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Dupain Dupain
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  Dupain Dupain


DOSSIER November 2002
by An'So








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French meaning of Dupain sounds like "some bread".
"Yes, because that's the first demand of the people. It also is the principle food and everybody makes it as he sees fit."

Dupain's music is indefinable. Inscribing to veritable musical research, labeling them only to one style of music would be too restricted. But one thing is for sure, the only word that could come up to get an idea of their style is "Mediterranean".

Rhythms from Mahgreb and Black Africa; Spanish and Folk tendencies, a constant melody... A reasonable alchemy with an enchanting force resembling an ancient ritual in another century. However, how new! A new rediscovery, new melanges and an absence of barriers.
And because of having no barriers, they didn't mind to put up with two handicaps which couldn't keep them off releasing their albums:
Firstly, their music goes beyond prefabricated musical formats and traditional rhythms to which our ears have been accustomed since our early childhood. Secondly, their committed lyrics are sung in Occitan, a language that is barely spoken nowadays. It used to be the language of the troubadours, who, in the middle ages, were the only poets who dared to speak up against the federal society. The paroles in "Camina", their latest album, were inspired by handicrafts of the 18th and 19th century that defended the workers case. They take the side of the poor in this so called modern world and address the blinded imprisoned in a unique thought... "This disc is especially dedicated to the people who fight, to the people intractable to a prefabricated future. We address the solidary people who construct their own history and transform it. We address the individual that holds out his hand, rises his fist and doesn't hesitate to takes different routes without forgetting his brothers. With the flame of hope that blazes in all of us."

Even if Dupain's music has no fixed point in a certain country, the group is based in Marseille, a city in the South of France where the imaginary line passes that links up towns and artists of Occitan culture. In Marseille, of course, there is Massilia Soundsystem, in Toulouse, for example, there are the Fabulous Troubadors and in Uzeste the Compagnie Lubat...And even if Dupain are not part of it they are certainly close to it.

The instrumental formation is as atypical as their music. They mix magic hurdy-burdy melodies (Pierre-Laurent Bertolino), infectious mandolin accords (Samuel Karpienia), profound bass punctuations (Noel Baille) and hypnotising percussion rhythms (Sam de Agostini).

Dupain addresses a multicultural society, which, in fact, means: everybody. If the music can't captivate you the first times listening, it's because the media hardly distribute any music from the South. Musical successes of our cultural reality of the past and the present are rare. And since your childhood, have you listened much to African, Oriental or Folk music?

Our ear is used to a minimum of what is offered and it's shocked listening to things that it has never listened to before.
Dupain want to propose something else. They begrudge musical conformity, because, finally, there has to be music that's reflecting the cultural mixture of the Mediterranean people.

Records [up]
L'Usina   L'Usina
   2000 Virgin - Album

L'Usina remix   L'Usina remix
   2001 Virgin - Remixes
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Camina   Camina
   2002 Virgin - Album
   buy it at iTunes
Les Vivants   Les Vivants
   2005 - Album
   buy it at iTunes

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  Entrevue avec les Dupain - 08/2003 (Français)

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