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 The weeks between SF & Austin
I'm just curious what the guys are going to do it that time?Go back to
Europe and come back next month, or add more dates on this side of the
Atlantic for the next few weeks? Spot the Foolish Optimist...

WEBMASTER? Perhaps you could give us a hint. Any information would
be greatly appreciated.

 :: :: 25/08/2008
Hola Papillon!

As asking anything to the webm pretty much equates to pissin' in the wind, let me step in if you don't mind...ha ha
He said in a recent interview that they were going to tour Latin America, can't remember which countries but yours wasn't on the picture...Voila, so there, that's your hopes stuffed lol...I thought I would crash them before they get any bigger...:D
No really, that dominatrix biz still looks like your best bet!! :)
 :: :: 25/08/2008
Ahora veras lo es tener las alas rotas...
 :: piggytat :: 25/08/2008
LOL, lolalola! (Wow, try and say that out loud really fast.) I suspect you could be a rather gifted dom' yourself! ;^)

Piggytat -- Ahh well, that's the way the mo-fo cookie crumbles. I'll live. Anyway, I DO have a friend I could stay
with in Buenos Aires, so then I'd only have to sell a kidney to fly there....

BTW, buen trabajo con el espaņol.
 :: :: 25/08/2008

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