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  Sontizon Sontizon


DOSSIER September 2007
by Sontizon





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The crossbreeds Venezuelan musical band, Sontizon it conformes in August, 2000, and it's re-constitute on April 13, 2002 (Coup d'état to the Government of Hugo Chávez). It's based on Pluri_afrocaribbean genres, adorned with the seasoning of every member: salsa, bolero, jazz, hip hop, timba, poetry… Most of the energy of the project bets on the recovery of an alive and direct relation with the spectator, across the poetry. Connected to an artists net without borders that it proclaims with the participative poetry and the leading music, the daily construction of a world with ecological and fair society where it's lived by the major sum of possible happiness. After a tour along South America, they recorded his first demo called ¨Rumba, bochinche y vacilon.... Palabras con intencion" (Party, Riot and Vacilon … Intentioned Words", that summarizes the trends handled up to this moment as a musical quintet. During the year 2002 and 2003 besides concerts in the city of Caracas, they realized intense tours along the interior of the country, immediately after the creation of the official song of the national plan of literacy called " Mision Robinsón ", collaborating fundamentally with the parishes and organized comunity. Many songs were used as sonorous band in social documentaries like: "Bolivarian Venezuela: People and Struggle of the World war IV " (Marcelo Andrade, Venezuela), "Another World is possible" (Gabriela Muszio, Italy), " Venezuela from Below" (Darío Azelinni, Germany), "Committee of Urban Lands of Las Mayas" (Alessandro Bombassei, Italy). In August, 2004, they realized an European tour called" Revolution in the Revolution ", together with the audio-visual collective "Calle y Media" (Street And a half). (Barcelona, Bilbao, Marseilles, Florence, Bolognia, Rome, Fortcalquier, Venice, Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris). They have shared stage with: Paul Gillman, Un Solo Pueblo, Madera, Movimiento de cantores Lloviznando Canto, Bacalao Men, Actitud Maria Marta (Arg), Desorden Publico, Anónimo Consejo (Cuba), Orlando Poleo (Vzla, Fr), Zumbao (Marsella), Manu Chao & Radio Bemba Sound System(Fr,Esp,Argel), Manos de Filippy(Arg), Adalberto Alvarez (Cuba), Bersuit Vergarabat (Arg), El Gran Silencio(Mex), Sargento Garcia (Fr), Marina Ojos de Brujo (Barcelona). Recently they have just launch his new album called: "A cada 11 le llega su 13" (To every 11 it comes his 13).

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A cada 11 le llega su 13   A cada 11 le llega su 13
   2007 - Album

Contact & Management [up]
Ernesto Figueroa / móvil: (+58) 412 6111399
Piki Figueroa / móvil: (+58) 412 5850100
Claudio Amico / móvil: (+58) 412 5674790

E-mail: sontizon@yahoo.com
dirección: Av. Intercomunal Jardines del Valle, Calle 17.
Edificio Salto Angel, piso 24 02.
El Valle, Caracas. Venezuela

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