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  DJ Karim DJ Karim


DOSSIER September 2007
by Indio


DJ Karim
DJ Karim



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Karim Beldjoudi Kohn or Dj Karim is a current nomad who is always on line. He carries his studio everywhere he goes looking for new rhythms. Karim believes in the collective, hand to hand cultural exchange. .It´s a net. he says enthusiastically. Like Rubén Blades song: you reap what you sow.. Karim travels all around the world chasing new sounds and rhythms from different faraway latitudes which he then shares with friends in parties, meetings,interviews, blogs and even with people on the streets.Karim has played everywhere: in Bolivian cabarets, barricades organized by Perro Santillán, a piquetero,leader in Argentina, Olimpique de Marseille Stadium and even in festivals claiming for peace in Colombia being under threat of the guerrillas. In fact, he has been on the edge most of his life living in refugee camps in Africa and Asia mainly because of his mother, Estela, a doctor who works for Doctors without Borders. Karim was born in Algeria and he was raised in Africa and Mendoza. When he was only 15 years old, he moved to the cosmopolitan Barcelona where he met Manu Chao, Karim´s pseudo brother. He has played in many European festivals and has organized the tours for many bands including Che Sudaka from Spain and Asian Dub Foundation from England. DJ karim´s music includes a beautiful repertoire that goes from African to Latin rhythms which contains Gypsy, Arabic, Cumbia, Drum & Bass and Rumba Punk fusions. Whenever Karim is at a party, he plays Gogol Bordello as well as Kusturika with his Balkan beats and Colombian Cumbia. Recently, Dj Karim has been chosen among the best five gypsy djs of the world next to Dj Robert Soko, Dj Gaetano Fabri, Dj Shantel, Dj Click and Dj Tagada by the No Ghetto Magazine..I like to mingle rhythms from different cultures in order to open the audience mind to the new and amaze them with music they´ve never heard before or with rhythms they are not completely able to recognize.. That´s precisely Karim´ style, the creative, original crossbreeding. .When I´m in Europe, I play Cumbia or Simpecao, a flamenco with which people is unfamiliarized; if I´m in Latin America, I play BalKan beats, which is now spreading in this part of the hemisphere..Karim has played in many countries: Algeria,Marruecos, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy,Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia,Brazil, Chile and Argentina. Nowadays, he is working on a new song that will be included in a cd celebrating the 80th anniversary of the Che Guevara´s birth. Karim is a non-stop traveler.. He´ll be visiting Brazil, Australia and Japan in no time.

Records [up]
Balkanikumbia Mondo Sonoro   Balkanikumbia Mondo Sonoro
   2008 - Remixes

Soy Tu Hermano   Soy Tu Hermano
   2011 - EP

Main contributions [up]
Mundo Mestizo 2   Mundo Mestizo 2
   2007 - Compilation

News [up]
  09.09.2009: Fiesta Aniversario de Fmp3 (Castellano)
  24.10.2008: DJ KARIM's universal rhythms - influencing the mestizo music scene
  03.10.2008: Rumba Reggae COLI Party (Castellano)
  21.06.2008: Disco Homenaje a Ernesto 'Che' Guevara (Castellano)

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  The Forum for DJ Karim

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Contact & Management [up]
Managment : Beljoda Producciones
Tel espaņa : 608014066
Fijo: 93 3013204
Tel argentina: 02623 444442
Tel colombia: 3108531931 - 3106204597

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  Che Sudaka
  Manu Chao
  Radio Roots

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