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Le Peuple de l'Herbe Le Peuple de l'Herbe
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  Le Peuple de l'Herbe Le Peuple de l'Herbe


DOSSIER October 2007


Le Peuple de l'Herbe
Le Peuple de l'Herbe



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Undoubtedly one of the most emblematic bands of the past ten years !
The key ingredients to the evidently deserved, perfectly assumed success of the band are the desire to break musical barriers (hip-hop? break beat? rock and roll energy and powerful machines?), a formidable stage presence at the smallest underground club or the hugest popular festivals, true artistic autonomy (the supadope factory, a laboratory/studio dedicated to the Peuple, and a politicized, yet subtle intention. Music Stakhanovites could be another definition for this people of hardworking activists: sound system and deejaying (the sound of Le Peuple) unearthing talents through label Supadope often gives back the very best to the cause: a beautiful collective adventure born in the little bars bordering the slopes of the Croix Rousse. A band that does not know the meaning of concession or frustration, a group that sees, ten years on, an ambitious new album and a fantastic never-ending tour…

Quick history lesson:

Created in 1997 by DJ Pee and DJ Stani, the DJ/machines duet is rapidly joined by drummer Psychostick and trumpetist N’zeng. After two tracks for the original soundtrack of Virginie Despente’s motion picture ‘Baise Moi’, and first album ‘Triple Zero’ (which receives a warm welcome from the press and the public), the foursome sets off on an attack of the French stages armed with their crossbreeding of genres (in other words, the fusion of influences, tastes and instruments of each member at the service of an implacable stage energy and redoubtable crossover tracks).

The band’s image is soon affined through strong visuals and imagery. 2002 sees the release of second album ‘ph test two’, which is marked by the cataclysmic irruption of English rapper JC001 (whose human heat box becomes indispensable in the concerts of the Peuple) reinforcing the initial idea of knocking over style barriers. The delicate alchemy works optimally: amusing sampling, DJing, neo hip-hop, cinematic killings, ferocious instrumentals, surprising electro… but makes it difficult – almost impossible – to define the band’s music. The public grows with each concert of the incendiary Lyonnais, and the band regularly plays on European stages and in the great summer festivals.

2004 ‘Cube’ confirms a perfect musical and aesthetic success. It epitomizes the subtle balance between rampant pressure, urban anger and an implacable groove… assuredly the music of its era: nervous and terribly efficient. 2005 sees the first change of lineup with as Spagg replaces DJ Stani being replaced by Spagg (a long-time partner trained at the school of the Young Gods) at the machines. He toured with Le Peuple from 2002, signed the guitar arrangements on ‘Parkside Souvenir’ and ‘Ph Test Two’, and opened the Dope Beats Vol. 1 compilation with his side project Yokohama zen rocks. Very soon, he foun his footing on stage. He will be a determining element to the elaboration of the ‘Radio Blood Money’ process.


Reality is merely a point of view. Post-nuclear catastrophe. Meta planetary DJ. Survivors. Intersidereal radio. Philippe K Dick. Survival. The Durutti Column. The path of history. Plastic men. Viva la revolucion…
No laughing matter here. After the catastrophe, we embark on the soundtrack of the last chance, RADIO BLOOD MONEY.

At the source of the fourth studio album of Le Peuple de l’Herbe, a book and an acknowledgment: cult science fiction author Philippe K Dick’s acerbic novel and a disturbing political reality leading to twelve tracks. Less machines, more humans; or a ferociously energizing organic music in movement that sweeps the emotional spectres of the body and the soul.

Let’s assume that, in a relatively nearby future, humanity will be decimated by a nuclear accident (or a liberal apocalypse). That a handful of Resistant will decide to broadcast the ultimate radio programme via satellite, that this RADIO BLOOD MONEY, free from everything, will diffuse hope and resistance.

We begin with a ‘Yep’. This introductory instrumental salute is closely followed by ‘History Goes’, an electronic and organic slaughter supported by the spatial voice of JC001 that speaks of education and fate. ‘Judgment’ gives more than its dues to swaying rhythms, and its deconstructed groove is amplified by Sir Jean’s message (you can’t judge a book by looking at its cover – rings a bell?) and the voice of JC… ‘Traces’ is a science fiction drum’n’bass bordering on a disturbing jazz…

‘The Fall’, a dark track leaden by a vicious guitar, is the distant echo of singer Marielou’s voice, and is already considered as one of the summits of the tenseness of the album. ‘Plastic People’ – the less angry, almost pop song follows a little break beat interlude à la Peuple De l’Herbe – is a success: a winning attempt at a raging hymn where JC plays at the boosted crooner, where brasses cling, and where Spagg’s bass rolls nu-soul way over Psychostick’s powerful beats.

The second half of the album opens with ‘Dope Beats’ (meaning exactly what it says), followed with a prophetic ‘Viva La Revolucion’, an ideal soundtrack of a well-real era. Classically dub ‘Riddim Collision’ is a direct allusion to the Lyon activists, Jarring effects and the dub scene. Another pinnacle of this indefinable record, ‘Free Degree’ is a strong electro track with an implacable groove, the formidable vocal presence of JC001, almost free brasses, and ferocious hyper machines. ‘Yep Afini’ closes the opus, goodnight and thank you very much for your time.

Beyond the maturity of the album and the (let’s say) more organic approach of their music, the surmounted difficulty of this ambitious album was to grant an increasing place to the message, as each text and each sample gives sense. Each listener is then left to his own to use and interpret what is more than just another record, but rather a cornerstone in the discography of the history of
Le Peuple.


PSYCHOSTICK (Drums / Programming)
SPAGG (Bass / Programming)
N’ZENG (Trumpet / Bugle / Piano / Hammond / Rhodes / Scratches / Programming)
PEE (Scratches / Synthesizers / Programming)
JC 001 (Vocals / Beatboxing / Various Noises & Bits)

Records [up]
Triplezéro   Triplezéro
   2000 - Album

Ph Theme   Ph Theme
   2000 Pias - Single
   buy it at iTunes
Triplezéro plus   Triplezéro plus
   2001 Pias - Re-edition
   buy it at iTunes
P.H. Test / Two   P.H. Test / Two
   2002 Pias - Album
   buy it at iTunes
Mr. Nice   Mr. Nice
   2002 Pias - Single
   buy it at iTunes
Sold Out   Sold Out
   2004 Pias - Live
   buy it at iTunes
El Paso   El Paso
   2004 Pias - Single
   buy it at iTunes
Cube   Cube
   2005 Pias - Album
   buy it at iTunes
Radio Blood Money   Radio Blood Money
   2007 Pias - Album
   buy it at iTunes
Monde de merde (feat. Svinkels)   Monde de merde (feat. Svinkels)
   2008 Pias - Single
   buy it at iTunes
Tilt   Tilt
   2009 - Album
   buy it at iTunes
A Matter Of Time   A Matter Of Time
   2012 - Album
   buy it at iTunes

Main contributions [up]
Tolerance Double Zero vol.I   Tolerance Double Zero vol.I
   2002 Circ - Double Compilation

News [up]
  18.08.2008: Festival Cruïlla BCN 2008 (Castellano)
  19.02.2008: VIÑA ROCK 2008 (Castellano)

Forum [up]
  The Forum for Le Peuple de l'Herbe

Videos [up]
  01.2010: RadioChango TV, Enero 2010, 1/7 : Intro + Novedades Musicales
  01.2010: RadioChango TV, Enero 2010 : Programa completo
  01.2006: Videoclip: Le Peuple de l'Herbe - No Escape

Photos [up]
  Fusibles Festival

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AGDL Productions
9, rue du rempart
59000 LILLE
Tel : (+33) 03 28 04 56 66
Fax : (+33) 03 28 04 56 60

PIAS France
14 rue Milton
75009 Paris
Tel : (+33) 01 44 53 71 30
Fax : (+33) 01 44 53 71 81

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