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Amadou & Mariam Amadou & Mariam
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  Amadou & Mariam Amadou & Mariam


DOSSIER November 2004
by Indio'


Amadou & Mariam
Amadou & Mariam



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Translation by Kevin Johnson

In the heart of African mestizaje

When music is born from the melodic union of Mandikan rhythm and blues pentatonic, the result is magnificent.

Amadou and Mariam tell us, in their simple way, of everyday scenes of Mali, and communicate to us, through their messages of peace and respect, stories of an easier, more pleasant life.

Music always speaks for itself. That is why I prefer to discover an artist on stage. As my Kia friend would say, "this 24th of October, we have received a slap in the face."

Musical fusion is natural in Mali. A country of the African west, the cradle of the blues, as Martin Scorsese shows us in his film, “Mali to Mississippi," Mali possesses a vibrant tradition of music. At the beginning of the 70’s, groups like Super Rail, featuring artists like Salif Keita or Mory Kanté, were fusing Mandikan music with the rhythms of blues and rock. At that time, Amadou Bagayoko appeared with the group Les Ambassadeurs (The Ambassadors), in which he would stay for almost six years. Mariam Doumbia, raised and educated in and enviroment of traditional celebrations, has been singing since she was a child. The couple met 25 years ago in "Institut des Jeunes Aveugles" (Institute for the Young Blind), where they began a story of love that still harmonizes their lives.

En the 80’s Amadou and Mariam began their artistic route and their first cassette recordings in Abidjan. Later they arrived in France, and made their first great appearance with the song: "Je t'aime Mon amour, ma chérie..." (I want you my love, my darling... ") from the album" Sou Nor Tilé." Altogether, they recorded three discs from 1998 to 2002 with Universal. Today they offer us a new work, a result of their acquaintance with Manu Chao, "Dimanche à Bamako" (Sunday in Bamako).

Musical fusion is a golden rule for Amadou and Mariam that they repeat quite often: "We like to sing with other horizons, with other countries. That has provided much to us. We like mixing music very much."

In addition to their talent at fusing musical styles, there are numerous acquaintances that they maintain that guide their artistic direction. Among these artists, one will find Sergeant Garci'a, -M-, Tom Darnal, Hamid El Kasri, Jean-Philippe Rikiel, Moriba Koité,... along with a wide variety of other influences like English pop, French music,... the objective is to make a "universal music ."

Manu discovered their music while driving in Paris listening to the car radio and from that point intended to meet them. That led to the desire to record and finally to compose a disc. The result is incredible! Three experts of musical fusion have managed to combine their styles without losing a shred of their individual genius, maintaining the essence of their music in a new harmony. We now experience the fusion of their styles of playing guitar and of composing lyrics. There was already a certain similarity between them, a simple, direct, and innocent way of writing, simple in style, but not in content, providing a message deep in meaning, but accessible to everyone. Simple messages, important messages, rhythms for everyday life, neighborhood life, in whatever place. In this case, it is Manu’s life in Mali, his long visit in Bamako, that guides to us through the songs, but the themes are universal, speaking to everyone. The trio sing of the "Triste Realité" (Sad Reality) of the world, for which the "Politic Amagni" is responsible, but life continues with their "Fêtes au villages" (Celebrations in the villages) and their "Beaux Mariages" (Pretty weddings). And they warn us of the bad feelings that sometimes guide us like hypocrisy, perversity "Gnidjougouya" or betrayal "Djanfan" and promote "La Paz". We hear a first-class performance with "Politic Amagni" in which the voices of Tiken Jah Fakoly, Mariam Doumbia, and Manu Chao weave a musical tapestry.

The music exudes heat and vitality. The six musicians create a calm and energetic evening they make us dance in every dimension, all of the songs delivering messages that the public understands. A medicine that I recommend to you against the evils of our society, against the pains of today.

Records [up]
Sou ni tilé   Sou ni tilé
   1998 Universal - Album

Tje Ni Mousso   Tje Ni Mousso
   1999 Universal - Album
Wati   Wati
   2002 Universal - Album
Dimanche à Bamako   Dimanche à Bamako
   2004 All Other - Album
   buy it at iTunes
Je pense à toi   Je pense à toi
   2005 - Album
   buy it at iTunes
Welcome to Mali   Welcome to Mali
   2008 Because Music - Album
   buy it at iTunes
Remixes   Remixes
   2010 Because Music - Album
   buy it at iTunes
Folila   Folila
   2012 Because Music - Album
   buy it at iTunes

Main contributions [up]
Ta I Tola   Smod: Ta I Tola
   2004 - Album

Barcelona Raval Sessions 2   Barcelona Raval Sessions 2
   2005 K Industria - Double Compilation

News [up]
  12.11.2008: Nuevo disco de Amadou & Mariam: "Welcome to Mali" (Castellano)
  29.03.2006: Barcelona Raval Session II - con camiseta de regalo!!! (Castellano)
  31.01.2006: BARCELONA RAVAL SESSIONS VOL. 2 (Castellano)
  10.06.2005: CRONICAS DE ROCK MESTIZO - Música sin papeles (Castellano)
  07.06.2005: Bamako presente - 14 de Junio Barcelona - 15 de Junio Madrid (Castellano)

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  The Forum for Amadou & Mariam

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  04.2012: Video Clip Amadou & Mariam feat. Tunde & Kyp of TV on the Radio - Wily Kataso

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Marc Antoine Moreau: marcantoine.moreau@free.fr
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