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  Mala Vita Mala Vita


DOSSIER April 2007
by MalaVita


Mala Vita
Mala Vita



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Powerful melodies from the Balkans, explosive rhythms from Latin America and lyrics straight from the dark Neapolitan alleys, welcome to the world of Mala Vita! These gypsies from the 21st century know how to energetically summarize the world in a nutshell. A new album, a collaboration with Manu Chao’s bassplayer, an Essent Award, nobody can stop this band! The secret of this success? Bring six musicians together with different nationalities and backgrounds, let them blend and the global sounds of Mala Vita will blow out of your speakers.

The roots of front man Mickael lay in the sunny and beautiful country of Italy. That’s why most of the lyrics are sung in Italian. The other band members from Bosnia, Serbia and The Netherlands complete the band’s international personality. Mala Vita also sings in Spanish, English, Bosnian and French. Or call it ‘Itañol’, ‘Franglais’ or ‘Bosniano’, because the idiom of the Malavitosi is just as infinite as their music.

The strong Balkan sounds are no coincidence. Accordionplayer Emil and drummer Garo are both from the torn country of Bosnia. So they kow how to unite Europe’s far east and west. The band’s songs are full of themes like pain, love and betrayal. But don’t expect to be having a melancholic night with Mala Vita, because they will bring you a show of danceable polkapunk, crushing ska and pounding reggae.

In the spring of 2007 the band releases their first studio album, Disorganizzata. For this album they worked closely together with producer Gambeat, ex-Mano Negra and bassplayer in Manu Chao’s notorious band Radio Bemba Sound System. Disorganizzata has been partially recorded in The Netherlands and Barcelona and mixed in Barcelona, the centre of the vivid mestizo-scene. Front man Mickael: “Gambeat didn’t just produce the album but also participated in the writing process. He really did everything to get the best out of us. Mark my words: 2007 will be the year of Mala Vita!”

The band developed itself in an incredible speed since it’s start in 2001. They have played on uncountable stages of venues and festivals throughout Europe. The highlights: two times Lowlands, Noorderslag, Polé Polé at the Gentse Feesten, The International Film Festival in Zagreb and the recording of their live album Mani Fiesta in Het Paard van Troje in The Hague. In 2005 the band won a prestigious Essent Award.

The sound of Mala Vita is difficult to describe, and that’s exactly the power of this promising, global, musical sensation.

Records [up]
Disorganizzata   Disorganizzata
   2007 - Album
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En Exilio   En Exilio
   2009 - Album
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Main contributions [up]
Barcelona Postiza   Barcelona Postiza
   2009 - Compilation
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News [up]
  10.09.2009: Barcelona Postiza, nuevo recopilatorio ya en la calle! (Castellano)
  12.08.2008: Esperanzah! Bilan 2008 (Français)
  01.08.2008: RadioChango en ESPERANZAH! 2008 (Castellano)
  01.08.2008: RadioChango à ESPERANZAH! 2008 (Français)
  29.05.2008: Festival ESPERANZAH! 2008, Floreffe (Français)
  28.11.2007: Sábado 15 de Diciembre 2007: Fiesta RadioChango en La Capsa! (Castellano)
  28.11.2007: Dissabte 15 de Desembre 2007: Festa RadioChango en La Capsa! (Català)
  28.10.2007: MALA VITA, HIZO BAILAR A MÉXICO (Castellano)

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  The Forum for Mala Vita

Photos [up]
  Esperanzah! 2008 - jour 1
  Fiesta RadioChango 15 / 12 / 07 La Capsa

Contact & Management [up]
DUCOS Productions
Claudia Raven
P.O. Box 19153
Tel: (+31) 10 404 84 22
Fax: (+31) 10 404 96 30

Mala Vita: info@malavita.net

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