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  Che Sudaka Che Sudaka


DOSSIER November 2002
by Mono Lo / Leo Fernandez


Che Sudaka
Che Sudaka



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In the school of the streets, the teachers play with their pupils and the most assiduous are also the most resistant.
From this school of the streets, the first album of Che Sudaka, a band from the gothic quarter of Barcelona, was born.

The album is called Trippie town, name by which the Georges Orwell square is known in the Gothic quarter (barrio gótico). The square is a tribute of the city hall to the author of the prophetic fiction "1984". This album has 9 songs, but beware, when one arrives at the end of this record –like at the end of a street in the gothic -there are always surprises.

The square, informally renamed Trippie, has been the meeting point of street musicians and the most active place in the quarter since Phoenician times. It was in this square -so amenable for intermingling and exchange- that this very promising band was formed.

Situated in the heart of the gothic quarter, the square was chosen by Barcelona’s city hall as a guinea pig for their video experiments. Two years ago, video cameras were placed in all of its corners. It is not a new program to show the inhabitants of Barcelona and their mayors who lives in their streets and how people lead their lives, but an active policy of video dissuasion aimed at organized gangs… of street musicians who meet there at any time of the day to say hello - and maybe more, if there are affinities.
In the face of such danger, the police is ever vigilant to make sure that no bottle will leave a barroom without due permission and will remain on a specific table until the end of the day. Between the delirious zeal of the police and the noise of the quarter’s streets, there is an underground world full of good musical genies, wishing to touch with their magical wands the wounded street musicians who strive daily to bring joy to the streets of grey cities.

After 8 years struggling against gales and tides in Mar del Plata with a band called Correcaminos, Leo and Hernán, the only members of this Argentine band remaining after the crossing of the ocean, are forming the band Che Sudaka since the beginning of 2002. Because they were from Mar del Plata, they never got the opportunity to record an album in Buenos Aires, the cradle of musical production in Argentina. They are all from the heartland of Argentina, except for Rodrigo, who is half French and lived several years in Senegal.

As they arrived in Barcelona, the four members of Correcaminos were pursuing the dream of making a living with music and recording their first album. But landing is never easy and, as Rodrigo puts it, after a few weeks, the last masks fall. The band broke up and the members tried to join other bands which played in the streets of Barcelona. El Tecla, in Barcelona since
1998, was the first to join the band and gradually the Che Sudaka project took shape. In spite of the determination displayed by the City Hall to silence mouths and jail guitars, Leo and his friends resort to a peculiar railway studio that brings much joy to its occupants. Some of you probably heard this band play for free in Barcelona’s subway and will be surprised at having to pay to attend their concerts. It seems that being a street musician can be seen as a temporary activity for destitute people or a Sunday afternoon pastime of philanthropic students, but many of them are realizing their dream of making a living with music and playing 8 hours a day. As Leo says, a lot of people ask them: "What do you do? ""I am a musician.""Yes, but besides that, how do you make a living?" It is difficult to make people understand that playing is the street can be a choice.
"Our lifelong dream is playing every day. We do not worry. Now everything that comes along is welcome. Now we have patience because we have already achieved many things."

Since they arrived in Barcelona, luck has smiled on them. One of their lucky breaks came from the former Mano Negra singer who helped some groups of street musicians of Barcelona to record an album so that they would be able to live better by selling them on the street. "La Colifata was for us a lesson on how to release an album. It is very easy. It was something that came out one day with a certain person who organized it all, put all that we did on a cocktail shaker and the compilation was out. From this moment on, all that we needed to do was to sell it. We play all day long in the streets and having a record means another source of income, which is important for us. An independent album allows us to live better. I learned that to sell a record it was not necessary to have the support of radio stations or big record labels", says Leo.

La Colifata – as the compilation is named – is interwoven with the speech of the inmates of the La Borda mental hospital of Buenos Aires and is a tribute to this extraordinary broadcast in which the mentally ill have full freedom of speech. Radio LT 22 broadcasts the program in FM to the whole country every Saturday afternoon. Talking about the sound mindedness of the intervention of the "mad people" in La Colifata, Leo says "when you want to define normality it becomes complicated" In fact, Che Sudaka is not a normal and current band. On a train, in a bar, on stage or facing a balcony they play with the happiness and the energy of a group that wants to seize life with all their strength.

The name of the band - Che Sudaka - has its origin in a song of Leo’s first band called Correcaminos:
"A new change, a new door
and other beings that appear on this Earth
You want to change from the inside, you want to change your mind.
The conversion is hard and the sequels are even harder
Everything changes for the better in its moment, Che Sudaka."

As Leo says, in the past sometimes we find some answers.
"There –in Argentina –we were proud of being Argentines, but when we arrived here, we felt mostly Sudakas: Argentines, Chileans, Ecuatorian, Peruvian, we all feel we are from the same world." Besides, "che" is an Argentine way of telling someone to get energized. It comes from the mapuche language and meant " friend" for the Indians who were the first
inhabitants of Argentina and Chile.

One of the best moments on stage of the band was the Foliada 2002 in Galicia. They have performed only around 25 concerts since the beginning of the band in early 2002, but counting with the former performances of the members this number would reach around 300. The streets have been and continue to be the main stage and rehearsal place for them. Leo has played more in one year in Barcelona than in 8 years in Argentina, where he had do all sorts of odd jobs -except that of a musician- to make ends meet.

The lyrics are composed by Leo. Some are from the previous band, Correcaminos, but most have their origins in the streets of Barcelona and the first hard months they had to face in Europe. Each song has its history and every one participates in the musical creation of the songs. The band members have different influences and idols: Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Todos
tus Muertos, Mano Negra, Rubén Blades, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Sumo (mythical band in Argentina), Cafe Tauba. The variety of taste is wide and the experiences vary: Manuel, the guitar player, has a jazz and tango background, Teclas, the keyboard player, has his
background in bossa nova and in traditional folklore from Argentina and each one has his own musical idol, which contributes to enrich the group. "Manu Chao has influenced all the musicians of our generation. Macaco, Ojos de Brujo, Dusminguet are more like contemporary".

Among the songs of the album "Trippie Town", Perro De La Calle (street dog) is one that has grown out of their street experiences. They have played it twelve times an hour and three hours a day for eight months. Its lyrics and rhythms have evolved in the street note by note. One of the most remarkable songs in the album is La Cacerola (the pan), which tells us about the events which took place in Argentina in late 2001 from the perspective of Leo, lost in Barcelona, at that time. Many Argentines who have heard this song cannot understand how he managed to describe with so much accuracy the events without having experienced them directly. Sin Papeles (without papers) is the motto song of this band, who feels protected playing on the streets a song that explains that when you are not "in order, you are a nobody in the Europe of the Universal Human Rights." We also want to bring attention to a very upbeat song that seduces the listener: Cosmopolitan Town tells us how Barcelona can look like Babylon as long as people take the trouble of getting more positive to bring joy to it.

How can one qualify their new record? "There are several musical influences, from cumbia to salsa, from reggae to electronic music, from the typical quartet of Cordoba ("that would be a ska merengue") to the ragga" as Leo and Hernán tell us.

Che Sudaka is a piece of urban poetry in the jungle of modern Babylon, drops of hope in the ocean of individualism. A record to make our days happy. In case dance turns out to be forbidden, voices silenced and guitars and drums jailed, this album will be there to remind us that music heals the mind and the musicians are the medicine men of the soul. It is well worth dreaming with them and shouting with them:

Arriba la vaina ! (Let the good times roll)

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   2010 Cavernicola Records - Compilation
10   10
   2011 Cavernicola Records - Album
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Muévete Bien - Sabor Mestizo   Muévete Bien - Sabor Mestizo
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Rumbo   Black Baudelaire: Rumbo
   2009 Kasba Music - Album
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Barcelona Postiza   Barcelona Postiza
   2009 - Compilation
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La Conexión   Rude: La Conexión
   2009 - Double album
Construmón   Muyayo Rif: Construmón
   2010 Kasba Music - Album
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Todos Los Días Sale El Sol   Bongo Botrako: Todos Los Días Sale El Sol
   2010 Kasba Music - Album
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Proyectos de Conciencia, Vol. II   Proyectos de Conciencia, Vol. II
   2010 - Compilation
Ciudadanos del Mundo   Mañana Me Chanto: Ciudadanos del Mundo
   2010 - Album
P'alante   Muyayo Rif: P'alante
   2011 Kasba Music - Album
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Música contra la represión   Música contra la represión
   2011 Kasba Music - Compilation
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Lucha Amada - Musika Rebelde   Lucha Amada - Musika Rebelde
   2011 - Double Compilation
Corasoul System   Go Lem System: Corasoul System
   2012 - Album
Corasoul System   Planeta Lem: Corasoul System
   2012 - Album
Locos al Galope! Colifata vol. 22   Locos al Galope! Colifata vol. 22
   2013 - Album

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Management : management@chesudaka.com
Promo : promo@chesudaka.com
Info : info@chesudaka.com

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