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 WARNING from SLOVAKIA before concert!
Hello Manu,

I'm happy to hear, that you are planning to come and have a concert in Slovakia.

There is "only" one problem (actually two):

1. The organizer, festival Pohoda, is an ULTRA-RIGHT-WING mafia, connected to the world OLIGARCHY
(including Soros, the U.S. Government etc.), supporting even the recent FASCIST-IMPERIALIST COUP in
Ukraine (see e.g.,

2. The festival has a CAPITALIST MORTAL history, where - due to money saving - 2 VISITORS DIED (see
e.g. or The tragedy happend,
because the CAPITALIST (former punker!) Michal Kaščák wanted to SAVE MONEY on LABOUR and:

a) "hired" young non-professional students to build-up a SEVERAL TONS weighing tent with a steel
construction to be secured in the ground, whilst
- the CAPITALIST did NOT PAY any salary to the CHEAP LABOUR, just provided them cheaper tickets,
- the pylons were SLANTINGLY, NOT VERTICALLY, mounted, that many visitors had noticed before their
- the CAPITALIST's stupid employee and boss of the stage let the tent open on sides (let the side walls get
removed), by which he made it a WING, that was picked-up by a strong wind and thus caused the collapse
of the steel construction and KILLED 2 YOUNG LIVES of paying visitors!

The CAPITALIST did not let the German tent producer install it by himself and let him supervise the tent all
the time - only to SAVE MONEY!

Nobody has ever been PUNISHED for the KILLINGS - the DOUBLE-MURDER! Only the CAPITALIST
payed out some compensation the the VICTIM's PARENTS to HUSH-UP the whole scandal! The ULTRA-
CORRUPT Slovak police put the file away (ad acta).

That's all I wanted to tell you.

 :: rastaman2000 :: 01/04/2015

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