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  Jolly & the Flytrap Jolly & the Flytrap


DOSSIER June 2007
by Jolly & the Flytrap

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20 years on the road – celebrate our old bones

Now and then, before starting the concert, the band is asked to announce this guy's or that girl's birthday and congratulate him or her publicliy from the stage. Last time it smashed back in our faces. We cheered for Samy, and it was Samy's 19th birthday. He wasn't even born when we published our first demo.

So here we are: Twenty years torturing instruments and audiences. At least, in these twenty years we learned our instruments. And, as we love our audiences, they give us back a lot. They cheer, they dance, they buy our albums and T-shirts, and only a couple of black shirted existencialists keep sticked to the bar.

Of course, some things had to change as to adapt to our increasing wisdom and to our decreasing capacities of eating spaghetti spaghetti spaghetti and sleeping on bare floors. We paced down. We don't play as many concerts as we used to, and now and then we just go out for dinner – and one or the other actually orders an old and tasty red wine and keeps away from the liters and liters of lager beer. Our kids add up to seven, and we expect them to save our pension. Yes, and a couple weeks ago it was our forth band bus we exported to Moldavia. The music, of course, stays.

In July '07 we were guests of the Villa Pastori at Lake of Orta in Norhtern Italy. The Villa perfectly met our senior standards: adorable and comfortable rooms, a generous property, the lake near-by, and a wonderful view which could be enjoyed sitting on one of the benches in the yard. New songs were written, to be located somewhere between Novi Sad, Capri and Cadiz, and, needless to say, they all resist the wisdom whereby old bones should slow thing down. Perhaps are our bones not old enough yet, but we still try to rumble, and we do rumble as hard as we can, even though we need more and more time to recover.

So we are looking forward to see you, here and there, and also we crave for every stage, every plate, and every little bottle – may it be beer or wine or mineral water.

Celebrate with us. For it is a fact: it may have become a lot worse.

Jolly & the Flytrap are:

Hannes Blatter (bass)
Richard Blatter (guitar and voice)
Werner Häcki (drums)
Martin Infanger (accordeon)
Fabian Christen (mixer)
Andreas Dorn (saxophon)
Pascal Claude (trumpet)
Martin Rutishauser (some lyrics)

Records [up]
Sepp   Sepp
   1991 - Single

Betelgeuze   Betelgeuze
   1992 - Single
Produkt   Produkt
   1994 - Album
Preparen Candela   Preparen Candela
   1996 - Single
Pop-Stereo Song   Pop-Stereo Song
   1996 - Single
Produkt UpDate 4.01   Produkt UpDate 4.01
   1997 - Album
Global Union Express   Global Union Express
   1999 - Album
No Land in Sight   No Land in Sight
   1999 - Single
Elritschi   Elritschi
   2000 - Album
Assisi Rock   Assisi Rock
   2001 - Single
Electric Polka   Electric Polka
   2004 - Album
Jolly Times   Jolly Times
   2007 - DVD + CD
Electric Polka   Electric Polka
   2008 - Single

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  17.08.2007: JOLLY AND THE FLYTRAP por primera vez en Barcelona! (Castellano)

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Mail: info@jollys.ch
Jolly & the Flytrap
Gasthaus Grünenwald
Postfach 15
6391 Engelberg - Switzerland

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