Brazuca Matraca, is released in 2000.

The brazukas are :
- Muñeco : voice, pandeiro and irony. He contributes a wide range of diversified sounds and a lot of strength to the concerts. Muñeco also colaborates with other groups of different styles, such as Ojos de Brujo and Amparanoïa.
- Fede : voice, guitar. Argentinian . He lends the band the airs of rock sounds imported from the other side of the Atlantic.
- Cesc : guitar. He has achieved amazing technical level. He used to play with La Nueva Amenaza por la Paz Mundial.
- Norberto : bass. Former bass and guitar player of Freegueto, this Brazilian is the poetic and bossanova touch of the Brazucas.
- Laieta : piano. The princess of the band. Simplicity, sweetness and smiles
- Miguelito : drums. Venezuelan. Former drummer of the Soma Raza band , his solos are irresistible. When he plays with Sandro from Macaco, he is explosive..

During the Fiesta de la Diversidad (Diversity Fiesta) of Barcelona's SOS RACISMO (09/06/01), his concert was extraordinary !

With their sensual and joyful music, Wagner Pa's brazucas make room for a fiesta and cultural intermingling environment for South Americans of Europe and Europeans of the Third World.

BEWARE: The Catalan-Brazilians attack !

Records [up]
Brazuca Matraca   Brazuca Matraca
   2000 Organic Records - Album
   buy it at iTunes

Folía   Folía
   2000 Virgin - Single
Imparable Transeunte   Imparable Transeunte
   2003 Organic Records - Album
   buy it at iTunes
Melic   Melic
   2005 BOA - Album
   buy it at iTunes
Forn de Pa   Forn de Pa
   2013 - Album
   buy it at iTunes

Main contributions [up]
Vafalungo   Dusminguet: Vafalungo
   1998 Virgin - Album
   buy it at iTunes

Feria Furiosa   Amparanoïa: Feria Furiosa
   1999 Edel - Album
Shiva Sound   Shiva Sound: Shiva Sound
   2000 K Industria - Album
   buy it at iTunes
FM 99.00 Dub Manifest   Fermin Muguruza: FM 99.00 Dub Manifest
   2000 Esan Ozenki - Album
Fuerza Vol.2   Fuerza Vol.2
   2001 Virgin - Compilation
Postrof   Dusminguet: Postrof
   2001 Virgin - Album
   buy it at iTunes
Digital Mestizo   Digital Mestizo
   2001 Revelde Discos - Double Compilation
Barcelona Zona Bastarda   Barcelona Zona Bastarda
   2002 Organic Records - Double Compilation
Mundo Mestizo   Mundo Mestizo
   2004 - Compilation
RadioChango Añejo Reserva vol.I   RadioChango Añejo Reserva vol.I
   2005 RadioChango - Compilation
Eolh   Almasäla: Eolh
   2006 Ventilador Music - Album
   buy it at RadioChango | iTunes
RadioChango Añejo Reserva 7 Años   RadioChango Añejo Reserva 7 Años
   2008 - Double Compilation
   buy it at RadioChango
Barcelona Postiza   Barcelona Postiza
   2009 - Compilation
   buy it at RadioChango
Sin Rumba Fija   Familia Rústika: Sin Rumba Fija
   2010 Kasba Music - Album
   buy it at RadioChango

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Forum [up]
  The Forum for Wagner Pá & Brazuca Matraca

Interviews [up]
  Interview de Wagner à Paris pour la sortie de son nouvel album - 06/2005 (Français)
  El imparable transeunte - 01/2003 (Castellano)
  AUDIO: Entrevista de Wagner Pa por Indio y Selector Matanzas - 06/2005 (Castellano)

Extras [up]
  MELIC canción a canción, por Wagner Pá - 11/2005 (Castellano)

Videos [up]
  04.2011: Video Clip La Familia Rústika - Tu Ranita Encantada
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Photos [up]
  V Aniversario Rootsound
  Fiesta La Voz del Chango
  8 Aniversario RadioChango
  Fiesta RadioChango - Barcelona Postiza
  6º Aniversario RadioChango
  Wagner Pa 2005
  Suristan, Madrid 2001

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Sara Zamana
+34 644 247 349

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  Club Mestizo All Stars

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