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  Jaune Toujours Jaune Toujours


DOSSIER January 2008
by Choux.net


Jaune Toujours
Jaune Toujours





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Jaune Toujours music is best described as an explosive mix of cultures, languages and music genres. Add to that a typically Belgian pinch of self-derision and understatement and the result is a band that has the energy of a rock band, the improvising skills of a jazz combo, the open minded approach of world music group and the charm of a street band.

Well rooted in their home town Brussels, their unique identity is yet enforced by their poetic and socially committed lyrics, that celebrate the cultural melting pot of our modern day world. The kind of music you can dance to till you drop at a gig, but also enjoy as you listen more carefully at home.

Their lyrics in French - and occasionally in Dutch, Romanes, Italian and Spanish - are sophisticated and poetic, yet bold and strong in communicating the state of the world. jaune Toujours strive to speak for those who, too often, are not heard.

The audience has been asking for a live CD since forever. Jaune Toujours happily obliges with the new live CD/DVD 'cluB' featuring tracks from the albums O, BRUSK, Camping del Mundo and Barricade, recorded at a mamorable gig night at the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels.

Piet Maris: lead vocal and accordion - founded Jaune Toujours and named the band after an accute attack of hepatites. He writes all lyrics and a big part of the music. At the same time, Piet is the man behind the gipsy band Mec Yek.He teamed up with singer Laila Amezian and founded the Araba-andalusian music project Arabanda. And now and again, he takes to the streets with La Nouvelle Harmonie Bruxelloise d Accordeons, a band of accordions.

Théophane Raballand: drums and percussion - also plays in Mec Yek, Arabanda and La Nouvelle Harmonie Bruxelloise d Accordeons. Theo proves to be a talented photographer as well: he created the cover and the photographs for quite a few Jaune Toujours albums - Barricade, Camping del Mundo, Brusk.

Mathieu Verkaeren: upright bass - also plays in Mec Yek and Arabanda. Mathieu played a lot in the Brussels jazz scene, but also in neighbouring genres, like world and chanson.

Mattias Laga: sax soprano, clarinet and bass clarinet - also plays in Mec Yke and Arabanda. Mattias played in several jazz, folk and world music projects like Oblomow and Banda Azufaifo.

Bart Maris: trumpet, bugle and tuba - Belgium s most famous trumpet player. Next to Jaune Toujours, he plays in Flat Earth Society, Briskey, Moker and occasionally with dEUS and Zita Swoon. He won the Zamu-award for "best musician" in 2000 and was nominated several times since. Bart also regularly plays in Arabanda.

Yves Fernandez-Solino: trumpet and bugel; blows his horn like there ll be no tomorrow. He also plays with 4T4, Ultrasonic, The Rhythm Junks, Lady Linn, and many others.

Sam Versweyveld: trumpet, bugel - is well-known in Belgian jazz and dance. He is part of the live band of Buscemi and participates in several jazz projects, like those of Chris Joris and Chris Mentens quintet. Iin the early days of Jaune Toujours, Sam used to play the electric bass in the band. And he also plays his trumpet now and then in Arabanda.

Records [up]
O   O
   1998 Choux de Bruxelles - Single

Maravillosso   Maravillosso
   2000 Choux de Bruxelles - Single
   2000 Choux de Bruxelles - Album
   buy it at iTunes
Camping del Mundo   Camping del Mundo
   2002 Choux de Bruxelles - Album
   buy it at iTunes
Barricade   Barricade
   2004 Choux de Bruxelles - Album
   buy it at iTunes
CluB   CluB
   2006 Choux de Bruxelles - Live
   buy it at iTunes
Kolektiv   Kolektiv
   2009 Pias - Album
   buy it at iTunes

News [up]
  14.08.2006: Radio Esperanzah!... L'écoute continue ! (Français)
  19.07.2006: Festival Esperanzah! (Français)

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  The Forum for Jaune Toujours

Contact & Management [up]
Choux de Bruxelles
management, label & bookings
Sarah Baur & Piet Maris
Verbindingslaan 27
1060 Brussels
phone & fax:+32 2 538 94 55

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