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 where can i find this song?
 :: :: 23/08/2008
Unfortunately, I do not think he has this song as a formal record.

It is available in its various renditions if you look at the posts under the "Video and mp3 links" forum pages. There are two because the first one was too large.

Good luck.
 :: nubiasol :: 23/08/2008
i think its a traditionnal song from spain ...basque..exactly its a song he
play in little bar and little show only...thats totally rumba dude.....
try to check some song from the little show called..lo peor de la can find this easily..ciao
 :: fabofabo :: 24/08/2008
Here you have song's words.
There's no Manu's CD with that song, and no CD made by Manu with other singer like Amparanoia, Fermin Muguruza etc...
it's a spanish or a latino american's song, (not a Basc country song, i'm sure).
We have to tell him to record this song, it's so beautiful.
I beg you pardon for my English but i speak french, spanih and a lot of basc.
Tomorrow we'll can see videos of tijuana's concert, giant, i think
 :: mayie :: 24/08/2008
When you search in the web "Musicos de la calle codols", you find that
A concert livi in Gerono (12/04/2008)
In the part 2, you have LIBERTAD,and Manu said that it's a TONI EL GITANO's song.
The sound is OK
See you soon
 :: mayie :: 25/08/2008
if you want the only thing I would be able to do for you would be that I can extract the audio from that video and turn it into mp3... if youd like that is... keep in mind that what you here in that video is exactly what you are going to get on the mp3
 :: TJesse :: 26/08/2008

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