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  Persiana Jones Persiana Jones


DOSSIER March 2007
by PersianaJones.com


Persiana Jones
Persiana Jones



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Translation by Anthony Soncini

Persiana Jones started in February 1988 in Rivarolo Canavese, a village in the Turin North Area. During the first two years , the band expanded its activity to all of Northern Italy.

In 1990, the first record was released. "Impazzire" is a miniLP with 4 songs, recorded and produced by Madaski. In a few months the record sold more than 3000 copies and was reviewed abroad. The frenzied live shows of Persiana Jones helps increase the band's fame all over Italy.

1991, the band won Valdelsa Rock, an Italian rock festival in nearby Florence. In December, a new picture disc was released, "Baciami Tony" (four tracks), together with a disco-mix version of the same song, produced by Madaski again. 1992: the band appears on Rai TV for the first time, in a live show in Rome attended by 15,000 fans, along with the other new Italian bands. In December, another concert at Palladium in Rome, was broadcasted by Stereo RADIORAI, during the popular show "Planet Rock". After attending lots of anthologies (Sotterai Italiani, Skandalo al sole, Vox Pop 93), in May 1993, a new Mini CD is issued. It consists of 3 Afro-American tracks entitled "Che Passa", produced by Madaski again with the help of Carlo U. Rossi. During the "Che Passa" tour (with occasional shows abroad), the new live album was recorded.

1994, January: Show comes out: 16 tracks (7 previously unreleased), all live. The record contains all the power of an average Persiana Jones concert: from SKA to Latin, all seasoned by loads of fun. In 1994: appearances at some TV shows ("Segnali di fumo" on Videomusic, "Domino" on TMC and "Saxa Rubra" on RAI 3) and some radio shows: Pomeriggio giovani" and "Hit Parade" by Piero Chiambretti on RAI Stereo2 1995. Persiana Jones quit Vox Pop and self-produce the new album, "Siamo Circondati", distributed by Banda Bonnot. Recorded at Transeuropa Studio in Turin and produced by Carlo U. Rossi, "Siamo Circondati" contains of 13 new tracks. Its a multicoloured and carefully finished work, it sold more than 5000 copies and was well reviewed also abroad. It is distributed in Belgium Holland, France, Spain, Switzerland and USA, but the best results came from Germany. During the promotional tour in Austria and Germany, Persiana Jones plays with excellent SKA bands from Germany and elsew
(No Sport, Skaos and others), obtaining a good success in spite of the fact of singing in Italian.

1996, a line-up change: the brass section is reduced to one tenor sax and the band now contains 5 elements. Another German Tour, then Italy again touring with The Skatalites, the fathers of Jamaican SKA, and Toasters, fromm the USA. 3 antholpgies: in October "War is insanity" - Germany, in November "Let's skank" - France with SKA bands from 3 continents, in December Latin ska vol.II" - USA. This one is the most important, as its issued by Moon Records (New York), world leader of SKA music.

1997, after a few dates, a big change for the birth of "Uaz Record" (by Beppe e Silvio Carruozzo). It goes to show the intention of the band by staying indeependent. February-March: the band records a new record, "Brivido Caldo", at Blumusica Studio in Turin, 14 brand new songs, with the artistic production of Pippo Monaro. This is a heavier record than the previous ones; with more rock influences on top of the usual SKA foundation. In March, Persiana Jones, was the first and only Italian band to sign a contract with Moon Records NYC, that deals with the print and distribution of "Brivido Caldo" all over the world. After 50 dates, a new drummer and, after a period of rehearsal, the second part of the tour started on October, 31st.

1998. Lots of gigs abroad, Catalonia above all, where the band attended some major Spanish festivals and won praise from the crowd and critics. In Italy, the band played the 2nd Moonstomp Ska Festival in Bologna and took part in the compilation "Italian Ska Invasion", from an original Uaz Record idea along with the independent label Lilium, distributed in Italy by Epic-Sony. A gig at El Paso Squat in Turin was recorded to be released in February. On December 19th, the Brivido Caldo tour ends in Zurich, after 123 dates.

1999. February. Persiana Jones started the sessions for the new album, produced by Uaz Record. It came out in April and is called Puerto Hurraco, after a bar in Barcelona where the band used to end up after its Catalonia nights and also where it is possible to meet the strangest people. The CD was recorded at Blu Musica Studio in Torino, once again with Pippo Monaro, it contains 16 songs and was mixed partly at Transeuropa Studio in Turin by Carlo U. Rossi and partly at Blu Musica by Pippo Monaro. The sessions involved old members of the band too: the old brass section (Roy Paci e Rosario "Tyson" Patania), Vito Miccolis on percussion, Roberta Bacciolo e Roberta Magnetti from "Violectra", and Victor Ruggiero from the American band "The Slackers". The "Puerto Hurraco Tour" started from Turin and the band visited all the major cities of Northern Italy. The tour followed the release of a new single "Tremarella" and a couple of live shows on national TV programs. During the year,
band has played at the Genoa Festival in front of 5,000 people, two times at the "Moonstomp Ska Festival" with Skatalites, Slackers and Bad Manners and, above all, at the itinerant Vans festival "Warped" in Bologna, with Pennywise, Ice-T, Pietasters and many others. In September, the band attended the "Bam Tour" in Catalonia and played a concert at "Puerto Hurraco Bar" in Barcelona. In December, they played Switzerland (New Years Eve at the Zoo Bar in Zurich).

January 2000 The "Puerto Hurraco Tour" goes on while the band released a remix of "Un giorno nuovo", produced by Madaski. The remix is released on a mini-CD with five songs . In the spring and summer, the tour continued all over Italy and occasionally abroad. In September. the band attended two important festivals in Spain and in February 2001 the tour ended with two gigs in France and three in Switzerland, a total of 120 concerts.

March 2001 The sessions for the recording of a new album began, the producer is Madaski but three songs are produced by Darian Rundall, producer of all the records by Pennywise, Suicidal Tendencies, U.S. Bombs and many Epitaph bands. Rundall worked with an Italian band for the first time and the result are a powerful album, with no gimmicks, very direct and quick. The reviews in the press are all good. Additional musicians for the album are Paolo Parpaglione on sax (Africa Unite), Gigi De Gaspari on trombone (Bluebeaters), Alberto Mandarini on trumpet (Paolo Conte Band), Zazzo on vocals (from the legendary Torin punk band Negazione). The album is called "Agarra la onda", is released on June 1st and its distributed by Venus.

May 2001 The new tour starts from Bologna and goes on for the whole year. During the summer, the band played the most important Festival in the Slovak Republic in front of a crowd of 18,000 people; two gigs at the Deconstruction Tour and Independent Day in Bologna. In the autumn, after many concerts in Italian clubs, it was time for a tour in France while in December back to Slovak Republik (Bratislava) and Czech Republic (at the Roxy in Prague). The New Years Eve concert was number 850 with a total of 400,000 km.all over Europe. The first part of the tour ended in January 2002 in Florence.

Persiana Jones, more than 850 gig...and still on the go.

Records [up]
Show   Show
   1994 Vox Pop - Live
   buy it at iTunes

Siamo Circondati   Siamo Circondati
   1995 Uaz Records - Album
   buy it at iTunes
Brivido Caldo   Brivido Caldo
   1997 Uaz Records - Album
   buy it at iTunes
Puerto Hurraco   Puerto Hurraco
   1997 Uaz Records - Album
   buy it at iTunes
Agarra la Onda   Agarra la Onda
   2001 Uaz Records - Album
   buy it at iTunes
Brace For Impact   Brace For Impact
   2003 Uaz Records - Album
   buy it at iTunes
Another Show   Another Show
   2004 Uaz Records - Double Live
   buy it at iTunes
Just for Fun   Just for Fun
   2007 Uaz Records - Album
   buy it at iTunes

Main contributions [up]
Let's Skank ! vol. 1   Let's Skank ! vol. 1
   1997 - Compilation

Italian Ska Invasion   Italian Ska Invasion
   1998 - Compilation
Skunkdiskak vol. 2   Skunkdiskak vol. 2
   2001 - Compilation

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