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  Mario Maeso Mario Maeso


DOSSIER April 2010


Mario Maeso
Mario Maeso




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“In all  friends a coffe”

Back in Montevideo, Mario began his career as a singer/songwriter with influences ranging from Eduardo Mateo to Jobim, from Djavan to Caetano, Bola de nieve to Stephen Bishop, Sarah Bettens to Pino Daniele not to mention Renato Russo.

Junto a Nicolás Mola y Martín Buscaglia conforma los primeros grupos con los que Mario toca en pubs de Uruguay. En esos años Mario también toca el bajo y compone en Costumbres, la Waca-waca one more band y Samantha y sus macacos, Junto a Samantha Navarro, Luciano Supervielle, Daniel “Tatita” Marquez y Gonzalo Brown.

Together with Nicolás Mola and Martín Buscaglia his first musical bands are founded and with them begins an early career of live music playing in the pubs of Uruguay. In those days, Mario was also a bass player during which time he composed a whole repertoire for  bands such as Costumbres, la Waca-waca one more band and Samantha y sus macacos, contributing as well to the works of Samantha Navarro, Luciano Supervielle, Daniel “Tatita” Marquez and Gonzalo Brown.


In 1994 Mario Maeso is offered a scholarship to go and study musicology in Paris at the Université de Paris VIII in the Saint Denis area of the city, thus bringing forth a new step in terms of fresh encounters and opening the door to a whole new world of music. There, he composes, plays and records with Pablo Cueco, Leo Melo, Gabriel Roda, Tryo, Minino Garay and Lalo Zanelli. It was notably during this period that the creation of Camdombe-pop group Radar took place, together with Pablo Mendez, Daniel "ito" Bravo, Bruno Angel and Daniel "Dédé" Díaz with whom he would go on to record a self-made album titled "Buen Viaje" or "Have a Safe Trip" and filled with original songs.


   Upon arriving to Barcelona, Mario Maeso joins Avenida Brasil. With this band he  would go on to record an album titled "Balanço Samba- Funk", composing almost all of the songs in Portuguese. Nowadays, Mario can be found working on a new album titled "Café" -his first solo project-  a synthesis of all his musical experience and a compilation of original and cover titles in Spanish, French, Portuguese and English. On this latest piece of work, accompanied by the simple percussion of a cajón and a bass and fender Rodhes guitar, Mario gently sits down and has a coffee with friends; Martín Buscaglia, Gema4, Rubem Dantas, Minino Garay, Daniel Bravo, Fulvio Paredes, Cece Giannotti, Tryo, Jp Dupeyron, Krishoo Montieux,  are among the guests of honour on this occasion.


Mario Maeso's original compositions have been recorded and/or performed by artists such as Marina Mautinos, Jorge Drexler, Leo Minax, Martín Buscaglia, Gonzalo Brown, Rocio Faks y Juan Mari Montes.



Band: RADAR -the Album: BUEN VIAJE 

BBP (BABYLON BY PASS) Records, 1999


2. Buen Viaje (M.Maeso)

3. El Reggae del Mandril (M.Maeso)

7. Secretitos(M.Maeso)

8. No Hables de Mí (Diaz/Fernández)

9. Mil Cosas(Maeso,Buscaglia)

10. Yemanja(M.Maeso)

11. Azar(M.Maeso)



AFRO-BLUE Records / DM, 2004



1. Cucussuco Dance (Barcelo/Maeso)

2. Como un burro amarrado en la puerta de un baile (Garcia/Portet)

3. Cheia de Saudade (Barcelo/Maeso)

4. Chega mais para cá (Barcelo/Maeso)

5. Promesas (D.Pinheiro)

6. Teu Nego (C.Pitera)

7. Yemanja (M.Maeso)

8. Pagode para o sorriso dela(M.Maeso)

9. Umbanda/Time (V.Freire)

10. A luz dos dias (M.Maeso)

11. Reggae do Mandril (M.Maeso)

12. Yemanja Remix (Maeso/Mas)




Stephen Bishop, Eduardo Mateo, Pino Daniele, Hermeto Pascoal, Beatles, Djavan, Lenine, Caetano Veloso, Chico Buarque de Holanda, Renato Russo, Ruben Rada, James Taylor, Laurent Voulzy, Jean Jacques Goldman, Michael Jackson, Henri Salvador, Antolín, Earth Wind & Fire, Kool & the Gang, Bob Marley, The Gap Band, Nicolas Mola, Gonzalo Brown, Jorge Ben Jor, Gema 4, Charlie Parker, João Gilberto, Ruben Blades, David Sylvian, Robert Fripp, Cartola, Horacio Buscaglia, Fito Paez, Charly Garcia, Fabiana Cantilo, Sade, Andrés Calamaro, Stevie Wonder, Claude Debussy, Zeca Pagodinho, Bola de nieve, NG la banda, Muñequitos de Matanzas, Jacques Brel, Camarón de la Isla. Kiko Veneno, Lui Miguel, Ketama, Maria Bethania, Gema4, Laurie Anderson, K's Choice, Elis Regina, Green Day, Martin Buscaglia, Prince, Charles Aznavour, Suzanne Vega,Luis Enrique, Spandau Ballet, Maurice Chevalier, Yves Montand, Cristopher Cross, Pat Metheny, Lalo Zanelli, Minino Garay, Ana Moura, Lalo Schifrin, Ennio Morricone, Nino Rota, Igor Stravinsky, Kelvis, Roberto Carcasses, Iannis Xenakis, Erik Satie, Serge Gainsbourg, João Bosco, Gilbert Montagné, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Vinicius de Moraes, Leo Minax, Jorge Drexler, Eric Kouts, Carlos Gardel, Astor Piazzola, Dianne Revés, Edmundo Rivero, Gazebo, Eladia Blasquez, Juan Luis Guerra, Fernando Cabrera, Jorge Lazzarof, Araca la cana,Vocal Sampling,  Morenada, Chiara Chivello, Jorginho Gularte, Luis Alberto Spinetta, Ney Matogrosso, Juan Formel, Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, George Michael, Tear for fears, Eduardo Darnauchans, Frehel, Clémentina de Jesús, Maurice Ravel, Alex Cuba. etc...

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