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  Lumbal˙ Lumbal˙


DOSSIER March 2002
by Mono Lo





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Me Voy Con El Gusto is the name of the first work of this Colombian band living in Barcelona.

"I leave happy" (Spanish expression that originally means: I leave pissed off) is not the announcement of their impending break-up, but the name of the drum of the Colombian head percussionist, Pedro Alcázar.

And since they inherit from that drum, they decided to pay homage to the musician they admire and give their first album this name. They collaborated with a great number of artists of the Spanish alternative scene, e.g. Manu Chao, Amparo Sanchez and Muneco (Amparanoia), Dani Carbonell, Sandro and Beto Bedoya (Macaco), Wagner Pa, José and Stéphane Laidet (Color Humano), Mustafa and Adress ( who have colaborated with Dusminguet in Postroph), Joan (Dusminguet) and Eduardo D'Nasimiento. If they pass by your place, you don't have to stay hungry (gusto) because live, they sound great.

Their screams to the percussion rythms could silence field guns. A sound of peace runs through this album, marked by the violent death of a group members' father. The war that disturbs Colombia is omnipresent in this album, which takes away some of the fun of loudspeaker-rattling energy. "Before the last leaves of the tree of reason are fallen, before the storm kills the joy, listen to me my friend. What is happening around me? They tell me that the war continues...". Uncertaincy dominates when on the subject of Columbia. "Mad, it's mad, the world is turned upside-down" . Immigration and nostalgia for the original world are unvarying subjects on the album. Concerned and critical lyrics stand in contrast to the energetic and playful guitar of Alejandro Luzardos. Amparos' (Amparanoia), Josés'(Color Humano), or Danis' (Macaco) voices and Manu Chaos' choirs and Mustafa Al Hafers' chants blend with the omnipresent percus and the guajira guitar into a consistent vitality and a unique sound.

Lumbalú is a Colombian band, founded in Pereira in 1984, to be precise. They were created with the purpose of creating musical experiences by mingling traditional with modern instruments. Traversing the Colombian coastal region to absorb its styles of music, they didn't hesitate to stay several weeks in the same village to help its inhabitants, to get to know and learn directly from the masters, feed off the afro-colombian traditions and to discover stories of ancient musicians. One of these extraordinary stories is the one of d'Encarnación Tavor, the great master called Le Diable. It's told at the end of the record by the owner of the famous drum, which gave the album its name. This story illustrates the cultural penetration between Africa and Colombia. But it also tells the story of the accordion devil and the expert of the Vallenato, who, after the popular legend, defeated the devil after an exhausting musical combat.

The Colombian war, coupled with the group members' wish of a change of scenery ("fresh air in your head and meeting other people are things that can't be refused"), brought them to Barcelona in 1997.

In Barcelona the band got to know a different musical blend. Mixing rhythms and modern and traditional instruments, Colombian sounds and harbor-influences of the city, they succeeded in refreshing and adapting the numerous popular Colombian songs. They use every type of sound and preference of percussion: The guitar mixes with the luizi, the drum with the drum kit, the cymbals with the congas, the dyembe with the chequere and last but not least a cocktail of percussion sounds and joyous products of instruments whose names announce the sound: bongo, marimba, wira, timbales, darbuka, tam-tam, maracas...

Sometimes energetic enthusiasts with neither barriers nor borders, sometimes nostalgic immigrants, they offer us a cumbia of rich harmony and lyrics full of love, respect and melancholy for their world.

Lumbalú is formed by 6 musicians and interpreters:

Nando Munoz: voice, chuana (kuisi, Colombian Gaita), marimba, maracas, afrocolombian percussion, traversian flute
Orbe Ortiz: bass guitar, antillian percussion; afrocolombian and afrocuban, choirs
Vicky Castano: voice, Maracas
Eduard Bedoya: clarinett, sax, tenor and sopran
Alejandro Luzardo: acoustic and electric guitar, percussions
Santiago Blanco: drums, antillian afrocuban percussian

Records [up]
Me Voy con el Gusto   Me Voy con el Gusto
   2001 Ventilador Music - Album
   buy it at iTunes

Mil colores   Mil colores
   2004 Ventilador Music - Album
   buy it at iTunes

Main contributions [up]
Barcelona Zona Bastarda   Barcelona Zona Bastarda
   2002 Organic Records - Double Compilation

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  The Forum for Lumbal˙

Videos [up]
  11.2008: Fiesta RadioChango // Barcelona Postiza

Photos [up]
  8 Aniversario RadioChango
  Fiesta RadioChango - Barcelona Postiza

Contact & Management [up]
C/ Rossend Ar˙s 9
08014 Barcelona
Tel : (+34) 93 432 32 08
Fax : (+34) 93 432 33 27

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