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  Desorden Público Desorden Público


DOSSIER November 2003
by Sabor Discos


Desorden Público
Desorden Público



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The best known of all South American bands after the Fabulosos Cadillacs has been performing for more than 15 years now (1985). This is the first really Venezuelan Ska group.

Two DJs from the underground stage, José Luis Chacin and Horacio Blanco, named their group Desorden Publico after the names of the National Guard Trucks of Venezuela.
Those specialists of Ska, Punk, Britannic New wave and Jamaicin Reggae give a sound very "2 tone" to their music. Desorden Publico took little time in getting known in bars, theaters and other festivals, punk and underground, before having the opportunity to record their first album, in 1988 ("Desorden Publico"), that gained a lot of success all around the country. The band started its first tours, nationally and internationally. The 90's saw an opening of the group towards different musical styles: Cumbia, salsa, merengue, Afro-Venezuelan drums, soul, Jazz, funk, …; From this time of experiences came out the record "En descomposicion", in 1990. The group multiplied the interviews, in Latin American Sak rags, but also with Europeans, and North Americans. It also participated in a German compilation and in a festival in New York with the toasters.

Desorden Publico is now in the international Ska movement. In 1993, the record "Canto Popular de la vida y muerte" sold more than 100 000 copies in Venezuela, and brought them more celebrity in Latin America, with their titles about Latin Unity, tolerance, criticizing certain politics. They toured as well in Mexico, Puerto Rico or the USA, as in smaller towns in their native country. Desorden Publico became the biggest national band, and performed in front of 120 000 people in Caracas. In 1996, they went for their first time in Europe (Spain, Germany) and recorded in Los Angeles their 4th album: "Plomo revienta", released in 1997. Here the group criticizes the social, economical and cultural violence from which the Third World suffers, especially Latin American countries. It's a new national huge hit; the title "Alla cayo" explodes on radio and the band goes again for a national and international tour (Mexico, 7 European countries, Colombia, Panama in 1998).
The Desorden Publico participated in tributes record for Police and The Specials, or in favor of the children's rights. In 1999, a best of their first titles is released. "Donde esta el Futuro" brought us original titles, remixes, live performances. After a third tour in Europe in the middle of the same year, they went back to Caracas where they received the "Diego Losada" order medals, as representatives of Venezuela's youth's culture.

In 2000, they left Sony and recorded new titles, looking for a new label to work with. That's the young "Guerra Sound Records" that signed them up, for the album "Diablo", recorded in Miami, last (to date) production of the group. Their ultimate album, renews the latin ska sound of Desorden Público with electronic sounds, keeping the caribean syncope with this tipical latin fever. It obtains triple platinium figures in few months. This album is a melting pot of ska, salsa, electro, african percussions, dub and we can listen to them sung in japonese ("Tokyo Loco"). Desorden welcomes special guest like Neville Staples (ex-Specials) on "Black Market Man" and Fermín Muguruza (ex-Kortatu/ Negu Gorriak) on " Cyber-Revolucionario ". They talk about current events ("El Clon", "Cyber-Revolucionario"…), criticise the social situation ("Combate", "Engañados"…) as well as love ("Sabroso", "la Indecisión"…). Come and appreciate the delicious "Combate", "Black Market Man" or "El Clon", three big hits in Venezuela, you won't be disappointed !!

Be careful "Desorden está en la calle" (Desorden is out for everyone). There is no doubt !

The band :
Horacio Blanco : guitar and singing
José Luis " Caplís " Chacín : bass
Danel Sarmiento : drums
Antonio Rojas : guitar
Oscar Alcaíno : percussions
José Romero : trombone
Emigdio Suárez : keyboard, accordion
Hernán Ascóniga : sax

Records [up]
Desorden Público   Desorden Público
   1988 - Album

En Descomposición   En Descomposición
   1990 - Album
Canto Popular de la Vida y Muerte   Canto Popular de la Vida y Muerte
   1993 - Album
Plomo Revienta   Plomo Revienta
   1997 - Album
¿Dónde está el Futuro?   ¿Dónde está el Futuro?
   1999 - Album
Diablo   Diablo
   2001 - Album
   buy it at iTunes
The Ska Album   The Ska Album
   2004 - Album
   buy it at iTunes
Estrellas del caos   Estrellas del caos
   2006 - Album
   buy it at iTunes
Los Contrarios   Los Contrarios
   2011 - Album
   buy it at iTunes
Nada Novedoso   Nada Novedoso
   2013 - Album

Main contributions [up]
Brigadistak Sound System   Fermin Muguruza: Brigadistak Sound System
   1999 Esan Ozenki - Album

Radical Mestizo dos punto mil   Radical Mestizo dos punto mil
   2000 Revelde Discos - Compilation
Resto Pollo Rico   Resto Pollo Rico
   2003 Sabor Discos - Compilation
Mundo Mestizo   Mundo Mestizo
   2004 - Compilation
Resto Pollo Rico 2   Resto Pollo Rico 2
   2004 Sabor Discos - Compilation
Muévete Bien - Sabor Mestizo   Muévete Bien - Sabor Mestizo
   2007 Sabor Discos - Compilation
Resto Pollo Rico Vol. 3   Resto Pollo Rico Vol. 3
   2009 Sabor Discos - Compilation

News [up]
  08.09.2004: CD "Mundo Mestizo" (Castellano)

Forum [up]
  The Forum for Desorden Público

Videos [up]
  05.2007: Videoclip: Desorden Público - Valle de balas

Photos [up]
  Desorden Público en el Ollin Kan, mayo 2008

Contact & Management [up]
Email: ingrid30@internet.ve
Europa: Sabor Discos
6 rue Gaston Phoebus
40 000 Mont de Marsan
Tel/fax : (+33) 558 061 553
E-mail : sabor-discos@fr.st

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