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  Colectivo Colectivo


DOSSIER February 2006
by Mono Lo





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Colectivo : For Mexicans it's a jam-packed bus that awaits you beneath the burning sun. Even if you feel like a sardine in a noisy can , it's always nice to come on board and hitch a ride. Most of the time it even takes you to where you are going. A distinctive union of people sharing the same level of passion and values ; Colectivo is a ripe collective of diverse musicians who inspire team spirit and unity. Colectivo is a musical movement inscribed in a logic which reflect an open mind that only a few lucid musicians benefit from. The coherent message which is evident through their music is that no matter what the outcome is there is always hope. These fun-loving rebels share openly what they possess: to create remarkable and awe inspiring music. The essence of Colectivo is meant to project unification, spreading the word of social equality without frontiers or barriers to our youth. They are the symbol of a new musical and social revolution which is rising in the province of Quebec, one which reflects innovation , pacifism , partisan and encourages the free spirit in all of us to come forward . Thirteen musicians migrating from ten different musical backgrounds which include members from some of Montreal's creme alternative scene (Overbass, Grimskunk, Redcore, The Funkophones, Barf and many more). How did this musical baggage of Colectivo's players evolve in such a natural way giving us vibrant sensual rhythms and diversified melodies? It still boggles the mind.

On stage live, Colectivo is a true fiesta for the spectators. The shows are layered with percussive, multi-coloured and energetic rhythms which tantalize your eyes, ears and feet, blending this 13 member band (sometimes there are 15-17 depending on the night), into one unified sound on stage. The infectious vocal stylings of Shantal Arroyo and Blacky entice you for an eventful evening of hot Latin dancing! The audience always begs, wails and sweats for more!

It seems there is an underlying complex and mystical power driving all this, or it may be the Jamaica Rastaman's well known enchanting formula; that once active, you feel the craving to dance as long as you can before the moon dissipates.

Since the release of their debut album in 2000 entitled "Hasta la fiesta...Siempre", Colectivo's eclectic recidivism has given birth to a second mature album, but non-the less dynamic or sizzling. "ESPECIAL", is the result of all the musicians working together towards a common goal . Their musical identity is clearly significant, the beats are exciting; representing the particular lively personality of the band members. This well-balanced 12-piece album reflects creative variety having no two songs sound alike. As for the text arrangements, vocals, the disciplined work of Cristobal Tapia De Veer & Fermin Muguruza have infused their own special spices to the mix and are the chefs of this exceptional recipe.

So take a festive trip with Colectivo and allow for their euphoric rhythms to wash through your soul and move your feet. A five star trip with Colectivo is: ESPECIAL!

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Especial   Especial
   2005 - Album
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