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DOSSIER January 2003
by P18

Last update: Agoust 2008





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P18 ?

Behind this codename is Tom DARNAL, sound and image researcher on civvy street, band leader on stage and (well) accompanied by a plethora of contributing artists in general. Tom begins his musical adventure in 1982 with the totally forgotten band GPS whose track "Quand revient l'été" nevertheless remains in Les Inrockuptibles' top 10 French punk singles of all time!!
In parallel, he diverts into graphic art and soon becomes creative director and designer for Mano Negra's iconography before joining the band ..boards.

The last days of Mano coincide with the first steps of P18 in Patchanka's basement in the heart of the 18th district of Paris with the recordings of Drum & Bass inspired Electro musicians. Their first album "URBAN CUBAN" is released in 1999 and gives birth to one of the first electro and world music fusions, an experience which owes its authenticity to the collusion with Barbaro Teuntor, a Cuban trumpeter which he met during Mano Negra's South American tour in a cargo ship, and his family who dunked Tom into the traditional repertoire of music from Havana.

A group consisting of musicians and dancers, both French and Cuban, is created before Tom & P18 set out on a series of tours taking the band across the planet from Europe to Cuba to the USA and China. P18's music was at the time widely used as soundtracks for mainstream Hollywood films such as the Yard, Maid in Manhattan, Chilli con Carne… and was to contribute to the band's growing reputation.

In 2002 "ELECTROPICA" was released and received unanimous acclaim from the critics. Tom pushes on with the electronic experiment whilst remaining at the service of traditional sounds. Other tours follow, "Never mind how long the road is, we'll go round the world"… until 2004. Then there is a break period where Tom works on a diversity of projects, as director (Dvd Mano Negra) or composer (soundtracks for films and documentaries).

Active collaboration with Thomas Martinez leads to sowing the seeds of "Viva P18", the band's new opus. Tom returns to a more traditional concept in the treatment of the Afro-Cuban repertoire, characterised by the funky trademark that constitutes one of the key elements of his style. A reunion with Sylvano Matadin, Urban Dance Squad's bassist, sets up a new live combo.
The tone is more detached after a period of dilettante activism, Tom has returned to a more personal vision of the world, an attitude he illustrates by the formula "anarchy is the key, latin is the melody".

Records [up]
Light and Fire   Light and Fire
   1996 Tabata Tour - EP

Urban Cuban   Urban Cuban
   1999 Tabata Tour - Album
Electropica   Electropica
   2002 Tabata Tour - Album
Viva P18   Viva P18
   2008 Tabata Tour - Album
   buy it at iTunes

Main contributions [up]
Rumours of war   Rumours of war
   1998 Esan Ozenki - Compilation
   buy it at iTunes

Radical Mestizo   Radical Mestizo
   1999 Revelde Discos - Compilation
Fuerza Vol.1   Fuerza Vol.1
   2000 Virgin - Compilation
Fuerza Vol.2   Fuerza Vol.2
   2001 Virgin - Compilation
Muevete Bien   Muevete Bien
   2005 Sabor Discos - Compilation

News [up]
  19.04.2010: La Mano sans Manu... (Français)

Forum [up]
  The Forum for P18

Interviews [up]
  Tom Darnal P18 by Un Café - 01/2004 (Français)
  Interview avec Tom Darnal - 04/2003 (Français)
  Interview with Tom Darnal - 04/2003

Videos [up]
  10.2009: P18 Live Machine "Candelé"@ UPVD
  08.2008: Viva P18 - Teezer

Photos [up]
  TILT Festival - Perpignan

Contact & Management [up]
TABATA TOUR SARL - www.tabatatour.com
Email : tabata@easynet.fr / charlottedarnal@tabatatour.com
Tel : (+33) 4 68 34 72 83
Fax : (+33) 4 68 34 88 07

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