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  The Trojans The Trojans


DOSSIER Agoust 2008
by The Trojans


The Trojans
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"Life's A Bowl Of Cherries" according to the king of the saxophone Rudy Jones & we all agree!

Blending hypnotic Ska & Reggae rhythms with infectious Gaelic Soul, Rhythm & Blues and World Roots, The Trojans legacy spans over twenty years of good time partying.

Formed in late 1986 by front man Gaz Mayall, son of Bluesbreaker legend John Mayall, with help from "Lucky" Pete Lambert, Crispin Gill, Andrew "Big Arn" Crawford & the mighty horns of Troy AKA Rudy Jones & Colin Humphries, The Trojans set the eighties London Ska scene alight with debut album "Ala-Ska" released on Gaz's homegrown label Gaz's Rockin' Records.

Several more albums followed on Gaz's label including the highly popular "Spirit of Adventure" in 1988 which secured a licensing deal with Sony records in Japan featuring the anthemic single "Lumpi" which won critical acclaim & exposure on BBC television. Also around this time The Trojans were invited to record sessions at the BBC's studios for the late, great, John Peel & the lineup was augmented by percussionist Mark Hamilton.

Tours of Europe & Japan followed the large exposure the band was now getting & things were hotting up until a cruel turn of fate resulted in the death of the Trojans bassist Big Arn. Although a huge blow to the band & to his then girlfriend Jenny from the Bellestars, the band carried The Trojan spirit on & recruited Rick Baxendale to inherit the bass playing duties.

1992 saw the release of the album "Wild & Free" & hugely successful tours to Germany & later Japan with The very best bag piper in town Anton Ban O' Dochairtaigh.

Line up changes occurred through the mid '90's & out went Rick, Crispin & Pete & in came Ben Mayall, Chris Compton & Mark Hamilton on Bass, Guitar & Drums respectively, Mark having joined the band as percussionist several years previously.

More tours, albums & good times ensued throughout the 90's & early 2000's bringing us up to date with the present gargantuan lineup featuring:
- The original veritable leader Gaz on vocals & melodica,
- Former Trojans bass player turned sticksman Rick Baxendale on Drums,
- "Randy" Neil Aptaker on bass,
- Charlie "The Night Doctor" Wood on rhythm guitar,
- Benoit Viellefon on lead guitar,
- Rudy "Valentino" Jones on tenor saxophone,
- Miss Megumi on alto saxophone.
- Colin "The Kid" Humphries on tenor saxophone,
- Anton Ban O' Dochairtaigh bagpipes / banjo / percussion,
- Sean McGloin bagpipes / harmonica / fiddle

... & from the most esteemed school of Jamaica's finest original studio 1 session musicians:
- Tony Uter on percussion
- Eddie "Tan Tan" Thornton on trumpet.

The Trojans are regular performers at Glastonbury festival & The Notting Hill Carnival when in the UK so make sure you catch some Gaelic Ska soon.

With 20 years on the road, trojans toured extensively and released 15 Lps and numerous singles etc. They are still kicking with new projects in the pipe and will make all their tracks (most rare and out of print) available for download on Itunes and other online retailers worldwide before the end of 2007...

Records [up]
Ala - Ska   Ala - Ska
   1987 - Album
   buy it at iTunes

The spirit of adventure   The spirit of adventure
   1988 - Album
   buy it at iTunes
Save the World   Save the World
   1990 - Album
   buy it at iTunes
Skalatitude   Skalatitude
   1991 - Album
   buy it at iTunes
Wild and Free   Wild and Free
   1992 - Album
   buy it at iTunes
Rebel Blues   Rebel Blues
   1993 - Album
   buy it at iTunes
Celtic Ska   Celtic Ska
   1994 - Album
   buy it at iTunes
Stack-A-Dub   Stack-A-Dub
   1995 - Album
   buy it at iTunes
Cool Rulers   Cool Rulers
   1996 - Album
   buy it at iTunes
For your protection - The best of the Trojans   For your protection - The best of the Trojans
   1996 - Best Of
Earth First   Earth First
   1997 - Album
   buy it at iTunes
Desiderata   Desiderata
   1998 - Album
   buy it at iTunes
The Best of the Trojans   The Best of the Trojans
   1998 - Best Of
   buy it at iTunes
Wicked & Wild   Wicked & Wild
   2005 - Best Of

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  The Forum for The Trojans

Videos [up]
  11.2007: Videoclip: The Trojans - Gaelic Ska

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