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He visto este video por el foro y me tiene loco. Alguien sabe algo de esta gente??
 :: Yo Gorila :: 10/11/2013
 :: GIZA :: 10/11/2013
Muchas gracias Giza.
Voy a investigar un poko.
 :: Yo Gorila :: 24/11/2013
Ah bueno ,mas vale tarde que nunca
 :: GIZA :: 24/11/2013
Pero mira tan fácil como utilizar el google ,la buscar cualquier cosa
 :: GIZA :: 24/11/2013
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 24/11/2013
Je je je
 :: GIZA :: 24/11/2013
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 24/11/2013
hey te gusta la canción?
 :: GIZA :: 24/11/2013

Yes I like..
I close my eyes only for a moment and moments gone....

In vino veritas

Everything is clear in my mind but is not in my heart
and trouble is in that...
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 24/11/2013
¿Y si hacemos un viaje espacio exterior?Te animas ,deja la botella y vente conmigo jeeee
 :: GIZA :: 24/11/2013
Ay ! Se me olvido el enlace ! jeejeje
 :: GIZA :: 24/11/2013
Yes we can go...Music is really good,pictures of universe really can bring in another dimension,out of here...jeee..great
but I already live like noone,in my own world
and there are days like today when I can ,we can,do it things out of reality and imagine to be far far far away from the world in who we live
where have no rules have no laws,no nothing,no walls...just silence and thoughts and feelings
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 24/11/2013
Si es un aqui te pillo ,aqui temazo y lo mejor es el titulo de la canción ,decembers bycicle, es bonito imaginar viajes interestelares en compañia,sin leyes ,ni paredes .....solo el latir del corazón en sintonia,no quiero ser aguafiestas ..........pero........ hay algo que nos aguarda a la vuelta de la esquina........
 :: GIZA :: 24/11/2013 not be partybreaker!!! I forgot to say CHEERS!!!...and,yes tittle of the song is on what I was thinking...sound of silence where heartbeat is the sound who we can hear,...maybe is better to say ,to feel,and it can be in universe it can be in desert ,....can be anywhere,if hearts beats united than any imagination can be felted as real...and is real...and exist...

but about bear?! killer bear?!noooooooooo...definitely no!
is cute but not with knife!
this is cutest and more realistic..jeeeee
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 24/11/2013
Jejeje...bueno claro que el corazón se debe ....sentir esa es la palabra ,con fuerza ,mucha ,tanta que parece hundirse hasta el fondo del alma,muy dentro,que duele al respirar....y hablando de ositos a mi también me gustaria dormitar,mientras cayeran los copos de nieve,jeeeee ,parece increible que una cosa tan fria ,tengan esas formas tan bonitas como se supone imaginaba el autor de esta melodia ,la muerte,fria ...pero bonita ......pero claro el imaginaba que entraria en el paraiso .....
 :: GIZA :: 24/11/2013
Yes...the heart is made for live ad feel...I do not know does people know the value of love felings,those true one,and that the only one real thing in the world ,in life is love and what heart feel...I really do not know....I had and I get chance in life to felt love,I knew it but once i felt it is hard to live regular life in material,maybe for that I am living in my own world,(I need too many words for explain),what I wish to say,i live in material world just enough for survive,...anybody can find a chance for have that part of life in high quality,enough high quality,so, me too,..but it looks like I just do not want,or do not care,in the end I do not care...Because it doesn't matter....not after all...
and know what is interesting?..about video,I do not know that much spanish and in this message I couldn't translate on first look what you wanted to say,and I was watching video first and what was my first reaction is how beautiful and so perfect are snowflake,and than I translated your message and saw that what you think too...yes ,are perfect
and ,I can not find that nice and special videos as you can,and as you always could...:)
but I love instrumentals
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 24/11/2013
Siuna vez que conoces la verdad acerca del amor ,el de verdad....jee ...todo aquello que conocia ,se cayó como una baraja de naipes ,para quedarse con una sola se puede volver a la realidad que se conocia,la vida ya no es igual.....tu que crees,.....el barco podrá navegar la ola,una vez mas ,o se hundira en el fondo,y subira cuando la ola ya no está?.......
y no te preocupes por los videos ,cada uno hace lo que puede ......yo simplemente le doy valor a la idea.......cosa que se que tu haces perfectamente,jee ....a veces juega tambien la causalidad buena compañera de la inspiración.....y lo que se trata es de pasar el rato juntos ....con una idea y un cafecito ,no? jeeee
 :: GIZA :: 24/11/2013
Yes,once we know the truth about love is not possible to live life like we lived before...I can't...all what is is illusion in who I live now...illusion for the rest of the world who surround me,..I just look like the rest of people who are around me but noone can not even see it piece of who I am from inside now.....maybe I can not see it others too,maybe there are around me people who lived love as I did but I can not recognize like top secret who we keep inside of us that noone do not know what we really are what we really feel...maybe...I do not know
and the video with ship,is magnificent....wild nature and human invention,so small in comparation with the ocean but so strong against the wawes,it can be sinked and never again have the fight with nature but it can beat wildness of nature,..we never know when what can happen...everything is matter of luck or skill the one who is in charge of the ship...maybe is about luck or destiny....
and me and my choice of videos...jee...mine are mostly just for be here and be in your company for some time,you definitely find better one than I this one too and than I have hard task!!!je
maybe this one is not bad....
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 24/11/2013
Suerte o destino......el tiempo pasa o pregunto cuantas veces he mirado el reloj de mi cocina de numeros romanos......pero me temo que esta noche ,si ha pasado ,pero en buena compañia,me espera un madrugón ....asi que te mando un biko muy grande .....y te deseo buenas noches corazón,que siga palpitando tan fuerte ,que yo lo pueda sentir .....mua buenasnoches..... ;o)
 :: GIZA :: 24/11/2013
luck and destiny..together as two in one...and time,time is passing but for love is always same hour same minute same second as was in moment when heart start to beat for someone faster..... and no matter on distance ...on moments of be appart,.....just one word just one thought from the one I love and time is come like never was that distance and that continuing and always same feeling...time do not change true feelings never...maybe sometimes they are deep inside of us,we do not think that intensively about,but is that strong and do not allow to be revealed from nobody ,only from special person who is the master of our ,of mine heart....jee yes time is not the enemy in true a friend....
and was nice evening for me too :) from my heart I wish goodnight for you and I send you many kisses...many many many...:)
maybe for not that long time,maybe,... my heart will come closer ...maybe :)
goodnight...and kiss big one
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 25/11/2013
ok muchos besos pa ti.....buenas noches ...... ;O)
 :: GIZA :: 25/11/2013
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 25/11/2013
Sea o no tu amiga .....hasta aquí hemos llegado....hasta nunca
 :: GIZA :: 30/11/2013
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 30/11/2013
You shouldn't come here to say just could not to come at all

hasta nunca
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 30/11/2013
Si.....mira ,mira ,corre ,venga que llegas tarde para dar por culo....mandarme
un besito los dos ,si ¿ venga a chuparla el uno al otro....
 :: GIZA :: 30/11/2013
Your anger is not my problem
not long ago...I said to you that I am not here because I expect anything from you
I can be whatever you want and whatever you made from me...
sweet or bitter...
and,now you go and gave a kiss to the one to who you gave usually and that is not me
buenas noches mi amor
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 30/11/2013
hasta nunca ???
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 30/11/2013
Si se acabo........sea lo que sea,tu amiga o no ,no me sale del moño
aceptarlo,porque tengo mis razones....y no vale todo.....
 :: GIZA :: 30/11/2013
of course
you have your reasons for be liar for years
lier or coward?
maybe both
you are both of it,and liar and coward,and you go and live in your false life
and than all the things you write past nine months are nothing but performance
you have no heart
you are just materialist!
now is your turn to forget password for "GIZA" ACTOR
find another one name
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 30/11/2013
Thanks for be part of my life in this strange way
I will never forget
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 30/11/2013
Si eso....mucha mierda .....que es lo que se les desea a los artistas en el
escenario.......verdad ......a que eso es verdad......ala que chupes bien la teta
 :: GIZA :: 30/11/2013
La mía no claro¡ la mía se le corto la leche
 :: GIZA :: 30/11/2013
My last message..
For your own good you forget everything,
because you are not able to do changes
because you are not able to keep promises
because this really looks on circus now after so many years
and because it hurts me too much!!!!!!!
you have to make choices in life and you with all this ask of me to help you to make last conclusion about me as bad person ,that you can forget easily
You think whatever you want and whatever is the best for you
I am who I am and I can not help you
noone can not help you
you just make me as you always did,to feel deep pain
I just do not know why I am here at all
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 30/11/2013
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 30/11/2013
 :: GIZA :: 30/11/2013
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 01/12/2013
Yo ya ni se que estoy volviendo loca elucubrando.....
 :: GIZA :: 04/12/2013
You had four and half years to think...
now?! Me too not know if there is anything to think
I have no intention to have any argue with you or any big discussion where I have to prove myself for any thing,...that time passed
We can talk nice,but in any other tone I do not want to talk with you
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 04/12/2013
No yo tampoco quiero siento débil para todo....sera esta
gripe,que me tiene aplacada y hundida.....pero no se porque siempre quiero
agarrar la ultima esperanza,de que no se me ha fallado de verdad.....pero es
difícil,cuando uno no sabe lo que pasa realmente ,hasta a veces pienso de
forma retorcida,y no se pierdo totalmente el rumbo desgasta
mucho,no poder ver la verdad
 :: GIZA :: 04/12/2013
Today is 1728 remember about what I am talking?
I said that not long ago...
and I am present today and yesterday and all 1728 days..
that do not mean to you nothing?
What truth you wish to see?
Maybe you need to open your eyes,
maybe your eyes are closed
and than is normal to not see it what is in front of your nose...
the other day I said to myself "never again" and look at me now
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 04/12/2013
Si ,eso es lo que me empuja a seguir ,y sentir lo que siento dentro al
respirar,pero el callo del dolor es muy duro y muy feo ,y hace que me
plantee,el seguir la caminata ,porque ese callo produce hasta visiones ,de lo
que parece y no es ,o de lo que puede parecer,y es.....y bueno ,al menos lo
que has dicho,me ha empujado a venir ....he podido creer en tus palabras,o
querer creer en ellas.....pero a lo mejor mi tranquilidad ,no estará por mucho
tiempo,siento que hasta el 15 voy a estar,en a cuerda floja,difícil mantener el
equilibrio....pero aun siento.....el corazón late fuerte
 :: GIZA :: 04/12/2013
Sometimes we do not have even say a things
to think in same way,because,..
you know why, connection who we have for long ..
and feelings who we have for long are the same
and when torments pass than we again can talk like tonight,..everytime
I said to you in many different ways,sometimes not so nice ways
sometimes in nice that really I can not help you
I would love to but I can't..any problem who we have is in you
do you wish to accept the truth or you wish to denied the truth
All I know is about me and that is ..I can not have normal life like other people
I can not make plans in life because I am standing somewhere out there,here ,there ,who knows where,in dark corridors of net,stuck forever
do I will see it the light or not do not depend on me
it depend on you...
and what you talk about 15,I really do not understand about what is
and is it good or bad luck but our hearts do beat strong all those time..I do not know is that luck or not,because is too long and because is too painful,
for little happiness in some short moments is all this worth it?
maybe is,and probably is and is,..worth it
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 04/12/2013
Si ,hasta el otro día enfadados,tuvimos conexión,yo creo.....pero es un detalle
,que ya te contare....y bueno la verdad se puede esconder un poco,según en
que casos muy concretos,y no es tan fácil verla.....pero no se eso que dices
de que ver la luz depende de mi....esa es demasiada responsabilidad ,no
creo que todo dependa de mi,las circunstancias influyen todo un
compendio.....y bueno pues a veces si se puede resumir ,que al final
,nuestros corazones baten fuerte ,y siguen unidos siempre ,por algo muy
especial.....y bueno ,pues me voy a descansar un,poco ,que esta especie
alienígena de gripe ,me ha dejado muertita ,jeee,y voy a comer algo también
,así que te mando un saludo ,y el beso del otro dia...... ,te lo
devuelvo....buenas noches corazón ,ok Chao¿ ;0)
 :: GIZA :: 04/12/2013
Yes,in some things you have right but in others you do not have to
Maybe for you is too big responsibility
to be the one on who depend all this and that much days
and what is in front of us ...but you know that is the truth
I do not demand that from you,I do not think you have to do it and must
but if you do not do than everything will be just written story,
here and in other places...
but I do agree that what we have is something special
million brakes we had it ...but we never end it ,is not possible
and however ...this is neverending story about love
and we are part of that story...
and...yes time to go,my working day isn't finished yet and I wake up very early in morning....than,goodnight..and with this I remembered my dream from last night
I dreamed three persons,they had human look but for real they was dogs...was strange dream... but you know what I was always talking about dogs in dreams...
one more goodnight and kiss for you too
froggy smiley too...:)
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 04/12/2013
Definitivamente tenemos mucha conexión ,jeeee ,me he llevado una sorpresa
ahora mismo ;0).....Si ,nuestra historia es interminable ,es eterna .....y bueno
pues ,otro besito ,y gracias por la sonrisa de ranita,que termines bien el
trabajo,no metas mucha caña ;0)...jeeee....y buenas noches
 :: GIZA :: 04/12/2013
OK...:)...some other time you will tell me what was that I said and you
recognize as connection in my last message tonight...
but, not news that we had always connections between us..jee
laku noc
kiss more for you
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 04/12/2013 late fuerte el corazón ,y a ti¿
 :: GIZA :: 06/12/2013
Bueno ,pues parece que me confundí,con el latir ,y da igual estas busy,
maybe......bueno biko chao
 :: GIZA :: 06/12/2013
Sorry.....really sorry because I did not answer you..
I do things in my home and I am busy...
Almost every day ,whole day, I am in move, ..after eight I am free
and just for short I am coming here to see if you maybe did write anything as now
but you did not get wrong about heart,mine..:)..never :)
because it beats strong,always ,everyday...for years for life
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 06/12/2013
Ok ,pues si estas busy.....nos vemos si quieres a las ocho,si¿
 :: GIZA :: 06/12/2013
Okeyyyyyy!!! :))))))
I thougt you will not come now,....and was like ...uuuuufffffff...jeee
but you did ....and I am glad :)
and ,yes I come later,after eight
kiss??? yes..kiss :)
see you
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 06/12/2013
Jeeeee,dijiste ufffff menos mal eh¡ ;0) jeeeee.......a saber que estarías
pensando ya ,yo soy experta en eso ,jeeee,como se presentan las cosas,es
difícil discernir,sabes que tuve un sueño no hace mucho ,mio con el pelo
muy largo y flequillo ,no se ,me dio por pensar en el ahora ,jeeeee, y bueno si
corazón ,nos vemos luego ,no pasa nada por no contestar antes pensaba
eso que estarías bus y,jeeee,si un beso ,hasta luego chao¡
 :: GIZA :: 06/12/2013
ok...we see us later...
I go now....:)
(I will think of you a lot..:))
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 06/12/2013
my feelings... :)
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 06/12/2013
hola!..que pasa!.....te saludo y busco un que sepas que ando por aqui...... :0)
 :: GIZA :: 06/12/2013
ok...find some nice ...please?!!!..:))))))
but I do not doubt
this one .. is something what I discover few days ago...can you believe it?
and really touch you did touch my feelings deeply deeply and deeply :)
ok I wait
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 06/12/2013
Si es una canción bonita ,y claro que si los dos nos ocamos los sentimientos.....y que crees ......¿que hemos pasado la tormenta los dos ?...en el mismo barco......¿a que es dificil?
 :: GIZA :: 06/12/2013
Without making things nicer or uglier than they are,..
yes,I think we passed torment
Lasted really long ...and I did not believed we can solved problem this time
I really didn't beleived,and I get use to on fact that we belong to the past,
I mean together...what I knew it was that what we feel will never end it
I knew it for myself,of course,but I knew it for you too
that is why I was always comming ,no matter in what tone,when you were writing things here
yes,torment passed ..and just together we can heal it what hurted us...
and together we did pass through that storm,...
time to time with few words,just for the other know that feelings still are big and that there is no place for
indifference,something what is a killer of feelings and what shows that there is no feelings....
we passed through that waves unharmed feelings
I have little fear what is coming but I have no other thing but to beat the fear
as I always did and as I hope you will did too
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 06/12/2013
Si sobre lo que llega vaca mira atras y ve lo que llega....parece preocupada?
La verdad ,no se que pensar todavia ,si es verdad,que la pasamos en el mismo barco,con los mismos sentimientos ,no se ,yo casi que ya ni me fio ,de que color tengo los se la mayoria del tiempo que pensar lo que se me muestra es verdad o no ,dudo de todo ,quiza de lo que no dudo es del ese sentimiento que inunda el centro del pecho al respirar....ese feeling ,es inegable ,e indescriptible como te dije el otro dia ,lo que me empuja a seguir .....en verdad si no hay cabida a la indiferencia ,seguro ,jeee ,todo lo contrario ,es un oleaje bravo e inmenso.....cosas del destino.....fuerza pediria yo ......el caso es ,si la fuerza quiere ir conmigo
 :: GIZA :: 06/12/2013
OK,...for video I will not comment....
The other things,...feelings,..yours, hard to comment too somebody else feelings
what is in what you have doubts,I do not know, something what comes as light motiv through all those time,all these years ,and something what I do not understand and I never did not understand,......what I do understand is that your doubts are one of the reasons of all torments that we had it and maybe also are the reasons for the torment that we will have doubt,me doubt too in your intentions as normal continuing part of all and than comes torment,me angry you angry.....than we suffer,and comes in diferent tones,until moment when feelings beat all differences between us,as today as the day before when we talked vicious circle of doubts and love...
I do not know,all I know now,is, I really do not wish argues anymore..
and how i feel,that is some other I have iron around me,around my heart...when I cry is when I feel I am alive and I have feelings, that tears can wash all that iron from me,and make me again voulnerable and human
I am afraid of all this,but there is something what keep me ,is that destiny,for sure is,is love,for sure is,is something big,for sure my life and,I just walking on path of my life.... and my feelings are my life and I follow my feelings
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 06/12/2013
but you did touch my feelings,and touch deeply ,that is not posible to live other life but this one what we live,no matter what and how
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 06/12/2013
Bueno pues vale y las dudas las achaco mas ,a algo del destino ,y las circunstancias como las presentan ,mas que nada es eso ,seguro en otra circunstancias ,no habia dudas ninguna,pero a cada uno les toca vivirlas d euna manera ,y claro ,sabes que? a veces las cosas parecen lo que no son ,y otras veces no parecen lo que son....y bueno es asi ,y asi es ,cosas del destino,.....yo estoy segura de que no eres solo de hierro ,y claro que guardas tus sentimientos ,y lloras ,y sientes .....el caso es que si muestras siempre el hierro despues la gente se puede equivocar y pensar,que ni siquiera sientes ...pero no ,bueno aqui si lo muestras ,tu corazonciño asoma ,detras de un sin fin de palabras ....cada vez escribes una parrafada mas grande ,jeeeee ...y bueno ....pues yo tengo que ir ,no se tu.....pero bueno ya hablaremos ,y te mando un biko grande .....¿buenas noches chao?
 :: GIZA :: 06/12/2013
for me that about keeping my feelings,is the only way to not cry every day,as I did before,..with time I stopped to cry,but anytime we talked here,I did..
and after again I have my mask, mask is not for the others,is for me,to keep me in one piece,for try to be in one piece and not brake it totaly...for not to be broken in million pieces...every word,almost every who I write here I do with tears...and after,again I have smile and noone would not doubt that anything do happen in my heart and in my internal life..
and yes,is time to go for me too...
so,kiss for you too ,big one and goodnight
keep safe yourself...for me
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 06/12/2013 quiero que te vayas triste menos te libera escribir aqui ,está bueno echarlo pa afuera .....quiza tu te comes muchas cosas para dentro ,y eso no está bien ....y bueno pues esta bien sacar la tristeza afuera ,perome despido ,con una sonrisa ....asi que buenas noches ,y un beso muy grande y un abrazo , :0)
 :: GIZA :: 06/12/2013
goodnight one more for you too and big kiss and hug too
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 06/12/2013
Boom boom ,booom boom
 :: GIZA :: 07/12/2013
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 07/12/2013
Eeeeehey...... :0)......a mi me sonaba como algo asi .....
,quieres darle al bongo? jeee un sonido natural,especial y muy muuuuuy salvaje....yo lo sigo escuchando....tu me escuchabas a mi?
 :: GIZA :: 07/12/2013
this is looooong sounds of.....jungle!!!??? really make me laugh now and I do listen still..:))))))))
if I want to answer you with song or video I have to stop it but I do not want!!!!
so....what I will do it??do you know?
je I do not know
but this song is nice
yes...booooooom boooooooom booooooooom boooooom
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 07/12/2013
Si es laaaaaaaargo...bastantes pajaritos cantando.....y si es de los que duran ,y duran y duran.....jeeee.....asi que te hago reir eh? bueno eso estábien,ayer andabamos un poco bajos de moral....
y tu canción está bien ,tiene un estribillo repegadizo .....y me gusta como canción.........
Yo no se pero me da por manifestaciones naturales .....esto es en japon....lava incandescente,y electricidad en un mismo concepto.....tu crees que tu y yo....tenemos magnetismo electrico entre nosotros?
 :: GIZA :: 07/12/2013
yes...last night finished in not so happy mood,...was not bad night,was good,but maybe too much serious,and what is the best between us is our sense for have good time,like tonight,jeeee
yes I was laughing when i saw video,je is interesting and is past time you always finding videos from nature,or sounds of nature ,as this last one,but this with volcano?
it is something what can describe us,and all what we lived past years...really big magnetism...mental emotional...sometimes I have feeling that I am inside of your head,not for reading thoughts but ,is hard to explain,is like tonight i felt it,that you want to come and than you do not want,for some reasons and in the end you come and ,me ,I did expect you...jee
yes...for not write a million words ,we do have that magnetism between us,that is for sure...from first two thoughts in the air who follow each other in neverending story of life and love
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 07/12/2013
Bueno tuvimos los dos la misma sensación.....pero eso lo cambiamos ,en menos que canta un gallo,jeee .....y bueno a quien no le gusta la naturaleza y sus sonidos ......y acerca de la conexión ,si.....anduve dudando toda la noche ,voy ,no voy ....que hago? ,si ,te metiste definitivamente en mi cabeza ,jeee.....y tu me esperabas ....andabas al acecho...jeee .....pirata!....mira entonces seguimos nadando en el mar de sentimientos ......que ponemos de bandera ? dos tibias y una calavera? bueno ya tu sabes mi amol.....ahora viene el cocodrilo chico!
 :: GIZA :: 07/12/2013
yesssss...I knew it...I really felt it,like I did watching you...I do not understand that,I never did not understand how is possible to know it things who is impossible to knew it....
and my feelings about started around seven tonight...jee...
so...the sea,the ocean..pirates...flag ...and we sailing in an ocean of love
but crocodile??!! ...ok...jeeeeee....
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 07/12/2013
Si ....i can hear you ......y claro que entiendes mas de lo que humanamente se puede entender ,lo llevamos como un hilo de plata ,que nos une ,algo invisible pero real.....algo que ni siquiera está escrito ....un ,si lo estaba sintiendo.....un suspiro.....una llave de vida ,que abre muchas puertas de percepción ......un quejido por la distancia ......un ganas de verte ....una soledad acompañada ...un pensamiento cada mañana .....un sueño en la oscuridad ......son.....caminos sueños y promesas .....
 :: GIZA :: 07/12/2013
this moment now...written words ...and everything what represent this moment are moments of the word...worth it,....yes is worth it,to pass the torments with unharmed feelings and to know it that time and space do not exist in this feelings and do not change nothing....thank you...for be all what you are in my life...and to be in my life

touched with the hand of love
I find my path in life
searching and waiting
I knew it there is someone
who will free my soul
who will fill my heart
and will stay forever
here ,in my heart

the song and words of song are beautiful...
now I can not find enough good song except that my heart beats the song of love
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 07/12/2013
La que empezamos bromistas ,pero siempre acabamos serios ,jeeee .....y le damos turno a la palabra ....porque es la que nos ha traido hasta aqui ,la que nos ha llevado en este camino a compartir estos sentimientos ,la que no ha hecho hacer promesas que se muestra dura y fria debajo de la tormenta que reconcilia ,cuando esos sentimientos pasan debajo de esa tormenta sin dañarse que nos hace piar de alegria por vernos ,todos estos sentimientos comprimidos en palabras ...dificl misión en ocasiones usar la palabra ...pero es en definitiva que nos mantiene unidos .....para mi esta bien acabar asi ,con palabras ...y con el sonido del corazon ,booom ,booom ,booom ,booom .....lo sigues oyendo?tal y como empezamos y bueno corazón es la hora de .....un buenas noches y un .....achuchón ,jeee ,que me rima con corazón ,asi que un beso ,y un achuchon muy grande .....vale! mua besos
 :: GIZA :: 08/12/2013
 :: GIZA :: 08/12/2013
yes...:) ..always in some moments everything turn into serious,this time was that I was really touched with your words,and for moment I did not know what to say,and yes the words are what we use for share thoughts and feelings...but this night was beautiful night for me...
and yes,in that message I did hear beating of your heart and make me to have no air for breath...:)..and now too and than is hard to say anything because I just want to listen and enjoy in booooom boooom booom booom
from all the sounds and songs and music sound of heart is the most beautiful...and with that sound I am going to dream one big heart and another big heart next to each other singing the song of love
goodnight and one big kiss and huge hug to you my....
kiss huge
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 08/12/2013
froggy one
for you always
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 08/12/2013
Pues para eso son ,las palabras ,para poder tocarnos a traves del tiempo .....y llegar el uno al otro al corazón ...y bueno no acabemos serios ,propongo ...un supiro y una sonrisa ,por esta noche especial ...buenas noches corazón...beso
 :: GIZA :: 08/12/2013
 :: GIZA :: 08/12/2013
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 08/12/2013
Nunca vas a saber lo que es sufrir ,hasta que te lo haga ....
 :: GIZA :: 08/12/2013
what make the two of us..
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 08/12/2013
Eso es lo que tienes que decirme¿pues....yo me estoy inclinando demasiado
a pasar la barrera.....con esto ,me parece que ya sobrepaso la raya.....
 :: GIZA :: 08/12/2013
I do not know what to say on this changing mood
nothing,just this :(
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 08/12/2013
Nooooo,pero si yo estoy de buen rollo ,no me ves.....porque iba a ver
cambiado de humor¿si solo me das amor ....que es lo único que me das ,ni
traiciones,ni cangrejos ni nada de eso ,pero sabes ¿ al menos ya se la
persona que eres....a ver un besito pegadito a tus labios si¿ es que estoy
inspirada,te gusto¿es que vamos donde este un culo gordo y lleno de mierda
pa dar ,que se quite lo demas.....que s lo que te gusta como las hoy pants
 :: GIZA :: 08/12/2013
I do not see good humor
with words of shit and the others,
at least I do not see good feelings
and maybe is better not to talk now
today is not the day when I can be inside of your brain and see it good feelings
sorry,make me to be sad.
see you
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 08/12/2013
Si,claro ,buen rollo y mierda ,no se pueden unir nunca ,tienes razón ,seré yo
,que no me expreso bien.....pero nada ,tu sigue con tu rollo ,que seguiré el
mio ,no te preocupes ,de buen rollo te lo digo.....el mismo que el que me
das.....así ,que....bueno pues ya sabes......,lo que te dije la última vez....ala
bueeenas noches ,beeeesssitos ,cuanto mas cerca mejor si....vale veo que
lohas entendido
 :: GIZA :: 08/12/2013
Ay que se rompió la copa ,cachis¡
 :: GIZA :: 08/12/2013
I only can believe on your words that all is about good humor
because what I felt was not that and didn't make me as good
company for talk tonight
I thought is about one of those nights when I will be judged
and I have no strength for any explanation and discussion
but ok...for finish in good way...goodnight and kiss for you too
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 08/12/2013
Nooooo.....pero como puedes sentir tu ves ,que te hablo
normalmente.....además porque habría de estar mal que hiciste
algo se no se me ocurre que estuviste con alguien
parahacerme daño ,no creo no¿,tu sabes ,que es eso ,lo sabes de
verdad....seria fatal ,eso es para hacer sentir mal ,peeerooo maaal al quiero ni pensarlo.....que nos pase algo así .....además a ti no te
pasa no......que yo sepa siempre te he tratado bien ,no no puedes
saberlo.....dime que piensas.....te parecería duró ,o aguantable¿
 :: GIZA :: 08/12/2013
yes you speak normal,but with my age I learned to trust my
instincts and my instinct say you want something from me tonight
and that something is the same thing who you want last
four and half years,and is a thing who I do not know what is,
because you never told me and you never give me concrete question...
and how I interpret that feeling is what I said the other night,
you wish me to say to you something what will make me as bad person
and will prove your doubts about me ,that I am bad person,and well,the rest of
thought I will not repeat...
one friend told me, careful what you doing because
I do not wish to see you hurted again,..and I said..
i know what I am doing this time, but I am not sure do I know
and I do not know where this all is going on,
destiny is for sure,but what is destiny plan I do not know,...
now I know there is no middle way in my life
so..hard or tolerable it doesn't matter,I started to walk again on this path,with you
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 08/12/2013
No ,la verdad es que no quiero nada de ti esta noche ,solo ,quería ver lo que
opinabas,pero creo que te vas por las ramas ,y no sabes realmente de l que
te hablo,quizá por desconocimiento....quizá porque me expreso de mala
manera......pero a lo mejor tampoco sabes ,a donde va todo esto ,yo cada
vez lo tengo mas claro....creo que he dado cuenta siento
bastante lejos.....y me parece que no hay marcha atrás es una mas
,siento que es la puedo soportar mas esta presión ,yo se la
regalo a quien quiera ,tienes alguna amiga que la quiera ¿ yo se la regalo....
 :: GIZA :: 08/12/2013
Ok ,maybe I did misunderstood you tonight,
and than all what I said is a product of past times
and,..well,yes,many times is hard to understand the feeling in who you talk
because I wish to answer fast and than I skip maybe the most important
detail who speaks what is
I understand now what you saying and still I do not know what to do
because all this what you saying is also new pressure on me too
Is like is hot and is summer and tomorrow is cold,is winter...
hot and cold...
and is not for made me to be as iron but is for brake me..
and once when I start again to use my true feelings with you and about you
is too hard to have that wall of protection against hurt who I build past months
I do not know nothing anymore,one day I am close to you,
another day I am far for day hope is so close,another day there is no hope at all
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 08/12/2013
Mira me tengo que ir.....yo lo que he dicho es porque lo siento......tu sabes.
Lo que creo que puedasoportar mas la presion....te digo que me es
muy difícil ,poder recomponerme.....siento que he llegado al limite.....así que
....nada ,...hasta.... no se cuando....adiós.....hoy no puedo poner ninguna cara
 :: GIZA :: 08/12/2013
hasta nunca
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 08/12/2013
Y no se arregla todo con la esperanza
 :: GIZA :: 08/12/2013
Y tanto que es hasta nunca,disfruta con tu querida el 14
 :: GIZA :: 08/12/2013
Me fui a la playa de mis emociones ,y nade en el agua de mi rabia visión de un perrito atento ,me salvo de hundirme en congelado hielo...besitos
 :: GIZA :: 09/12/2013
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 09/12/2013
Bueno pues yo ...te puedo dedicar una sonrisa hoy.... :0) si la quieres bien ,y si no también
 :: GIZA :: 09/12/2013
Tonight is summertime?
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 09/12/2013
Bueno ,ya sabes ....yo no se cuanto durara el verano ,pero menos voy a disfrutar de este momentito de paz que tengo....contigo...tu que tal lo llevas? ,supongo que a ti t también te desgasta .....besitos cousiña linda
 :: GIZA :: 09/12/2013
No,..I mean ,tonight is summertime and tomorrow or some other day will be cold winter...IN YOUR HEART... for make me feel as,, not want to even say just enjoy,do not think in others,others do not count,never
kiss for you too huge one,uuuuuuuuuu huuuuuuge
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 09/12/2013
Ok.....tonight is summertime ...........quieres disfrutarlo? si no ,besitos y hasta otra ,si si ,besitos ,yhasta la proxima canción.......pero bueno no te preocupes ,se que las cosas tienen que verse verosímiles ,asi que n pasa nada si te vas ....
 :: GIZA :: 09/12/2013
for you is summertime...for me is not....
for me is cold winter with cold thoughts
anyway you do not care
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 09/12/2013
Ok pues no pasa nada ....hasta otra ..y buenas noches ,besos :0)
 :: GIZA :: 09/12/2013
Aunque pienses que no estoy,estoy .....pero también con ganas de estar
apartada,y que pase lo que tiene que pasar
 :: GIZA :: 14/12/2013
is too hard to follow all this
all mixed feelings ,have it ,and to not know what is what I am feeling at all
and who I have to be for pass everyday emotional turbulences
and why and what...
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 14/12/2013
Si,es un poco lo que siento yo,así que entonces ya somos dos
 :: GIZA :: 14/12/2013
and much more time I just wish to be more as an observer than participant
and to keep my feelings for myself because I do not see any sense to be
directly involved,
but any time when you come I have to come too like forced with some
invisible force
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 14/12/2013
En verdad yo creo que a los dos nos trajo esa fuerza invisible ,esta
tarde......yo lo soñé esta noche pasada ,pero aunque lo soñara ,no tenia
pensado venir ,porque quería eso estar apartada ,y no sufrir ,pero es
imposible querer apartarse ,cuando te llama el corazón....pero es esa mezcla
de emociones ,que me revuelve y me produce eccemas en la piel.....que
nunca se va de mi mente....y bueno pues ,al final,vengo ....como cada vez
......a esperar mi agonia,y a llorar de emoción por estar aquí ,y decirte lo que
 :: GIZA :: 14/12/2013
I can not even to explain to myself and how I could explain to you
everything how I live all this,because is too strange
all I know ,I think,is I will never call you first anymore
because of that wound on my heart and the thing who happen ten months ago
no matter with how much feelings I am coming and I am writing
I am always coming with that reserve for everything
and I know even we talk in the best mood with high feelings
in the end you will again come and say things who will separate us
I have no ,really,intention to argue with you never again
my rights for that are abolished ten months ago,I did that
but,yes it seems I will always come
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 14/12/2013
Lo siento se me borro ,lo que escribí......pero bueno ,en verdad me estába
despidiendo,no quiero discutir yo tampoco ,pero tampoco tengo el cuerpo
para unas castañuelas ......así que en verdad no quiero escribir mucho lo que
siento ,porque se me abre la llaga,en verdad hoy me gustaría ,no sentir ,no
mirar,no nada ,pero me es imposible .....el corazón me trajo aquí ,pero me
lleva el diablo......y no quiero discutir ,pero tampoco te voy a decir que estoy
bien,y bueno ,pues ya esta ,te dije un poco como estoy y como me siento ,y
quizá sea hora de despedirse por esta noche ,ni quiero dar la lata con lo de
siempre ,asi que un beso y buenas noches ....
 :: GIZA :: 14/12/2013
anyway,...thanks for come
"...Leave me a smell that I can follow you through the corridors of eternity ...
that I can call you a with a voice stronger than a sound of the bells ...
that I can love you like dew loves the rose petals ...
that I could kiss you through the walls of eternity ...
and to revive you every morning when I wake up alone and realize ...
you're not there and just smell cheating me ..."
borrowed thoughts but something what I feel too
goodnight and kiss
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 14/12/2013
Es un pensamiento de eternidad,y un olor .... familiar,pero suena el final
como si te estrellaras en la pared de la desilusión........a lo mejor es que
somos dos ilusos del amor.porque yo me siento igual....y bueno pues un
beso y buenas noches
 :: GIZA :: 14/12/2013
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 14/12/2013
Que horas son ....en el cada dia¿
 :: GIZA :: 16/12/2013
The right moment...
is every new moment
and was the moment when you did send your message...
because in that moment I was imagine that and I wanted that
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 16/12/2013
Aqui retrasmitiendo ,desde la cocina de mi casa ...jeee sentiste ,o me oliste ...o algo no? te dedico una sonrisa :o)
 :: GIZA :: 16/12/2013
Was not that I felt you and was not that I smell your coming
was more that I wished and in that moment my wish came true
in exact same moment I refreshed page with wish that I do not see
the topic in same place where was and it was happened
strange isn't it? :)
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 16/12/2013
Si ....los deseos se pueden hacer realidad ,pero yo creo que esta noche ,viniste ,pensando que me ibas a es extraño ,es una cosa quieres abrimos una ventanita ,y pasamos el mejor atardecer,mirando el mar,de nuestras emociones ....y quitamos el stress emocional
 :: GIZA :: 16/12/2013
Maybe I can not explain well...yes,of course I am coming
with thoughts I will find you here
but moment when you send message was moment when I
did make a wish to see your message and in same moment wish came true
today I wanted to write but I did not....
but yes I would love to be in a place like that ,together....
closed eyes,listen sound of sea...and than watch it colors in the sky...together
nice ...and you know I love water ..and I...
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 16/12/2013
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 16/12/2013
Y yo también.......
El deseo .....,sera que tienes una lámpara maravillosa ,jejeje, ,porque solo hay que frotar...un poquito .....y el genio de dentro sabe cuando vengo ,jeee ........
Parecera un poco tonteria ,pero al venir y hablar ,me siento como un pajarillo,quecanta una canción ,para que la escuches .....quien marca el ritmo ,sabes cual es ,no? .....,es acertar al refrescar ...como diciendo ,ahi va!....jee ,es super chula la sensación......
 :: GIZA :: 16/12/2013
:) ok
well, was really different magician work..jee
but I felt good about it,because today I was thinking a lot
to come and say some things,
maybe this is not place for that and if you did not come
maybe I would write,
but now as you come everything is fine and ok...
and well...this video what do you think is it possible to slept it with this sounds?
jeeeeeee I do not know.,I am not sure...jeee...maybe not...first one is for sleep
you know what? tonight I am little bit like I wish to write right things,but like I do not know what are right things jeee
all I know I wish to be and talk with you...
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 16/12/2013
Jeeee ,si es imposible dormir con esos sonidos depajaros ,jeee ,a lo mejor al que lo subio le vale ,pero ,creo que a la mayoria no ,jeee ....el diria ,buenò pues como a mi me funciona ,ala a dormir todo el mundo!...jeeee
Asi que pensaste en venir y decirme cositas ..pero ahora no te salen cuales son las correctas ,jeeee ,si la verdad es que yo tambien lo habia notado ,¿pero sabes que? da igual!,lo importante es estar aquiy compartir elmomento ....¿que quieres un chute?.......¿es eso?........
pues ......besitos
 :: GIZA :: 16/12/2013
Yes ,is not possible...maybe if is in a some forest,
outside and as sound of true nature,but like this?!
noo jee no is not possible,not even for me
when I sleep with sounds whole my life
and I can not slept when is total
and,yes I wanted to say a things today and tonight is like I am with closed mind,
do not look like that but is how I feel,maybe is inside of me a lots of things
for all these time how I do not speak and who wants go out
you know...those sweet things...
but you are right and the important thing is that we are here and now and again feel same things...:)
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 16/12/2013
Muchas cosas que decir ,y poco tiempo aqui normal....y el tiempo se nos paso ....en un suspiro ,y para mi es hora de irme ,quiza no tenga ,ni que ponerme esta musica para dormir llega irme con el dulzor en los labios a la cama .....asi que ....yo creo que dormire placidamente ,pensando ,en que estuvimos aqui....asi que besitos y buenas noches .....Y esta sonrisa para ti :0)
 :: GIZA :: 16/12/2013
Is not just a time but I think if I would start to write I would forget everything,
I would forget in which planet I am
there is a lots of feelings and I even do not know
if those feelings can be translated in words
and I am in moment when I do not wish to have suppressed feelings
so,..yes,me too ,I am going to sleep with sweet feelings knowing all I know ,all you say ,and I feel about you and for you
I dreamed you last night..:)
goodnight and kiss for you and smile my froggy one :)
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 16/12/2013
Si siempre hay cosas que nos encorsetan ,en estos parajes .....pero si en el mundo de los sueños ,hay mas libertad para sentirnos .... .....asi que un besito ,buenas noches chao ...y otra sonrisa mas :o)
 :: GIZA :: 16/12/2013
Two worlds,dreamworld and world of reality ..yes...
big kiss for you and goodnight,dream something nice
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 16/12/2013
Hay...q tal....yo un poco mal,y tu corazón,beso
 :: GIZA :: 19/12/2013
Y tu fan te contestara. Que suerte !
 :: enunbar :: 19/12/2013
Y tu que tal,estas en un bar ¿ :-)
 :: GIZA :: 19/12/2013
Me,...I am OK ...but too tired
too much work
but always in mood for one smile :) for you and kiss
and with hope you will feel better
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 19/12/2013
Yo así así ,me siento mareada,pero también quise venir a saludarte y a por
un beso y una sonrisa ....... y bueno tu tambien tired....cuando cae la noche
cae,la energía....pero para mi hoy cayo en picado y con mareos,
alegro hablar hoy contigo ,cousinha linda
 :: GIZA :: 19/12/2013
Si, esperando a mi fan, pero tarda
 :: enunbar :: 19/12/2013
soooo...:)))))))))) for you...
yes,I am tired,I had two hard days,but hard hard,too hard
but I think tonight will be good night
I thought you will not come and I was almost ready for finish the day
but I came for last time for tonight to see maybe you are around
and I find you :)and I am glad to speak with you too
and for that will be good night tonight :)
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 19/12/2013
Bueno eso esta bien ,que al menos hoy ,nos hayamos alegrado la noche con
un saludito.....en verdad ,no me siento muy allá para escribir ,pero es un
quiero y no puedo.....ojala se me pasen rápido estos síntomas,y bueno pues
quedamos para otro momento entonces ,pero sabes ,me ha parecido un día
muy especial,y bueno pues te mando un beso muy grande y un abrazo muy
gordo,y que me da pena,pero bueno hablamos otro momento,vale corazon¿,y
bueno pues buenas noches y mi sonrisa :0)
 :: GIZA :: 19/12/2013
Enunbar......ten cuidado ,no se vayan desmayar cuando te vean ,y no les
puedas firmar la carpeta.... :-)
 :: GIZA :: 19/12/2013
Yes,tonight is not the night for be here longer
not for you but not for me too... but I am glad that we
speak this little ,and because of that I said will be nicer for sleep tonight :)
what do gave some special taste for the end of the day and for
this day
and I hope you will be better,...for me all I need is lots of sleep
so ,ok,yes we speak some other moment
and for you too one huge hug and huge kiss
and goodnight,dream something nice
and one big froggy smile from me to you
:))))))))))))))))))) will always be a part of me...
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 19/12/2013
Ok....gracias ranita, por favor algo bonito ,como lo que anoche
soñé ,y otro beso y buenas noches :0)
 :: GIZA :: 19/12/2013
ok...I got a new name !!! jeeeee
and...will be something nice,just imagine and
think a lot on something nice and will come into your dreams
goodnight and big big kiss :)
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 19/12/2013
Estaba pensando si venir o no,toda la noche ,pero ,al final dije ,aunque sea
un saludito y que quede ahí,aunque sea....así que besito ......y saludito
 :: GIZA :: 20/12/2013
..and I was waiting will you or not come,and now is almost
same situation like last night,..:)...
kiss for you too
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 20/12/2013
Aaaay,es ternurosooo.......,en verdad parecemos dos tontitos ,je.....,yo
quisiera ,no se , cambiar las cosas,pero no se ,no puedo verlo...q se puedan
cambiar,.pero ,sin embargo,no se en las pequeñas cosas ,me alegra el venir y
compartir ,aunque sea el momento.....y bueno q tal tu.....besos y :-)
 :: GIZA :: 20/12/2013 like that...we both think about the other but in the end
we came when is time for finish the day...
and...for me,..all this gave me special feelings..
that something still exist and is good to know
that there somewhere is someone who think of me
as I do too..
is like sparkle of life who always shine
and is good to know that connection isn't lost
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 20/12/2013
No claro que no se pierde esa conexión ,no se yo a lo mejor no pienso en que piensas en mi ,porque quiza mi mente se llene solo de pensamientos en ti ...y si es especial el saber que en algun lugar alguien piensa de la misma manera lo que nos hace venir una y otra vez ,a los mismos sitios ,como una terquedad,inherente a nossotros,como dos imanes ,que solo estan tranquilos cuando están pegados ,je.....y bueno .....cuando están ,es como sentir una elevación,yuna profunda convicción ,de que volverá a ser así cada vez .....
 :: GIZA :: 20/12/2013
I know,is the same with me..out of here my mind is for real and for always,eternally occupied with you,not just as thoughts,but like you live inside of my head and inside of me,...and yes,...for all that time I am also occupied with you and do not know do you think of me too,....but moments like this one who we have are moments when I know that you do think of me too ...and you know what?..this will never end say as magnet,yes,is like magnet,....we act it in that way,.....and few days ago I was imagine us and picture was like between us is a wall,not like chinese wall,but like some invisible wall and we are stuck for that wall,and if we try to walk on the opposite side,the more we walk and the more often we look back,that magnet pull us back and back,until one moment we do not give up and we let that magnet do for what is made...and than again we are the same as you say,but that was what I had as a picture in my head few days ago...I have so much much
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 20/12/2013
Si,se podria decir ,que paso asi esta noche ,que en un principio ,era ,para no venir ,y al final se convirtio,en esa fuerza magnetica .....y lo de copar la mente ,si es una sensación permanente ....que se le va a hacer ,je no se puede cambiar,vivimos a merced de todas esas emociones ,a pesar de que podamos parecer tontitos ,jeee .......pero sabes que?,Que viva la tonteria ,entonces ! jeje......y bueno en verdad empezamos un poco tarde ,esta noche ,.....pero está bien una charlita antes de ir a la cama .....asi que bueno es hora de ir a soñar otra vez ,como todos los dias ,igual que ese magnetismo nuestro,la cama me llama ,me falta un poco deoxigeno en el cerebro tambien ,je ,y buenopues es la hora de decir un buenas noches ...y un besito y un abrazo enormes ..
 :: GIZA :: 20/12/2013
we spoke about feelings so much...but is never too much ...and is always that wish to say more...
is not a place to say everything what we think but it seems we both know that for now this is the best way for keep talking and keeping warm and sweet feelings we have...
and,in one moments i was come into a sad mood but than you know how to cheer me up, you say....Que viva la tonteria!!! sounds better in spanish...jeee...and yes,again we came little late for talk,but we stay longer than I thought we will,for some sweet things,jee,but for me too time for sleeping passed long time ago,...if i wanted to go t sleep when I need it,that would be four hours ago,jee.but reason for stay is more than good...
but is time for say goodnight and huge kiss and hug for you too...dream something nice and ...:))))))))))))))) for you!!!!!!! :)
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 21/12/2013
Ok ....pues eso ,que viva ! .....jeee ,y una sonrisa ..... :o) y un beso grande y un abrazote .....buenas noches !
 :: GIZA :: 21/12/2013
and kisssssssssssssss :)
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 21/12/2013
but you do not want to find me...never..
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 21/12/2013
No, solo,estoy triste ,desilusionada,mal y si eran malos sueñ difícil
creer en el amor cuando solo te llevas desilusiones
 :: GIZA :: 22/12/2013
I do not believe in love anymore
I just feel love ,because is too much to have it any expectations
from you,and to believe it in something is to expect something
I know love make mess in your life because you already have
life who you want to live and in all that love have no space
and I feel sorry for that,but is out of my power to change anything
if I could I already would change everything,but I can not
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 22/12/2013
Se supone,que yo tampoco puedo cambiar nada,.....y me siento impotente
....pero da igual ,lo que yo sienta......las cosas van a seguir igual.....así que
,bueno ,quizá hoy ,escriba nada mas que amarguras ,porque es el sabor de
boca que tengo,.....pero ......a ti te importa ,lo que yo siento ¿
 :: GIZA :: 22/12/2013
I know you can not change nothing and I know that from long long time ago
I was telling you that before?didn't I? when I was telling you to think of me
and that I am not guilty for nothing,I mean I am not guilty because you do not want to change nothing...did you think of my feelings for all this time?
did you think how I will feel it when after years you came as tonight and say "I can not change nothing"..when you did convince me for all that time how everything will be ok, and in the end you did say to me that you can not give me what I want..."what I want??!!"..I do not want nothing anymore,all I want is amnesia,total amnesia,to forget who I am what I am and most of all what I feel,and even in amnesia I would feel emptiness in my heart and I would feel that something missing,like I did feel all my life....
and "do I care what you feel?"...yes I do,even I know all this and with all that what I know I should not to come never again to talk with you,anytime when you did come with sad feelings I did care and I felt that sorrow,and always I did wanted and I did come to say that I feel the same ,for you.
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 22/12/2013
Bueno ,da igual ,a lo mejor no es el mejor dia para hablar....a lo mejor s hablamos acabaremos discutiendo.....y si, yo querria esa amnesia...para olvidarme hasta de sentir ....porque no me siento querida,me siento abandonada por los que se supone me quieren,no siento ningun apoyo .....y ese es un dolor muy se.....por mas que a dar igual ,lo que sienta ,piense ....asi que bueno ....nada mas ...mejor hablamos en otro momento.....porque no voy a decir mas que este tipo de cosas ...asi que bueno ,pues ya nos veremos,un saludo ,y buenas noches
 :: GIZA :: 22/12/2013
"abandoned?"...if you are for really abandoned from the one who "suppose"
love you,you would not have to possibility to say that to me at all
but ok,if that is what you think,I really do not know what else to say
never mind,anyway this will stay just a story,like fairytale ,but without "they lived happy and forever"..fairytale but without happy end...
what support you wish from me?...yes,is better to finish this conversation who bring me back in past and open reasons why we came here and why we talk here at all

 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 22/12/2013
Si vale esel mejor momento para hablar ...buenas noches
 :: GIZA :: 22/12/2013
for this kind of conversation never will be the best moment...
you forget? I did not,....we never did not speak in right way about real things
all what we have what connect us are feelings
and now it seems wish for amnesia also
will be hard to finish this,in right or another way,will be too hard,and already is,too hard
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 22/12/2013
Hay un saludo y una sonrisa :-)
 :: GIZA :: 28/12/2013
Hello to you too
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 28/12/2013
Y ....que tal va......pocas hay sonrisa para mi....¿
 :: GIZA :: 28/12/2013
that is ok,there is aways smile for you
but what to say?!
do you have to say anything?
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 28/12/2013
Yo ,bueno ,mas que nada saludarte ,y preguntar ,que tal va ,llevo toda la noche preguntandome si poner el mensaje ,siempre me pasa igual ,je ....hasta que me decido ,pasa ya la noche ....quiza esperaba alguna señal aqui ,y no en otro lado,je,por eso tarde ...pero bueno mas vale tarde que nunca .....eso es lo que tengo que decir.......que nada me gusta sentir tu olor ...jee .... ;0)
 :: GIZA :: 28/12/2013
Aaaah y que me gusta esa sorisa de rana ,jeeeee
 :: GIZA :: 28/12/2013
For real I did not expect you will come anymore...
and me,I told you, I will not come first
I do not know why is like that but it is,maybe because of everything in general..
and for other place...I always come there,say things and delete things
sometimes as tonight I think I am silly because I do that.because have no sense
but smell? is just a imagination ...
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 28/12/2013
la imaginación al poder entonces ! jeee claro ....el olor del amor ,es muy sutil ,para percibirlo ...jeee .....pero estoy segura que tu lo percibes como yo,jeee .....pero me suena tambien lo de borrar y escribir cosas muchas veces ....ya te dije ,que somos bastante tontitos ,los dos ,je ....hasta me gusta ser tonta por ti ....suena cariñoso,suena amoroso ,suena a locura una gasolina,un empujarpor el camino.....agarrando de la mano del otro ,e insuflar un poco de aliento.....tu tienes mi llave de la vida .......sonrisa de ranita...jeee
 :: GIZA :: 28/12/2013
Yes,smell of love is something what is reserved only for two
to feel it in some very special way
and even I said I did not expect you anymore,there is some little ,maybe
as a indication or intuition that you will come,and for that I stay longer awake tonight...:)....
and yes,we are pretty much crazy two...definitely we are,nobody do not have to tell us that..jeee
and ,you know what?I was thinking these days,writing things ,deleting also ,but one of things what I was thinking of is exactly that, you make me laugh and how that is something what I like ,what always produce sweet feelings and I became addicted on that :) as I am addicted on everything else,but that is one of things too...:)
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 28/12/2013
No si especial ,es un montón .....el sentirlo ,el olerlo , diria que es único ,pero yo creo que poca gente puede decir que lo ha sentido verdaderamente.....y si ,la intuciión te trajo hasta aqui,si ,esa es otro don especial que tienes ,saber cuando vengo ,jeee ....
Y bueno me alegra que te haga reir ,cuando estoy bien ,estoy bien ,je ....y me gusta pasarmelo bien ,con alegria ,pero tu sabes ,cuando ,no es asi ,y sobreviene la parte oscura ,que no es tuya ni mia ,es eso, la parte oscura ,que empaña todo de negro y rojo....pero quiza ,siempre buscamos la luz ,que es de donde venimos y a donde vamos ....y es ese nuestro camino......en cuanto a las adicciones algunas son buenas ,y si te hago reir conmis cosas ...esa es una buena adicción .... no sea veces pienso como me expreso ,pero ni siquiera lo se ,porque escribo tal cual me sale de la cabeza ,sinpensar mucho, con espontaniedad ,y mirayo sabes de que soy adicta? a tu sonrisa de ranita... toma la mia sonrisa de tontita :0)
 :: GIZA :: 29/12/2013
Yes is not as unique what we feel but maybe the way how we feel is....
and my intuition,...if I look back long in past if I did not trust to my intuition
about you about everything.we would not speak now.....
but,jee yes I always know when you are around,I always did know :)
and a way how you make me laugh is a way that I feel like a child and I am
relaxed and jee is good feeling...totally relaxed and free to be as a child...and who would not be addicted on that?!jee.....
and you know why I always gave you a froggy smile?because I think if I look in a mirror my smile would look exactly like that jeeeeeee ,like frog jeee
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 29/12/2013
Bueno a mi la intuición a veces me parece tenerla atrofiada ,pero bueno son cosas de los momentos oscuros ....y creo que la tuya ,anda bastante mejor y menos atrofiada ,yo diriaque intacta ,jeeee .....y bueno pues estar relajados y sonrientes ,es siempre una buena noticia .....deberiamos tener todos los dias unmomento asi,relajado y sonriente .......y bueno pero ya es tarde ,y es hora de ir a soñar un ratito...asi que te mando un besito,un abrazito,y todo mi cariñito ,ok? ;0),¿te has enterado?,que lo sepas .....y que duermas bien y buenas noches y nos vemos ,¿vale piratita? mañana preparate par un nuevo abordaje .....y una botella de ron,ron,ron ,jeee ...bueno besos y buenas noches y ese espejito magico,dice en que se convertira la ranita?jee
 :: GIZA :: 29/12/2013
mirror mirror on the wall...jeeeeee :)
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 29/12/2013
mirror mirror on the wall...jeeeeee :)
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 29/12/2013
mirror mirror on the wall...jeeeeee :)
well,yes smile is the best and for have good health and for have good time too...jee
and would be good have it that moments more often
but for tonight was enogh because I have to wake up early in the morning and now is already almost early in the morning,jeee
but ok,we go for tonight and i send you too big hug and big kiss and sleep well dream something nice...and for rum? I do not have to!!! jeee
goodnight and we see us and one more froggy smile for you :))))))))))))))))))
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 29/12/2013
jeeeee I do not know what happen?!
this messages are not with intention send it like this but because I could not send whole message
goodnight and huge kiss
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 29/12/2013
jeeeee ,ya decia yo ,sigo pero que está haciendo espero algo mas? jee bueno pues lo dicho besos ,descanso y una sonrisa ,jee parezco un anuncio de la tele ..ale que ya me está afectando al cerebro ,tengo que descansar ,jee mua besosy mas besos y un abrazote grandooooteeee
 :: GIZA :: 29/12/2013
I know what happen,but I do not wish to explain ,jeeeeee
well,I wanted to send a heart, you know?and was not possible,until I did not saw why messages goes like that and I deleted that heart and than message did pass
ok goodnight and kiss and hug for you too huge
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 29/12/2013
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 29/12/2013
Saludito y si andas por ahi.....mira como nada la ballena ,te sumerges tu o yo?
 :: GIZA :: 29/12/2013
hello for you too,and I am here,jeee :)
and I was watching video,and and jee wauuuu...first one is great,really great
and you know what?...water is what I love but I am not good swimmer
and one my joke is if comes flood jee I have my flippers for swimming!!
but than watch it these things is for think about,because is great
such a freedom,.no nothing what they need because nature gave them all what they need...
is what I think if I think of you and me,always,...far from civilization ,from rules,borders,restrictions,....
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 29/12/2013
Hey , sonrisa pa ti :0) jeee ,asi que tu de nadar ,no serias bueno ,pues la verdad yo no me acostumbro mucho a nadar ...pero si, la vida salvaje es bonita ,pero está llena de constantes peligros de muerte ,y la verdad es una tensión continua ......ya tu sabes ,jeee ....
el desierto tambien es bonito ,pero es dificil para caminar....lo importante es la meta ,no?
 :: GIZA :: 29/12/2013
Yes,I am not the best swimmer,but the water provoke in me peace
and any hard moment can be annulled only if I am near water
and just watching and listening sounds of water
and well,when you say important is the final goal,yes it is
that is something what moves us to go linear and to
solve obstacles who are in front of us ...if we have final goal...
and well this desert,that are beautiful pictures of desert but are
beautiful as pictures,jeee...I do not know how would look to
walk in a desert because yes is wildness as sea too,
two opposite things,no water or too much water jee
but it is natural beauty definitely
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 29/12/2013
Bueno yo siempre me senti bien dentro del agua ,es como si fuera mi medio ,y en el mar ,siempre me ha encantado ir junto a las olas ,hasta en los sueños ,por cierto el otro dia ,soñe con olas ......
Y ese gol final del que siempre hablamos ,la verdad es que siempre parece irse ,cada vez que uno camina mas cerca.,espero ver ese gol algún dia ,antes de irme de este mundoy bueno ....el desierto desde luego es mucho mas dificil caminar en el ,ambos sitios tienen peligros ...aunque nosotros en la ciudad parece que vivimos alejados de esos peligros ,no? jeee .....pero tu me hablas de esos peligros salvajes
Y mira.... de verdad uno se puede relajar con esta lluvia!!! ,tu puedes ? yo no ,es mas creo que hasta me pone tensa ,jeee ....
 :: GIZA :: 29/12/2013
this is for rain!!!! jeeeee
well,me,.. I can be relaxed even with rain and thunder too,jeee
is something what sounds as in horror movies but is something
what attract me,jee ...and I like to watch through window how rain falls
and even if thunder scares me is what attract me,jeee...I am funny,am I?jee
and yes the final goal we talk about,yes is like never will come,
is like always is far,and we are far from it...maybe,someday yes,...
you know after rain always comes the sun,..and for something good
in life must happen something bad...
never bad thing do not come just for be bad,is always for changes,
is always for make us stronger and more determined, always for find that
road who is for us,I mean for anybody
and in one moment,when we think that is the end of the world,the end of life
and we can not go on,those bottom things,....there is always one ray of sun and we look in it and we moves us in that direction...
as is,...everything do happen with reason,good or bad,and is
always changing thing...and that is the life...where we will come,we do not know
but for sure we go in our direction,as destiny is....
and I still listen the rain and thunder!!!jeeee
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 29/12/2013
Si ami el sonido me atrae también ,pero relajar ,no es que me relaje ,jeee ,pero lo de las malas cosas que pasan se .....tu que crees ,que las guerras ,los abusos ,las injusticias pasan para algo bueno? yo creo que no ,ahi solo veo maldad por maldad y el que sale de una guerra ,queda no mas fuerte sino mas traumatizado,quiza no todo lo malo sea para algo bueno ,aunque lo que me intentas decir sea ,quiza mas en las cosas personalesde la vida de cada uno te refieres ......que claro no se puede comparar ,con grandes desgracias,la vida personal ,supongo que me hablas de la dualidad ,y de que tienen que coexistir ,lo bueno y lo malo , ....pero tambien si dices que por muy negro que se vea el mundo ,y se vea que es el final ,siempre habra algún rayito que movera algo ,bueno yo lo que creo ,es que tiene que haber un baño de luz parapoder mover todo y cambiarlo ....o es a lo grande ,o esto no sale adelante .......
a mi me gustaria que el mundo amaneciera
 :: GIZA :: 29/12/2013
Well,for the things you say I agree totally
I was not gone that far with mine that after bad things comes good
I was speaking about each one person and personal life,not about the world..
if is about wars,yes wars do not bring nothing good,is about destruction
and that destruction do not bring nothing good,just wounds and frustrations
and.well,do not bring nothing good for sure,and the other things you say too...
and what I say can not be generalized for any bad thing in the world
maybe I have my personal examples ...I do not know...but I know all the things I lived are for something...this that we speak for you is not good thing?
to come at this moment,right now I passed lots of things,good and bad too,
and very bad,but after any bad I was not choose to be frustrated
but I choose to understand any bad thing who happen to me as my life path...
I was talking about that..I do not look back in past,but I look what past gave to me now,at this moment....I was talking about that,and what you say is truth also...
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 29/12/2013
Bueno ,pues entonces estamos de acuerdo ......jeee al final pensamos igual .....claro en el ámbito personal es distinto ,aunque siempre eldestino de cada uno sea el que sea ,es para evolucionar se supone,como seres ....pero claro ,y se que me querias decir ,que aunque me pasen cosas malas ,es para algo bueno ,ya lo se que sino vamos jeeee .......pero yo a veces no puedo escoger el como sentirme ,y a veces se acumula lo malo ,y me siento mal......y lo que me dio el pasado ....yo por lo menos ,lo tengo ahi ,no se van a si como asi de la cabeza ,si dio algo bueno,pues bien ,pero no se pueden olvidar ,al menos a mi me cuesta mucho olvidarlas cosas malas que me han com si se grabaran a fuego........
y viste también en japon crean nuevas islas ,.....el interior de la tierra ,está movido y candente....
 :: GIZA :: 29/12/2013
Of course we agree because that is the vision of the world
and right vision..and inside of me as inside of you is not possible
to have it another thought if is not that one..
and I can understand too the other things you say about feelings
and about forgetting,of course is not easy to forget and of course there
are moments when things get out and we remember
but past do not has to be who rules with our present and future
and we can not live all our life in past...present passing by us if we do not live it
maybe with years I became different than I was and as time passing
i just do not want to let the past rules with me,I live in moment ...
and I do not want to live with anger anymore,but everything is mixed...
I do not know what will happen,I had my dreams and wishes
but now all I want is to have it moment,or I do not know what I want
but I am just going as things happen and i just can not miss
the moment what life gave to me...something is stronger than principles or decisions and maybe as that new born island something will be born from all,maybe you should try to not think about past too,
was painful for both of us ,but we can not live in past
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 29/12/2013
Yo no es que no viva el presente ,y tampoco dejo que impere el pasado ,intento vivir las cosas como vienen ...y ya está ....pero como tu dices ,no puedo dejar que el pasado me afecte sobremanera ,para no vivir el presente ,siempre hay un equilibrio para todo.....y hay que incluir ,todas las facetas de la vida ....pero no puedo negar tampoco un pasado que me afecta como persona ,porque negaria mi experiencia y lo que soy.....y eso no quiere decir que no viva el presente ,porque yo soy ahora aqui ,contigo ,soy yo misma ,y nadie mas .y vivo el ahora ,y te escribo lo que me pasa , como me siento en este momento .....y bueno cousa linda ......marcho a descansar que mañana hay que madrugar ,y bueno pues te mando un beso ,y u a brazooooote muuuuy grande ,ahora mismo en el presente eh!......jee sonrisas :0) :0).....y besos ,buenas noches corazon mua
 :: GIZA :: 29/12/2013
What happen can not be changed but we can have it little influence
on what we live now..and of course,you are right about past and experience
I am just talking that past do not have to gave you too much anger
I can be angry too if I remember the past but I do not want be angry anymore
I find some things in past and I find some conclusions ,and that is all
what I want from past,facts not angriness .... time for go for big kiss for you too and big hug and jeeee,there are things from past who can not be changed...good things as is kiss and hug and my froggy smile for you :))))))))))))
goodnight and dream something nice....kiss huuuuge
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 29/12/2013
Jeeeee ,beso y abrazo muuuy sentido corazón,si hay cosas que no cambián y es nuestras largas despedidas ,je ...beso
 :: GIZA :: 29/12/2013
yesssssss jeeeee
goodnight and sweet dreams
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 29/12/2013
 :: FAN OF GIZA :: 30/12/2013

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