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  Lou Dalfin Lou Dalfin


DOSSIER September 2008
by Musicalista


Lou Dalfin
Lou Dalfin



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Lou Dalfin was founded in 1982 by Sergio Berardo and is a real cultural institution in the Occitan valleys and has reached a great succes among critics and public by succeeding in their extent to match popular tradition with a more modern taste.

The first line up of the band was acoustic and included instruments strictly belonging to the tradional Occitan music like Hurdy-gurdy, accordion, clarinets and flutes. After releasing two now historycal albums “En franso i ero de grando guero” in 1982 and “L'aze de alegre” in 1984.
The band split up leaving the members free to follow other musical projects, among wich L'Arp, La Ciapa Rusa and Lou Nouvè de l'Argentiera.

In autumn of 1990, Sergio Berardo works on the reunion of the band, creates a new line up that allows Lou Dalfin to face new experiences, with members coming from different musical backgrounds like folk, rock, blues and jazz. With this new line up, that includes modern instruments like bass, guitar, drums and keyboards, Lou Dalfin gains a more modern sound, adding an experimental touch able to suit both to the lovers of a traditional sound and the young people's taste.

The consequent growth of Lou Dalfin audience conveys them a reputation that opened the way to all national and international stages, crossing the limitation of the regional shows: in 1993 they played at “Mercat de Musica Viva” in Vic, a small town near Barcelona, in 1994 at “Arezzo Wave” in Italy, in '95 at “Printemps de Bourges” in Cher, France, and then in July 2002 in the most important european tradional music festival in Saint Chartier.

In summer 2004, after releasing a new LP “L'oste del Diau”, the band starts a huge tour in Italy and France, taking part also in a festival organized by the italian TV channel Rai Due, “Follia Rotolante” that lead Sergio Berardo and his band to a national success through both public's and critics' acclamations.

After winning with “L'oste del diau” the Luigi Tenco Award for the best Dialect album in 2004, the best award the band gained all throughout its career, Lou Dalfin are ready for a a new tour: in 2006 they tour all Europe, playing in the most important world music festivals among which “La Notte Della Taranta” in Salento, “Tradicionarius” in Barcelona, “Les Nuits Atypiques” in Langon and “Estivada” in Rodez.

In May 2007 they release a new LP “I Virasolelhs” produced by Musicalista and distributed by Self, that reaches a great success and allows the band to play in different festival as “Getxo Folk Festival” near Bilbao, “Villa Ada” in Rome and “Carpino folk Festival”.

A new album with Lou Dalfin hits remixed and revisited by several Italian artists will be released in octobre 2008, a prove of Lou Dalfin's interest in brand new sound and contamination.

Records [up]
En franso i ero de grando guero   En franso i ero de grando guero
   1982 - Album

L'aze d'Alegre   L'aze d'Alegre
   1984 - Album
W Jan d'l'Eiretto   W Jan d'l'Eiretto
   1992 - Album
Gibous, bagase e bandì   Gibous, bagase e bandì
   1995 - Album
Radio Occitania libra   Radio Occitania libra
   1997 - Live
Le viatge   Le viatge
   1998 - Album
La flor de Lo Dalfin   La flor de Lo Dalfin
   2001 - Album
L'óste del diau   L'óste del diau
   2004 - Album
   buy it at iTunes
I Virasolelhs   I Virasolelhs
   2007 - Album
   buy it at iTunes
Remescla   Remescla
   2009 - Remixes
   buy it at iTunes

Main contributions [up]
RadioChango Añejo Reserva 7 Años   RadioChango Añejo Reserva 7 Años
   2008 - Double Compilation
   buy it at RadioChango

News [up]
  18.02.2009: LOU DALFIN / FEEL GOOD PRODUCTIONS presentano REMESCLA (Italiano)
  03.09.2008: Recopilatorio RadioChango Añejo Reserva 7 Años (Castellano)
  03.09.2008: Recopilatori RadioChango Añejo Reserva 7 Años (Català)

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  The Forum for Lou Dalfin

Contact & Management [up]
Remo Giordano - Musicalista s.n.c.
Tel: +39 329 0097484

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