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DOSSIER December 2003
by Mono Lo


Chango Family
Chango Family



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Coincidentally, at the same time that Radiochango was making its first steps on the internet, a group of fun-loving musicians with an affinity for Latin music created on the other side of the Atlantic created a band names after the same deity.

Originally from Quebec, and with 250 concerts under their belt since their formation in the spring of 200 (one concert every five days for three and a half years), the Chango Family truly honours the deity from which the group borrows its name: Chango, the god of celebration and revolution.
The sense of festivity as well as the social criticism in their music, combined with the mix of music and circus that they bring to their shows makes them part of the Radiochango family of artists.
The idea for the group was born during a trip through Aztec land Upon their return, Lundo and Maruchka, leaders of the group, decided to create the Chango Family with three neighbourhood friends: Nemo Vemba, Guido el Fabbro, and Leo. From its very beginnings, the group wanted to advance combative and militant themes in order to reflect the multiple social realities it had witnessed, while at the same time keeping its music firmly oriented towards celebration and enjoyment. The group began to cause a stir in bars all over the province of Quebec, as well as in the subway stations of Quebec City. The public began to pay more and more attention to this group, who soon gained two new members: Claudine and Tika.

Eventually, three founding members left the group to pursue other personal projects. Their departures were rapidly compensated for by the arrival of Sebastien Jean and J.F. Thibault, reggae artists and ex-members of the group Kaliroots. Lation rock arrived with Sylvain Plante, aka Sylvio Gonzales. More musical reinforcements came in the form of Anit Yam Gosh on the Gypsy violin and the multitalented Valerie Cormier, aka Catwoman, on the acoustic and electric piano.
These new recruits were welcomed on the Bande a Part tour, which began in spring 2001 and saw the group perform about a hundred concerts all across the country. The group seperated that autumn for a much-deserved rest after their marathon tour. Three members (Lundo, Maruchka and Tao) took advantange of that time to make a pilgrimage to the origins of humanity and rythm.

The group entered 2002 with frenetic rythm, meeting Dennis Wolf from Audiogram and signing for their first album, as well as incorporating a new bassist, Gabriel Lajoie. After recording their album, the group got in their van and took to the road again to finish the Band a Parte tour with a concert in front of 25 000 fans. The debut of their album was a success, and the nation-wide popularity of their song "Paramatman" allowed them to tour the Canadian music scene once again. The album blends the group's music with their experiences traveling and meeting the public. In their own words, "we have harvested the corn, grain by grain, and grilled it with our own hands, all to be able to offer your our first musical tortilla, guaranteed non-GMO!".

The idea of blending circus and music inspired several group members to join the Cirque du Soleil. Maceo and Kuba then arrived from Europe with the trumpet and trombone to replace Sebastien and Thibault, who had decided to tour Europe with the Cirque du Soleil. Leo also left the group and was replaced by the Mexican Miguel Zamarippa, who brought the conga drums. The group was also strenthend by the arrival of Rico Lauzion on sound effects, and the vocalist Marilyn. This group of 12 crossed the Atlantic to play at the Festival of Lausanne (Switzerland). This was only the beginning of a tour that saw them play all over Europe and America.

The diverse influences and confluences of its members are what make up the Chango Family--a veritable Babylon of melody and rythm. Their brass instruments offer a reggae and salsa feel, the keyboard carries the melody while the bass alternates with the Balkan overtones of the Gypsy violin. Add African vocals, punk guitars, and socially conscious lyrics and you've got this curious cocktail of a group on the cultural frontier between Europe and America and fascinated by the music of the South. The Chango Family's music is only a pretext for celebration--the kind of celebration that affirms that another world is possible. A more just and empathetic world, sensitive to the nuances of diverse and borderless social relaties. Mirroring the diversity of its members, this group performs in French, English, and Castillan its music of rythm and revolution.

The Chango Family, welcome to the Radiochango family!

The Chango Family is:
Lundo Chango: vocals, guitar
Maruchka Chango: vocals, djembe, derbouka, percussion, dance
Gabou: bass
Anit Yam: violin, guitar
Sylvio: drums
Didace: lead guitar
Funky Francky: keyboard, accordian, clarinet
Matéo: trombone
David/Dom: trumpet
Rico Lauzion: sound and effects

Records [up]
Chango Family   Chango Family
   2002 Audiogram - Album

Babylon Bypass   Babylon Bypass
   2005 - Double album

Main contributions [up]
RadioChango Añejo Reserva vol.I   RadioChango Añejo Reserva vol.I
   2005 RadioChango - Compilation

EsperanSaharaui   EsperanSaharaui
   2007 - Compilation

News [up]
  13.09.2005: CHANGO FECHAS POR ESPANA (Castellano)
  25.08.2005: REPERKUSIÓN 05 en Allariz (Ourense) (Castellano)
  25.08.2005: Retrouvez la Radio Esperanzah 2005 en ligne (Français)
  12.07.2004: Chango Family en direct sur la radio (Français)

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  The Forum for Chango Family

Interviews [up]
  Interview avec Lundo - 02/2004 (Français)
  AUDIO: Interview - 08/2005 (Français)

Videos [up]
  04.2007: VideoClip "YA KEKCHOSE" - La Chango Family

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zion zone productions

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