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DOSSIER March 2009
by El niņo diablo


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‘Flamenco thunder, Bolan-esque vocals, a sixties pop sensibility and political conscience makes Peyoti for President an agreeable antidote to all the tedious guitar bands busy going nowhere' Howard Male, The Independent

‘New era conquistadors of political punk' Tamara Gausi, TIME OUT

‘Not so much a pop group - more an attitude, more a way of life... more a way of thinking' Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music

‘A manifesto for suburban revolutionaries - they know how to grab the masses' www.music-news.com

‘Incendiary music - they cannot and surely will not be ignored' Songlines

Recently discovered and brought to the masses by Manu Chao after a tip-off from a UK promoter, Peyoti For President both opened and closed Manu's recent sell-out UK tour playing to audiences of 5,000 at Brixton Academy on the first night alone. Increasingly being heralded by many within the peace movement and the music press as music's answer to Che Guevara, Peyoti For President champion an international sound and a universal message.

Tom Robinson described the band on BBC 6Music ‘Introducing' as, ‘not so much of a pop group...more an attitude...more a way of life...more a way of thinking'. Peyoti for President are about re-evaluating this modern day world and how our societies function but equally, they are a high energy, feel good band whose performances consistently leave audiences grinning, sweating and inspired. They have brought the Peyoti carnival to prestigious shows at Bestival, Glade, Brixton Academy, Nottingham's Rock City but equally they have made their mark at famed down-beat ‘mash-ups' at London squat parties and political underground events and have established themselves as a hybrid to be reckoned with.

The band fuse great dance sounds and anthem-like melodies with politically conscious lyrics in a similar way to greats like Bob Marley or The Jam however the multi-ethnic make-up of the band and Pietro DiMascio's song writing style results in something quite different. John Peel once said, "punk is an attitude" but with the release of their debut album, Rising Tide of Conformity, ‘punk' appears to have morphed into something new. This time it's international. This time it's focused. And its message is...unite....think laterally.

Peyoti For President are a multi-ethnic collective of musicians based in London and spear-headed by front man Anglo-Italian, Pietro DiMascio. Born parentless in the UK and adopted by a British family at the age of one, for many years his unknown ethnic origins and consequent search to discover his parents was a blessing which enabled him to feel no specific allegiance with any one culture but an affinity with many. A chance meeting with Ulisses Bezerra, raised in the favelas of Brazil, the son of legendary revolutionary people's hero and ‘reality rapper' Bezzera da Silva started what would go on to become the collective of musicians it now is - representing the rich melting pot of London's modern day music culture.

Peyoti For President's debut album ‘Rising Tide of Conformity' features over 20 great musical minds from countries as diverse as Brazil, Egypt, Syria, India, Jamaica, Australia, Italy, Spain, Ireland and the UK, such as violinist Sami Bishai (played with Yasmin Levy), ney and darbucka player Louai Alhenawi (played with Natasha Atlas), Indian percussionist and acclaimed godfather of the British Asian movement, Pandit Dinesh (played with Ravi Shankar, Apache Indian), and of course Ullises Bezerra all combined with the punky urban core of underground London talent.

Peyoti for President is a truly international act. Music for the people - made by the people, promoting unity and harmony. Dance anthems, rabble-rousing punk doused with the fuel of social consciousness. There are many expressions currently being bandied about in an attempt to describe the new sound that is Peyoti For President, many of which are applicable but all of which become instantly redundant once printed. The only way to experience the true essence of Peyoti For President is to witness them first hand - and then, like the majority of life's most tangible experiences, the moment has passed and you're left feeling slightly more privileged than you were before.

The debut album, Rising Tide of Conformity, is released May 4th in the UK.

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Rising Tide Of Conformity   Rising Tide Of Conformity
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  08.05.2009: Peyoti for President 'Album Launch' at Dingwalls, Camden - THIS Sunday, 10th May!!

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