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  Fermin Muguruza Fermin Muguruza


DOSSIER March 2003
by elMago


Fermin Muguruza
Fermin Muguruza



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What were on your television then?
The TV show, “Pop Stars”?
Or how they bombed my country?

Fermin Muguruza is doubtlessly one of the most influential and charismatic artists in the Basque musical world. He grew up at a time of key social and political changes for Euskadi and in the past twenty years he has played in almost every corner of the world, from the US to Japan, as well as Latin America, Europe, China...

Born in Irun, an industrial port in the Basque country, Fermin learned the basics of music and started playing the accordeon at the age of 6, but only after attending a concert of The Clash in Donosti in 1980 did his future become clear to him: he would express himself through music. A few years later, with his brother Iñigo and Treku Armendariz, he will found one of the most revolutionary groups of the Basque musical scene: Kortatu. Presenting an explosive mixture of ska, punk and reggae, the band - commited as it is with political and social issues ("Wake up! / Shoot a gringo / in your house" and "you damned middle class twit /you're never gonna understand anything" are part of their hits: "Nicaragua Sandinista" y "Zu Atrapatu Arte") sings in Spanish and in a somewhat broken euskara ("mastering this language was one of the most significant things I've done in my life", as Fermin himself puts it ,in an interview with Bernardo Atxaga). In 1988, once again a musical event makes an important mark in Fermin's career: the Public Enemy" concert in Paris leads to the end of Kortatu and to the beginning Negu Gorriak, with strong influences from rap. At the same time Fermin begins a new venture, by creating Esan Osenki (now: "Metak") label which will release his records and help a myriad of emerging bands in ten years to come. After 5 records and a legendary live performance recorded in Bilbao, on the 31st of October, 1996, Fermin announces in Egin the break up of the group...another cycle had come to an end, for the band it was time to say good-by with their last work : "Salam, Agur."

Fermin claims Basque culture loud and clearly as his own: he wants it open, sensitive and ready to take in influences from travels and meetings, proposing a third way between violence and deafness: permanent political rebellion. This rebellion is grounded in sensitivity to social issues, taking into account the harsh reality of a divided country. Fermin is restless and incapable of repetition, he needs to explore new paths in order to satisfy the urges of his creativity. This is what prompts him to join DUT in 1997 and to release with them "Ireki Ateak".

His solo career begins with a series of collaborative works with Garaje H in Havana. ("In front of the embassy of the US there is an outdoor which reads: Imperialist Lords, we are not afraid of you"), in Caracas with Desorden Publico, in Monteuil with Tom Darnal from P18 , in Buenos Aires with Todos tus Muertos (a band with which he always had strong ties) and in Los Angeles where he records "Harria" with the Mexican group Tijuana No ("Sí, intenté levantar la piedra / que representa mi pueblo"). Recorded in 10 different places in 3 continents, "Brigadistak Sound System" is released in 1999, incorporating reggae influences in Fermin's own style.
A year later "FM 99.00 Dub Manifest" is released : "a brilliant festive journey, a young man who shouts in order not to feel the cold", as Fernando León de Aranoa - cinema director and Fermin's friend - defines it. The album has a dub-reggae-ska base with touches of rap and electronic music, as well as a wide range of contributions, including the band Zebda ("when they sing, it seems that the album explodes. However, people tell me it sounds joyful", says Fermin).

Fermin attaches great importance to communication with his public, for instance, the progress of his latest work could be followed through the messages (called "communiqués") posted by the artist to his webpage. The album "In-komunikazioa" includes funk and jazz elements. It is a less festive, more intimate and reflexive album, than the preceding ones, but also very good. Fermin records without the band that had been with him for the past few years and with the contribution of his friends "Papuchi", Andrés and Eva from Desechos (ex HCD) and Begoña Bang Matu , among others.
The lyrics of his latest work show disillusion with some of his previous political commitments. The anger and the rebellious spirit present in Kortatu or Negu seem to have been replaced by melancholic feelings of powerlessness ("Fiesta, it was a great day for a fiesta / I saw happy faces there / Despite that, I felt sadness, nothing but darkness" are the first words of the title-song. Another example is "In the past it was the exploiters and the exploited / Now, however, it isn’t the class struggle / We are all become travellers now" from the ironical: "Hiri Debekatura Bidai Xartela").

After two concerts in November, 2002, motivated by the need to respond to specific issues relevant to the Basque Country, Fermin got together with a lifelong friend, Manu Chao: with him and Radio Bemba, he went on the "Jai-Alai Katumbi Express" tour in February 2003 , igniting several small concert rooms around Spain. Fermin had the opportunity to show not only his latest hits, but also hymns like Kortatu's "Sarri Sarri" (a version of Toots And The Maytals written to celebrate the escape of two 2 prisoners linked to ETA from jail) and Negu Gorriak's "Gora Herria", as well as unforgettable duos with El Chapulín ("Maputxe", "King Kong Five" , "Malavida",...)
Where is Fermin going next and what surprises does he have in store for us? It is difficult to tell. Maybe a Latin American tour, maybe a return to punk, maybe electronic music...Whatever it turns out to be, it is not his style to disappoint his fans... While we wait, we can enjoy his varied work and his surprise visits to several places of the globe.

N.B. It is an indisputable fact that Fermin's influence on the Basque youth has been very significant and that his work is a very important social and cultural reference for the Basque country as a whole. Among us from Radiochango, there has been some discussion about including Fermin in our webpage. This was due to some statements Fermin had made with which we did not entirely agree. We have always chosen to publish the profile of those artists with whom we shared social views. In this case it has been impossible for us to reach a common position with respect to the so called Basque conflict, an important issue, which Fermin certainly knows very well - and about the need to condemn all forms of violence, regardless of their source, be it the State or ETA.
Maybe it sounds somewhat unusual for us to share our doubts in this manner, but we would like to explain why we have taken so long to incorporate to our webpage a musician whom we esteem so highly, as an artist as well as a human being. The debate will continue in Fermin's forum.

Eskerrik asko eta zorion Fermin!

Records [up]
Amodio eta gorrotzko kantak / Canciones de amor y odio (1984-1998)   Amodio eta gorrotzko kantak / Canciones de amor y odio (1984-1998)
   1998 Esan Ozenki - Compilation

Brigadistak Sound System   Brigadistak Sound System
   1999 Esan Ozenki - Album
erREMIXak   erREMIXak
   1999 Esan Ozenki - Remixes
FM 99.00 Dub Manifest   FM 99.00 Dub Manifest
   2000 Esan Ozenki - Album
Korrika. mundu bat euskarara bildu (Big Beñat)   Korrika. mundu bat euskarara bildu (Big Beñat)
   2001 - Single
In-komunikazioa   In-komunikazioa
   2002 Kontrakalea - Album
Irun Meets Bristol. Komunikazioa   Irun Meets Bristol. Komunikazioa
   2003 Kontrakalea - Remixes
Sala Apolo, Barcelona 21/01/04   Sala Apolo, Barcelona 21/01/04
   2004 Kontrakalea - Live
99-04   99-04
   2004 Kontrakalea - DVD + CD
Xomorroak (Bizitza lorontzian) · Bichitos (La vida en el tiesto)   Xomorroak (Bizitza lorontzian) · Bichitos (La vida en el tiesto)
   2005 Kontrakalea - Album
Euskal Herria Jamaika Clash   Euskal Herria Jamaika Clash
   2006 Talka Records - Album
   buy it at iTunes
   2006 Talka Records - DVD + CD Remixes
Milakabilaka   Milakabilaka
   2007 - Single
Afro-Basque Fire Brigade - Tour 2007   Afro-Basque Fire Brigade - Tour 2007
   2007 Talka Records - DVD + Book
Mirant al Cel   Mirant al Cel
   2008 Talka Records - Sound Track
   buy it at iTunes
Asthmatic Lion Sound Systema   Asthmatic Lion Sound Systema
   2008 Talka Records - Album
   buy it at iTunes
Asthmatic Lion REMIX eta beste harribitxi batzuk   Asthmatic Lion REMIX eta beste harribitxi batzuk
   2009 Talka Records - Remixes
Radar FM 1999.2013   Radar FM 1999.2013
   2013 - Remixes

Main contributions [up]
Dale Aborigen   Todos tus Muertos: Dale Aborigen
   1992 Gora Herriak - Album

Positive Bomb   Joxe Ripiau: Positive Bomb
   1996 Esan Ozenki - Album
Veintegenarios en Alburquerque   Albert Pla: Veintegenarios en Alburquerque
   1997 - Album
   buy it at iTunes
Guns of Brixton   Radici nel Cemento: Guns of Brixton
   1998 Gridalo Forte Records - Single
El Camino Real   Todos tus Muertos: El Camino Real
   1998 Gora Herriak - Album
Feria Furiosa   Amparanoïa: Feria Furiosa
   1999 Edel - Album
Fuerza Vol.1   Fuerza Vol.1
   2000 Virgin - Compilation
Radical Mestizo dos punto mil   Radical Mestizo dos punto mil
   2000 Revelde Discos - Compilation
Peret Rey de la Rumba   Peret Rey de la Rumba
   2000 Virgin - Compilation
Los ritmos del espejo   Los ritmos del espejo
   2000 - Compilation
Un Altro Giorno d'Amore   Banda Bassotti: Un Altro Giorno d'Amore
   2001 Gridalo Forte Records - Double Live
Skunkdiskak vol. 2   Skunkdiskak vol. 2
   2001 - Compilation
Diablo   Desorden Público: Diablo
   2001 - Album
   buy it at iTunes
Fuerza Vol.2   Fuerza Vol.2
   2001 Virgin - Compilation
Mano Negra Illegal   Mano Negra Illegal
   2001 Big Mama - Compilation
Small Axe III, 300% indépendant   Small Axe III, 300% indépendant
   2002 Small Axe - Compilation
Onna   Sorkun: Onna
   2002 Metak - Album
Per Palestina   Per Palestina
   2003 - Compilation
Il y a un Pays... Palestine   Il y a un Pays... Palestine
   2003 - Compilation
Cultura de Resistencia II   Cultura de Resistencia II
   2004 Arran - Double Compilation
Metak 2001-2003   Metak 2001-2003
   2004 Metak - Compilation
Mundo Mestizo   Mundo Mestizo
   2004 - Compilation
Barcelona Raval Session   Barcelona Raval Session
   2004 K Industria - Double Compilation
Plou Plom   Cheb Balowski: Plou Plom
   2005 Kasba Music - Album
   buy it at iTunes
Kontrakalea Accio - Live in BCN - 05/05/05   Kontrakalea Accio - Live in BCN - 05/05/05
   2005 - Live
RadioChango Añejo Reserva vol.I   RadioChango Añejo Reserva vol.I
   2005 RadioChango - Compilation
En moviment!   Obrint Pas: En moviment!
   2005 Propaganda Pel Fet - DVD + CD Live
   buy it at iTunes
Volcan   Mouss & Hakim: Volcan
   2005 - Single
Barcelona Raval Sessions 2   Barcelona Raval Sessions 2
   2005 K Industria - Double Compilation
RMXMadeInBarna   La Kinky Beat: RMXMadeInBarna
   2005 Kasba Music - Remixes
   buy it at iTunes
Proyecto de desobediencia informativa La Haine   Proyecto de desobediencia informativa La Haine
   2005 - Compilation
Alerta Bihotza   Che Sudaka: Alerta Bihotza
   2005 K Industria - Album
   buy it at iTunes
La Kermés   La Kermés: La Kermés
   2006 Pias - Album
A Bush no le va a gustar   A Bush no le va a gustar
   2006 - Compilation
Antena Pachamama   Karamelo Santo: Antena Pachamama
   2007 - Album
   buy it at iTunes
Control Obrero   Las Manos de Filippi: Control Obrero
   2007 - Double album
Irun Lion Zion in Dub (Vol.1)   Irun Lion Zion in Dub (Vol.1)
   2007 Talka Records - Compilation
04-06   La Kinky Beat: 04-06
   2007 Kasba Music - Compilation
Muévete Bien - Sabor Mestizo   Muévete Bien - Sabor Mestizo
   2007 Sabor Discos - Compilation
Los Ritmos del Espejo II   Los Ritmos del Espejo II
   2007 - Compilation
En Blanco&Negro   Discípulos de Otilia: En Blanco&Negro
   2007 - DVD + CD
   buy it at iTunes
Visca la Vida (10 anys Hace Color)   Visca la Vida (10 anys Hace Color)
   2008 - Compilation
Kalean   Bad Sound System: Kalean
   2008 - Album
Made in Euskal Herria   Esne Beltza: Made in Euskal Herria
   2008 - Album
   buy it at iTunes
Pintxatu   Pintxatu
   2009 - Compilation
La Conexión   Rude: La Conexión
   2009 - Double album
Checkpoint Rock   Checkpoint Rock
   2009 Talka Records - Sound Track
Acción   La Mâquina: Acción
   2010 - Album
Lucha Amada - Musika Rebelde   Lucha Amada - Musika Rebelde
   2011 - Double Compilation
Música contra la represión   Música contra la represión
   2011 Kasba Music - Compilation
   buy it at iTunes
Cat Samurai   La Bundu Band: Cat Samurai
   2011 Kasba Music - Album
   buy it at iTunes
Maldita Comedia   Muyayo Rif: Maldita Comedia
   2013 Kasba Music - Album
   buy it at iTunes

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Photos [up]
  Festival Internacional de Cine del Sahara (FiSahara) 2009
  Esperanzah! 2007
  Cruïlla de Cultures 2007 - "No Music No Life", 10 años de Hace Color
  AFRO-BASQUE FIRE BRIGADE - La Mirona 28.4.07
  AFRO-BASQUE FIRE BRIGADE - Barcelona 26.4.07
  Veus per la pau al País Basc, acte a Barcelona 20/3/2007
  Euskal Herria Jamaika Clash
  Fermin Muguruza - entrevista con RadioChango
  Basque Fire Department, dic. 2005

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