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DOSSIER January 2004
by elMago


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It is a big mistake to believe that ‘Mestiza’ music is exclusive to Barcelona, or that Madrid isn’t multi-cultural and is lacking music. What is true is that the capital has less and less cultural space and resistance has become more difficult, but nevertheless, it is still quite present.

If you are already familiar with the group Desechos and with Señor Antipirina, we would like to the turn you on to another group, Django FM, which is closely related to them.

Django FM was formed in July 2002 musicians already active in a number of other projects. Javi García and Bothe “El niño” Díaz, are also members of Sr Antipirina. Bayo, the singer, records with Zurrón del Mendigo and collaborates with Habeas Corpus, keyboardist Joe Sánchez is a sound track composer and Professor of Music for Movies. The group is fresh and captivating, and their speed and rhythms are the envy of other more experienced groups. Theirs is an energetic sound with words which touch your heart as well as your conscience!

Between March and April 2003 they recorded their first album at "El Jabalí Sonriente" (Smiling Boar) studios, produced by Alfonso Arias Papuchi (the legendary guitarist of HCD, Desechos, Alcohol Jazz and who is currently touring with Fermín Muguruza) and remasterized by Dr. Ran (producer of BKC and Conexión). We received their album, "El Tamaño del Yate" (The Size of the Yacht), for competition in the RFI-Radio Chango Record Contest.

From the first note of the bass on the cut "Ragamuffin Style”, you understand that you have to prepare for the explosion. It develops, little by little, jumping in changes of speed and rhythms. And the lyrics don’t miss their target, either. The title “Help us”, is a cry of rage and despair for Africans condemned by the invisible hand of torturers. In "Headbomb" there is also the will to drive the internal torturer out of ourselves, by becoming aware that we are all targets and that is is necessary to relearn to move forward. In the song “Fin Del Mundo” (End of the world) is critical of the system, particularly with the way it has to manage the immigration of the "person or nothing". They are not real any more, this is a reality show moreover. How the curtain bends down! "But they continue to make us believe that we all are equal, that we all have a chance, and that liberty doesn’t depend on the size of the yacht"

There is also a surprising tango, a shout out to Argentina and all of Latin America. Through the iconic figure of football player, Diego Maradona, it criticizes the circuses which give meaning and acceptance to the emptiness of everyday life. The topic is contrposed by those who fight against social inequalities, like the movement of the "piqueteros" and the “Mothers in Black” who protest in the Square of May in Buenos Aires. "And they make them possible, those goals of Diego, every bankruptcy, every pretense, every thought, which continues misery"
"The illusion was seen but that doesn’t give us anything to eat". The disc ends with a homage to Bayo’s mother, with the sample of her voice to which the singer accompanies with the accordion. We must also mention singer, Leticia Torres, who also appears on the disc, and who brings a sensitivity and sensuality with her powerful voice.

Like their constant changes rhythm, the group has exploded on the scene and has already made the rounds of many festivals, venues and social centers in and around Madrid. The group is now planning to make a well deserved conquest of the rest of the Iberian peninsula, and we’ll all benefit from their music. They are a great band to dance to, of course, but they never stray from their social ideals, which are the basis of the group. So many things are wrong in this world and Django FM can’t hide from them.

DJANGO FM is comprised of:
Roberto “Bayo” Alhambra: Vocals and Accordion
Josep Lázaro: Guitar
Igor del Barrio: Bass
Joe Sánchez Sanz: Keyboard and programmings
Javi "Antipirina": Tenor Sax
Patricia Agudo: Trombone
Bol "El niño" Díaz: battery

Records [up]
El Tamaño del Yate   El Tamaño del Yate
   2003 RadioChango - EP

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  01.2004: Django FM: "Pagherete tutto" Live Gruta77 (3m54s)

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