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DOSSIER May 2007
by Mono Lo

Last update: May 2007







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Inopartners is a band created by a group of musicians from the same belgradean neighborhood, who have been playing together for many years. Inopartners like different styles, but always aspire towards the same: to be human, to be cheerful, and to make it groovy. Californian guitars, beastie drums and church organs. African percussions and swinging basses. Twisted acoustic guitars. And a lot of chorals. Inopartners also write for movies.

Inopartners are:

• Marko Marovic – vocals, guitars, keys, bass. Mr Marovic has been playing music with various musicians since the age of twelve. In 1996 he recorded a CD ”Specijalno Vaspitanje”, a realistic portrait of Belgrade during the nineties, which remained unreleased due to the lack of “publishers”. Afterwards he went to London in 1998 to play with his band Special Treatment (Rock) and to study sound engineering at SAE College. He returned to Belgrade a year later and founded the label ”Lothlorien” and a studio where he started organizing sessions with his companion Nikola Vukotic and their friends. After five years of sessions he gathered Inopartners and started a new chapter.

• Nikola Vukotic - drums, percussions, keys and vocals. Mr. Vukotic improved his skills, at Drumtech School in London, with Bosco Oliveira, Manu Katche and Peter Erskin as professors. He played in Lonesome Train (rockabilly), V8 (r’n’b), Specijalno vaspitanje (punk-rock),Havana Whisper(Neo-Swing Big Band) Antifrizz (punk), Akcija (pop), Stylelab (experimental).* Nedeljko Stojkovic – guitars, bass and keys.

• Nedeljko Stojkovic founded his first band, Ta divna stvornja (post-punk) in 1985. In between 1990 and 1995 he played in Maske ludila (garage rock). Since 1995, he has been working in his private studio on personal projects and was collaborating with various artists.

• Ivan Vukovic – bass, keys and vocals. At the age of twelve, Mr. Vukovic ended his career of classical guitarist by playing the early Stones, and became the second cello at the school orchestra Vojislav Vuckovic. He abandoned classical music after a concert of Miles Davis and turned to bass guitar. He played in Akcija (pop).

• Dusan Milojkovic – keys and vocals. Mr. Milojkovic has been playing keyboards since the age of twelve. He played guitar in Akcija (pop). Mr. Milojkovic likes power pop.

• Loeiz Thetiot – vocals, percussions. Mr. Thetiot started with punk rock in his teenage days. Then he began to fabricate his own instruments and turned experimental. Mr. Thetiot likes his music to be truthful and groovy

Inopartners have just released the album "Vida Alerta" with the discography company Lothlorien and are preparing for concerts and for new projects.

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Vida Alerta   Vida Alerta
   2007 - Album
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