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Les Hurlements d'Léo Les Hurlements d'Léo
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  Les Hurlements d'Léo Les Hurlements d'Léo


DOSSIER February 2006


Les Hurlements d'Léo
Les Hurlements d'Léo



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Les hurlements d' Léo is a human adventure which has travelled the world :Eastern Europe, Germany, Hungary, Russia, Japan, Australia, USA, Canada.

Their music is a mixture of Java, acoustic rock and Eastern European sounds and is played on various instruments. On stage the guitar, violin, accordio, double bass, trombone, drums, trumpet, saxophone and piano join together for a most enjoyable sound.

It all started in 1995 in Bordeaux. The "Hurlements" began their musical career in the city's bars which they really enjoyed animating.
In 1999 they produced the album "Café des Jours Heureux" themselves. With this first opus they managed to impose their style throughout the Festival scene but most of all they managed to impose their name.

During a whole year they built up their experience on stage before releasing a new album : "La Belle Affaire". This second opus carried on where the first one left off with realistic and poetic texts inspired by the little things in day-to-day life. "Le Café des Jours Heureux" for example, describes life in their part of town and we are introduced to Louise the accordionist who is "The little man in grey". The words are cheerful and accompanied by Java music.

As the band particularly enjoys the human side of things and sharing experiences, they have no hesitation in investing in parallel projects. One of these key projects brought together in one family, two bands with the same values : the "HDL" and the "Ogres de Barback". To celebrate this union, both bands recorded a live album under the "Latcho Drom" tent in September 2001. The recipe for this explosive cocktail is a mixture of songs from each band and cover versions of all kinds performed on the French and European stages.

In October 2003, the release of a new album "Ouest Terne" was a good opportunity to set off on a tour throughout France. The songs were still as varied and energetic with the rock and Java undertones they revealed in the previous albums. The texts were more elaborate but the "HDL"'s spontaneity was still there.

In 2004, they recorded a live album of 6 tracks called "Hardcore Troubadours" with the group "17 Hippies". They then toured energetically for 3 months including an appearance at the "Francofolies" in La Rochelle. In 2005, they released a live album from the "Ouest Terne" tour with their favourite songs.

Travelling is part of the "HDL" way of life. They started in 2000 with the African continent and no less than 5 countries : Gabon, Cameroon, Congo, Tchad and Equatorial Guinea. This month-long experience gave them a taste for crossing more borders.
They hit the road again with a week in Japan where they met a Russian group, "Tequila Jazz"! This meeting with the band from St Petersburg gave them the opportunity to tour Russia in July 2003. Since then both bands have been very close and this is how the "HDL" end up touring Russia at least once a year!

Australia is their furthest destination. They managed to make a name for themselves during their three tours in 2002, 2003 and 2004, and to take part in recording a compilation called "FRANCE" released in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Their music got an enthusiastic welcome which led them into bringing out a compilation of their best songs from "Le Café des Jours Heureux" and "La Belle Affaire". They also took part in 17 concerts including the W.O.M.A.D. in Adelaide.

The "HDL" have played in other countries : Canada (2001), all the East European countries, either on their own or with the "Un air de famille" tour; in Syria for 10 days followed by Beirut.
In September 2005 they recorded their latest album (the 6th) which is due out at the beginning of March 2006 when they will be starting a new tour of Germany, France, Australia and Russia.

Les Hurlements d’léo are:
Laulo: Singer, guitar
Remy: Battery, Derbouka
Pepito: trompet
Zeb: Violin, guitar
Jojo: accordeon, trombon
Benbziz: saxo
Dawed: contrabass
R1: Singer, guitar
Jeff: management
Jpax: sound live
Chonchon: Créa & light ingeneer
Nasser: Light ingeneer
Le double Cha: Sound

Records [up]
Le Café des Jours Heureux   Le Café des Jours Heureux
   1999 Madame Léo - Album

La Belle Affaire   La Belle Affaire
   2000 Madame Léo - Album
Ouest Terne   Ouest Terne
   2003 Madame Léo - Album
HDL Live   HDL Live
   2004 Madame Léo - Album
Temps Suspendu   Temps Suspendu
   2006 Wagram - Album
   buy it at iTunes

Main contributions [up]
Mano Negra Illegal   Mano Negra Illegal
   2001 Big Mama - Compilation

Un air, deux familles (live)   Un air, deux familles (live)
   2002 - DVD + CD Live
   buy it at iTunes
Il y a un Pays... Palestine   Il y a un Pays... Palestine
   2003 - Compilation
La Pittoresque histoire de Pitt'ocha   Les Ogres de Barback: La Pittoresque histoire de Pitt'ocha
   2003 - Album
Zic de Rue   Zic de Rue
   2007 - Compilation
Faites Encore Plus de Bruit   Faites Encore Plus de Bruit
   2007 Wagram - Compilation

Contact & Management [up]
23 rue boyer 75020 PARIS
Tel : (+33) 01 43 58 25 64
Jeff Génie: jeff@gloria-consulting.com
Christophe Bosq: christophe@gloria-consulting.com

74 rue georges bonnac 33000 BORDEAUX
Tel : (+33) 05 57 53 02 41
France : Mathieu Vincent (mathieu.vincent@3ctour.com)
Etranger : Ben Herbière (ben.herbiere@3ctour.com)

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