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  Los Umbanda Los Umbanda


DOSSIER January 2008
by Los Umbanda

Last update: January 2008


Los Umbanda
Los Umbanda



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Members of the “Los Umbanda” band were studying music at the J.P. Esnaola National Music School, in La Paternal, Buenos Aires, Argentina. They met in that school and that was also the place where they had their first gigs, at the auditions the school organized in the 90’s. From that point onwards they developed their own trademark style – main trait of their four albums – which combines several different rhythms and influences to achieve their singular sound. Their fusion of Reggae, Dub, Latin with a particular sampler and synthesizer treatment turns their songs into urban mantras.

The introduction of their third album Hibrido! Hibridub! Hibrilove! in 2004 sealed Los Umbanda’s personal style which is defeats any classification. This granted them rave critics on the local media: the band was invited to present their new album at important radios such as FM Rock & Pop and FM La Tribu. They also received flattering reviews on Rolling Stone magazine and Página 12 newspaper among other local media. At the same time, Los Umbanda had a great reception from the public, who crowded the theatres at all their presentations, some held at the most important festivals of the local rock scene, such as Cosquín Rock (2003), Quilmes Rock (2004) and Radio Bemba concert at the All Boys stadium (2005), where they supported Manu Chao’s band.

Their 2005 album, Umbandubs, is a series or remixes from their own Hibrido! Hibridub! Hibrilove! album and features Gambeat (Mano Negra / Radio Bemba) on a version of the Chúkaro song.

Los Umbanda are currently working on their fifth album which will continue consolidating their extremely personal style as they explore new rhythms and sounds.


Musicians from Los Umbanda met in the patio at the J.P. Esnaola National Music School, where they were all students in the beginning of the 90’s. This was the start of a long relationship that began with presentations in the underground scene and festivals set up by student and human rights organizations.

In 1999 they edited their first album, Mundo Disfraz, which they recorded at “Estudios del Abasto” and was produced by Tavo Kupinski, guitar player of the Los Piojos band. The album has 15 songs which are a fusion of reggae and Latin rhythms.

In 2001 they traveled to Cordoba to produce their second studio album, at the studio owned by the Las Pelotas band, in the Cordobese sierras. Misil Popular was also produced by Tavo Kupinski and also has 15 songs in the line of their former work: reggae, Latin rock and a blend of these styles with local rhythms such as zamba and candombe. This record has guest appearances by Verónica Condomí (vocals) and Facundo Guevara (percussion). On this trip they also worked with Las Pelotas for the recording of their song Corderos, a version they produced for their Selección album.

In 2003 they took part of the Cosquín Rock festival. They also started the production of their third album which was finally edited on 2004: Hibrido! Hibridub! Hibrilove!, coproduced by Gaspar OM and Chávez, at Yatay records. The name of the album reflects the fusion in their songs: reggae+dub+latin. Híbrido!.. is a bridge between the music and sounds of different latitudes and the lyrics tell the tale of voyages, moods and sensation: a real ethnical psychorock. Some songs were created on a trip Gaspar made to the Caribbean. Gaspar is in charge of compositions and he and his sampler are also responsible for the recording of sounds and flavors of cities which are very close to each other on geographical terms but ages apart regarding their culture, such as Montego Bay (Jamaica) and La Habana (Cuba). Other songs are created well to the south, a crude picture of the everyday reality of Buenos Aires and its suburbs. The record is completed by some songs in the soundsystem style which are product of the electrodub performances Umbanda includes in their shows.

In 2005 they went back to the studio to play with the tracks from Híbrido! Hibridub! Hibrilove! thus creating their fourth album: UMBANDUBS (dubs & remixes), which includes a version of the song “Chúkaro” remixed by Gambeat (Mano Negra / Radio Bemba) in his Barcelona studio. In November of this same year they were invited by Manu Chao to support Radio Bemba Sound System at the All Boys stadium.

During the first months of 2006 they held several presentations in the City of Buenos Aires and the outskirts, alternating their shows with the production of their next album. On July they played at La Trastienda within the framework of the Late! Bs.As. festival, in an explosive show for over 500 people.

Gaspar OM: Lead vocals, sampler, synthesizer, programming.
Gustavo Montello: Drums.
Rodrigo Herraz Viglieca: Percussion, vocals.
Federico López Conde: Guitar, vocals.
Matías Kupinski: Guitar, vocals.
Santiago Pérez Giménez: Keyboard
Manuel Ruiz: Bass
Alejandro Gómez: trumpet and trombone.

Records [up]
Mundo Disfraz   Mundo Disfraz
   1999 - Demo

Misil Popular   Misil Popular
   2001 - Demo
Híbrido! Hibridub! Hibrilove!   Híbrido! Hibridub! Hibrilove!
   2004 - Album
Umbandubs   Umbandubs
   2005 - Remixes
Musikadelante   Musikadelante
   2007 - Album
Latintropiks   Latintropiks
   2010 - Album

Main contributions [up]
Cerebrocorazon   Sirte Tircco: Cerebrocorazon
   2010 - Album

Locos al Galope! Colifata vol. 22   Locos al Galope! Colifata vol. 22
   2013 - Album

News [up]
  21.06.2008: Disco Homenaje a Ernesto 'Che' Guevara (Castellano)

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  The Forum for Los Umbanda

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