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  Los Piojos Los Piojos


DOSSIER April 2008


Los Piojos
Los Piojos



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At the end of the 80's, Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina - witnessed the birth of Los Piojos, one of the rock bands that would change the music of the country. Los Piojos had been influenced by The Rolling Stones, Iggy Pop, León Gieco and Rubén Rada among others, but later on they looked for their own style which is nowadays like a brand: pure rock combined with some tango and candombe tunes, typical Rio de la Plata styles.

They started playing in pubs or parks in Greater Buenos Aires, then in pubs of the city of Buenos Aires, and in the mid-90's they played in traditional Argentine rock venues, like Estadio Obras. Since '97 they started playing in football stadiums due to the increasing number of fans.

At present, with nine records independently released with the label EL FAROLITO DISCOS (more than one million copies sold), Los Piojos have found their place among the most popular and influential bands in Argentina.

One of the most important benchmarks was their presentation at the River Plate stadium in November 2003 gathering more than 80.000 people in one night (recorded and released in a DVD called "Desde lejos no se ve - Can't be seen at a distance"). During 2004 and 2005 they've been touring throughout all the Argentine stadiums, closing with two shows at the mythical Bombonera, the Boca Juniors stadium (recorded in the DVD called "Fantasmas peleándole al viento" - "Ghosts fighting with the wind").

In 2006 they opened The Rolling Stones shows in two consecutive nights.

In August 2007 they recorded and released "CIVILIZACIÓN" (Civilization), considered by most of their fans as their best record or the one they'd choose as favourite. In the course of a few weeks it was awarded double platinum. The Rock and Pop radio station, leader in the music field, chose "Pacífico" (Pacific), the first single, as song of the year and the same happened with the CD. Votes from readers of the Clarín journal for young people (the largest selling newspaper in Argentina) produced the same results. Furthermore, CAPIF (the agency which gathers all the Argentine record labels) awarded Los Piojos and their CD "Civilización" (Civilization) with the Gardel award for "Best Rock Album 2007".

Also in 2007, EL FAROLITO DISCOS re-released Los Piojos first four albums (completely sold out in the record stores) and launched in Argentina the new Manu Chao's work "La Radiolina".

The band will soon release a unique and limited edition CD - only for Europe - that will include all their songs, even some from "CIVILIZACIÓN". The CD will be released in Spain by K-Industria accompanying the "CIVILIZACIÓN TOUR 2008". The tour will include Spanish and European cities. The15-track CD reflects the band's history in all its stages: the "rocandombe" - mixture of rock & candombe - ("El balneario de los doctores crotos" y "Desde lejos no se ve"), ballads ("Bicho de ciudad", "Todo pasa" y "Agua"), love songs ("Ando ganas" y "Difícil"), blues ("Tan solo"), latin rock ("Civilización"), murga - Rio de la Plata's typical music style ("Verano del '92"), 21st Century Rock ("Pacífico" y "Manjar"), fiesta ("El farolito", "Como Alí") and the homage song that ended in friendship:"Maradó", dedicated to Diego Armando Maradona.

The DVD accompanying this release includes images of the Argentine football star sharing the stage with Los Piojos plus the latest and most important shows performed in the biggest stadiums of Argentina, such as the Bombonera. The DVD is also useful for knowing the Los Piojos' important stage presence, especially the one shown by its leader -Andrés Ciro Matínez-, writer of most of their songs. Los Piojos are arriving in Spain. Nobody should miss them.

Los Piojos are:

Andrés Ciro Martínez: vocals - armónica - guitar - backing vocals
Miguel A. Rodríguez: bass guitar - backing vocal
Daniel A. Fernández: guitar - backing vocals
Gustavo H. Kupinski: guitar - backing vocals
Sebastián Cardero: drums - backing vocals
Facundo "Changuito" Farias Gómez: percussion - backing vocals
Miguel "Chucky" de Ipola: keyboards - pianos - hammond organ

Records [up]
Chactuchac   Chactuchac
   1992 - Album

Ay Ay Ay   Ay Ay Ay
   1994 - Album
3º Arco   3º Arco
   1996 - Album
Azul   Azul
   1998 - Album
Ritual   Ritual
   1999 - Live
Verde paisaje del infierno   Verde paisaje del infierno
   2000 - Album
Huracanes en la luna plateada   Huracanes en la luna plateada
   2002 - Double album
Maquina de sangre   Maquina de sangre
   2003 - Album
Fantasmas peleandole al viento   Fantasmas peleandole al viento
   2006 - DVD
Civilización   Civilización
   2007 - Album
Desde lejos no se ve   Desde lejos no se ve
   2007 - DVD
Los Piojos   Los Piojos
   2008 - DVD + CD Best Of

Main contributions [up]
20 Años: !Ni Un Paso Atras!   20 Años: !Ni Un Paso Atras!
   1997 - Live

Forum [up]
  The Forum for Los Piojos

Contact & Management [up]
Los Piojos:

Manager: Pocho Rocca

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