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  Sonora Milagrosa Sonora Milagrosa


DOSSIER July 2010
by Sonora Milagrosa

Last update: July 2010


Sonora Milagrosa
Sonora Milagrosa



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Sonora Milagrosa represent a new dimension in sound, a result of the socio-cultural phenomenon called Globalization. The members of the band were born in different parts of the world and destiny brought them together in Berlin. They share common principles, ideas, and passion for music.

Sonora Milagrosa’s inspiration comes from Roots music from all cultures and corners of the Globe, with the main driving force being modern electronic music. Ethnotronics, as this mixture could be called.

Their music brings a message, a call for social justice and a change for the better. Sonora Milagrosa criticize the wrongdoings that the very globalization, which allowed them to meet so far away from home, creates within our society. However, the message is not of frustration but of hope for a brighter future.

Traditional rhythms from Latin America, the Caribbean, the Middle and Far East, the Balkans, Mediterranean region, Africa and India are blended with contemporary electronic music like Drum&Bass, Dubstep Breakbeat, Electro and Techno.

The vocals, bass and guitar, spiced up by computer generated sounds, are fusioned to create an unstoppable energy. Combine that with a spectacular performance and you get a show which is suitable for open air stages, big Locations or even small Clubs.

Sonora Milagrosa´s music attracts all kind of audiences. Nobody can resist the marvellous power of the band.

The band was founded 2008 but in this short time it managed to establish itself within the Berlin music scene as one of the innovative new world electronic acts.

It has already performed in the most famous Berlin clubs and stages like Maria am Ostbahnhof, ARENA-Glashaus, Festsaal Kreuzberg, Karneval der Kulturen, Cassiopeia, RAW-Tempel, Rosi´s, Supamolly and Café Zapata.

Sonora Milagrosa was selected to play at the 30 year anniversary of TAZ, one of the most important and progressive German newspapers. It's performances in Hamburg´s Übel und Gefährlich, Bremen´s Lila Eule, Dresden´s Groove Station, Passau´s Proli, Fusion Festival, expanded it's fanbase to well beyond the German capital.

Thanks to the music blog movement and the internet the band has now reached international audiences. In 2009 one song of the band was selected for the compilation CD of the most important blog for Mestizo music, Rebel Sounds.

They are:

Katya "Wonderkat": Lead Vocals, Arrangements, Belleza! (Bulgaria)

Zhi MC: Lead Vocals, Flow, Irieness (Vietnam-Germamy)

Doctor "Dj Trece": Turntables, Sequencing, vocals (El Salvador)

Mc Suferah "Mac": Bass, Sequencing, vocals (England)

Wolfgang "VolkanLopez" aka "DJ Izalco": Guitar FX, vocals, inspiration! (El Salvador-Germany)

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