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 burnt athens
Hi.. I don't know if you have heard how is
the condition in Greece the last days.. a
policeman shot a 15 year-old boy in
Athens on Saturday night and since then
everything has been out of control..
anarchists and communists are making
marches and burning and looting the
whole Athens.. it is sad.. they pretend to
be sorry for the death of the little boy but
actually they are happy because they
have now the chance to go out in the
streets and blow over their rage for
everything.. the police is almost pathetic,
just let them keep burning.. the
government is totally absent.. none of
them appears anywhere to say anything..
the state channels show football and
movies.. they are hiding..
I feel desperate.. people are out of
control... these are not anarchists nor
communists.. they are simple hooligans
worse than the ones of football.. I'm
afraid to go in the center.. the situation is
totally out of control. I am not anarchist,
although I have some anarchist ideas, I
am not of course fascist or something like
this.. I don't like cops and of course I find
absolutely inexcusable what the police
did. But is this a good reaction?? The
whole Athens is being burnt... Shops,
banks, blocks of flats, cars, streets....
Destruction... They also robbed a shop of
guns... This is not just rage for the
political condition. This is hate for the
city.. And I can't understand it.. Ok, I find
maaany maaany things bad in my city
and in the greek politic but I find the
reaction of these people in the streets
awful too....
 :: manitari :: 08/12/2008

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