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  Esne Beltza Esne Beltza


DOSSIER December 2007

Last update: April 2011


Esne Beltza
Esne Beltza



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If we started to talk about the group “Esne Beltza” nowadays, it would be to undervalue everything the have done for the last 4 years. It's clear that without that experience they have acquired along these years, it would be very difficult to conceive such a perfect machine as Esne Beltza. Thus, every time they have gone on stage or recorded a CD, They have risen and strengthen themselves. Since they formed the group they haven't stopped working, they have given more than a hundred concerts and they have recorded 3 Cd, on a recording studio.

However, Xabier Solano (Fermin Muguruza, The Solanos, 4 Itzal, Etzakit), Sergio “Patxuko” (Joxe Ripiau, The Solanos), Jon Elizalde eta Haritz Lonbide (Fermin Muguruza, Ttak), Iban Zugarramurdi (Baldin Bada, Su ta Gar) Pello Gorrotxategi (Izotz, Karidadeko Bentak), Jon Mari Beasain (Etzakit, Mal de Ojo),Aitor Zabaleta (Etzakit, Izotz) and Zigor Dz ( Fermin Muguruza, Selekta Kolektiboa) have different origins in music, and those proffesional careers have left a proper mark trace on the group they formed, Esne Beltza, even if this group has its own character. Anyway, members from the group look forward instead of backwards which is essential to go on.

In terms of music Esne Beltza is a colorful mixture, it is impossible to set it into a unique genre. Each genre isn't enough  when the group shows their style of music, the influence of hip hop, reggae, soul, rock, folk or Cumbia, have been based on every lived experience, drawing a postcard from each ridden roughs had over country as a musician. To sum up It shows us the journey from the small Basque Country to the large world, from the trifle making the way to variety. For instance, the group's first disc “ Made in Euskal Herria”, it's a declaration of rights in its whole. They released their first disc with the Gaztelupeko Hotsak record company, and there could already be seen their direction. The first stone was already put.

Even if the music can't be cataloged the lyrics have a proper noun: Jon Garmendia “Txuria”. Although they have had some collaborations such as Jon Maia or Maialen Lujanbio, bertsolari (verse-singing), most of the lyrics have been written by Txuria. The music and lyrics intertwine in a natural way is Esne Beltza, what music wants to say by sounds, with adequate words, every word, every sentence shows a reality in the group's special universe. Perhaps the word poetry could be too much when we refer to Garmendia's lyrics, it would be more appropriate to  refer to them as short stories in which pretty word flow.

They have recording studio disc; but the groups real reason is on stage. There, the songs exploit; there, they become alive, happy, sad and why not sensitive. Stages they have been to could be counted by dozens or hundreds. This way what the group gives on stage is a unique event. This is not possible for everybody. Its an incredible experience to see nine musicians constantly on stage, each musician working on his own and at the same time all together forming as single friends group, a music group. It doesn't matter where they are playing, on festival with thousands of lights and sounds, on villages parties, on small bars or in Gaztetxea (youth house), the group empties itself on stage. Thus, they become the perfect amplifier to feel and live, lively music even if the play on a huge stage or on a improvised small platform on the ground.

Not only have they played in the Basque Country but they have also played thousands kilometers away from here. Music from other countries is essential for Esne Beltza but they have widespread and shown the one from the Basque Country too. Catalunia, Madrid, Galizia, Japan (Fujirock), Germany, England... are some of the places they have been to up till now.

What Esne Beltza is not on a 9 musicians who go on stage. Esne Beltza is a meeting place for friends and musician they have met on their way. It can only be understood this way, the help they have received from so many people. This music group instead of being their particular place, they opened widely their doors. Their discs have been enriched by every tiny contributions from musician friends. The same sense have all the solidarity works they have made with friends, Kilometroak, Udalbiltza, Gazteherria, Donostiako Piratak...

Everything we have mentioned above can be seen on their new work “Noa”( Baga-biga musika ideiak). Recordings for the disc were made during the years 2009 and 2010, in many places all around the world; Jamaica,Beirut, Japan, Irun, Ereñozu, Garate studio,... the collaborators' list is long as well as rich:Oskar Benas (Basque Country) guitars, Gorka Urbizu (Berri Txarrak) voice, Oreka Tx (BC) txalaparta, Bad Sound System (BC) voice, Koldo Salaberria “Baxerri” (BC) horn, Cinderella (Jamaica) voice, Yage (Japan) voice, Askatasuna Sound System (MX), Vellako “El mutante musical” (MX), Nelson Noise (MX), Maroun Adolph & Charles Makriss (Beirut Militia) voice, Raymond Hajj percussions.

Koldo Otamendi

Records [up]
Made in Euskal Herria   Made in Euskal Herria
   2008 - Album
   buy it at iTunes

Noa   Noa
   2010 - Album
   buy it at iTunes
3 kolpetan   3 kolpetan
   2011 - Album
   buy it at iTunes

Main contributions [up]
Irun Lion Zion in Dub (Vol.1)   Irun Lion Zion in Dub (Vol.1)
   2007 Talka Records - Compilation

Lucha Amada - Musika Rebelde   Lucha Amada - Musika Rebelde
   2011 - Double Compilation
Eureka!   La Pegatina: Eureka!
   2013 Kasba Music - Album
   buy it at iTunes

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  14.10.2011: Compilation Lucha Amada
  14.10.2011: Recopilatorio Lucha Amada - Musica Rebelde (Castellano)

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  The Forum for Esne Beltza

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  Festival Gaztexe Gaua!
  Esne Beltza en Gironella (Catalunya), 7-12-2007

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