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  Costo Rico Costo Rico


DOSSIER May 2003
by Costo Rico


Costo Rico
Costo Rico



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At the end of 1999, amidst of the noisy musical environment in Barcelona we find a group of youngsters rehearsing their songs in the heart of the neighborhood Sants in a small and humid basement. Step by step, ideas and melodies start taking on form and because of the wish to show their music to the people, the project COSTO RICO was given birth.

But at first, the band had to develop and find their definite formation. The first steps were taken in fiestas of the neighborhood, in youth centres and squats, where they have their roots. (L·Hamsa, Festival SIMBIRUTA de 9 Barris, St. Antoni, etc·).

COSTO RICO, with their mixture of music, are on their way to open doors in the musical environment of Barcelona. Strengthened by their energy they start believing in the dream to make music, which is similar for all of them. In summer 2000, they get the possibility to reach an international audience for the first time by being invited to the IV. Festival Intercultural de Mostar (BOSNIA), where they had 5 shows, being the first band from Barcelona there. During this year they complete their formation of 9 members and start appearing in numerous concerts halls and fiestas of the city, creating themselves a space admidst of all amateurs of Barcelona surrounding them. Step by step the band starts improving their repertoir, consisting of very diverse styles, until they find their own final style in something between Rumba and Reggae with a hint of Latinamerican roots.

In July 2001 they release their first work; an Ep with 4 songs representing their last creative period, with the side-effect of having something to promote their music in every possible nook and cranny. With this work they participate in the II. Festival Mundial de la Juventud in the city of PANAMÀ, where they have 4 shows in front of a huge, diverse audience together with artists like Los Rabanes, Jaime Ros and Wilfrido Vargas.

Back in Barcelona COSTO RICO starts working hard to improve their live-shows to be able to visit the rest of the catalonian territory and afterwards on a national level concerts and festivals in Madrid, Alicante, Andalucía, Valencia, etc., making themselves a name among the multitude of bands emerging and the increasing musical range. In summer 2002, COSTO RICO took part in the festival BAM of Barcelona (in the Station de França) in the course of the fiestas mayores of the MERCÉ and they appear in three compilations with musicians from Barcelona (Barcelona Zona Bastarda, La Colifata and a compilation of the civil centres of Barcelona).

In March 2004, COSTO RICO released their first album called "El Patio", in which they reflect the joy and the strength of their songs in a drawn up musical work, with guest-musician appearances, such as Yacine from Cheb Balowski, Serge from Golem System, Beto Bedoya or Martin Fuks from Barxino.

This young but big family offers a fresh, energetic and danceable music that nourishes itself from the mixture, the fusion and from lyrics talking of illusions and sentiments, of hope and injustice, of love and hate, to keep the necessary communication alive that anables them to get up every morning..

Records [up]
Costo Rico   Costo Rico
   2002 Organic Records - EP

El Patio   El Patio
   2004 Ventilador Music - Album
   buy it at iTunes
Cosas Ricas   Cosas Ricas
   2005 Ventilador Music - Album
   buy it at iTunes
Colorín Colorao   Colorín Colorao
   2008 - Album
   buy it at iTunes
Amanece   Amanece
   2011 - Album

Main contributions [up]
La Colifata   La Colifata
   2002 - Compilation

Barcelona Zona Bastarda   Barcelona Zona Bastarda
   2002 Organic Records - Double Compilation
Muévete Bien - Sabor Mestizo   Muévete Bien - Sabor Mestizo
   2007 Sabor Discos - Compilation
La Rue Vacilon   Ayvala: La Rue Vacilon
   2007 - Album
Tudo é possible   Che Sudaka: Tudo é possible
   2009 Kasba Music - DVD + CD
   buy it at iTunes
Construmón   Muyayo Rif: Construmón
   2010 Kasba Music - Album
   buy it at RadioChango | iTunes
Rumba Ventilador Barcelona (The Best Rumba from Barcelona)   Rumba Ventilador Barcelona (The Best Rumba from Barcelona)
   2010 Ventilador Music - Compilation
   buy it at iTunes
Todos Los Días Sale El Sol   Bongo Botrako: Todos Los Días Sale El Sol
   2010 Kasba Music - Album
   buy it at RadioChango | iTunes

News [up]
  02.03.2011: CostoRico presenta “Amanece” (Castellano)
  11.02.2011: ACUSTINEFICO FESTIVAL (Castellano)
  07.10.2010: Todos los días sale el sol Nou disc de Bongo Botrako (Català)
  18.12.2009: Costorico estrena nuevo disco! (Castellano)
  18.12.2009: CostoRico estrena nou disc! (Català)
  27.11.2009: RadioChango TV, diciembre 2009 (Castellano)
  20.10.2009: Homenaje a Gato Pérez (y II) (Castellano)
  03.07.2009: La Primera Edició del Esperanzah! finalitza amb gran èxit! (Català)
  03.07.2009: La Primera Edición del Esperanzah! finaliza con gran éxito! (Castellano)
  02.06.2009: Esperanzah! World Music Festival desperta els nostres sentits i consciències (Català)
  27.05.2009: Esperanzah! World Music Festival despierta nuestros sentidos y nuestras conciencias (Castellano)
  30.04.2009: Esperanzah!, un festival comprometido y un espacio para la reflexión (Castellano)
  20.05.2008: 4t Caixa Sabadell Etnival (Català)
  20.05.2008: 4º Caixa Sabadell Etnival (Castellano)
  21.10.2005: Cosas Ricas, segundo disco de COSTO RICO (Castellano)
  28.01.2004: COSTO RICO presenta su nuevo cd "EL PATIO" (Castellano)

Forum [up]
  The Forum for Costo Rico

Interviews [up]
  AUDIO: La Voz del Chango, 25-02-2009

Videos [up]
  06.2011: Video Clip Costo Rico - Tengo
  12.2009: RadioChango TV, Dic.09 6/6 : SPAM + Ending
  12.2009: RadioChango TV, Dic.09 : Programa completo
  04.2009: Presentació Oficial Esperanzah! Barcelona 2009
  07.2008: Videoclip: Costo Rico - Color

Photos [up]
  Etnival 2008
  Costo Rico 2004

Contact & Management [up]
Pau Savall
+34 629540187

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