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  Giudabasso Giudabasso


DOSSIER October 2007
by Giudabasso







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This musical project sees the light in 1996, open to all kind of influences, and constantly looking for an innovative mix of sounds.
Giudabasso starts as a ska-band, but, thanks to many collaborations with musicians of various background, and with the growing of human and musical experiences throw the years, other sonority such as reggae, rumba, afrobeat, funky, hip hop, ragamuffin find their space in the band’s sound, now enriched as well from a touch of electronic. Thanks to the use of many languages, (Spanish, French, English) in addition to Italian, the lyrics and songs of the band acquire from the very beginning an international breath. A strong connection with the homeland is still guaranteed, and foreign languages are sided by the use of Italian dialects like “siciliano”, “salentino” and “milanese”. The result is an original mix, characterized also from the inexhaustible energy they express on stage and during their concerts.

The name “Giudabasso” comes almost casually, from a comic strip. It’s a name, thought, that express the feeling of closeness with the people, those living, or, better to say, surviving in the deepness. To put oneself “down there” means to get close to the invisibles, the sufferings, people with no voice. All these human being share something: the will of emerge from their condition, of being heard, reclaim their rights and not be crushed from the indifference of the system.

On the web site www.giudabasso.net they write:
“We act deep down, where the ferment is. To be able to produce a sound, as strong as we can, with bass deep like our soul and rhythm chasing like our dreams. Our music grows from a cultural mix where our musical influences and personal experiences meet, We write music to express ourselves and communicate, communicate our rage, but our peace as well, our dream and our daily routine, and we bring our music around to make dance of our dreams and party for all the people. Every day we play, cause it’s our way to express a Dream! It’s a Dream that help us living everyday without forgetting that to get the future we want, we have to work on it all the time, day after day, stone after stone, starting from the ground, with energy and a clear mind. Because it is down that things move and grow, where there is the need to get up, and make noise”

1997, first concerts, and , with many other punk/ska band ok Milano, a featuring in the video “never trust a punk”, from Crummy Stuff
1998: first demo-tape, 3 tracks
2000: 3 more tracks are published on-line
2003: First single, “Sciakalli”
2005: first album released, “Giudabasso”.
Their tracks are included in the compilation CussCussFest 2003, (Sciakalli), and in the Reska Compilation Vol.3, 2006 (Mediterranea), and played on radio (Radio Popolare Network, Rai Radiouno, Lifegate Radio) and television (Rai e Sky).
Along the way, through a countless number of concerts, from the smallest and lost country pubs to big summer festival, they shared the stage with artist such as Sud Sound System, Aprés La Classe, Persiana Jones, Vallanzaska, Matrioska, Reggae National Tickets, Franziska, Hormonauts, Jaune Toujours, just to mention some of them, always with enthusiastic pubblic response.
The live show sees the band with a new formation:
• Papa Andy aka Andrea Morello: voice, programmation, sampling
• Lale the Freeman aka Alessandro Martignoni: voice, trumpet, accordion
• Al MasterRiff aka Alberto Agarini: guitar, chorus
• Mikez aka Michele Obizzi: sax tenore, chorus
• Lu Tony aka Antonio Coppola: percussion, voice
Giudabasso is out with a new show, new song and a new sound, but still with the same incredible energy, for a unique mix of electronic, ragamuffin, afrocuban, hip hop and dub that will make you jump and dance with no frontier!
Giudabasso: International Sound Contamination!

Records [up]
Giudabasso   Giudabasso
   2005 - Album
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  04.01.2006: La grande festa di "LIBERI GRUPPI” (Italiano)

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  The Forum for Giudabasso

Contact & Management [up]
Per Comunicare con la Band: crew@giudabasso.net
Per Organizzare Concerti: concerti@giudabasso.net
Per Informazioni Tecniche: info@giudabasso.net
Ufficio Stampa - Melissa Mattiussi: free_sushi@hotmail.com

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