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 Siberie m'etait contee
Hi! Can anybody tell me how to buy this album? I searched everywhere (Greece) but there's no way I can find it.I found it on amazon and the price was 399 $ or smth! Any reasonable price and how can I get it? Thanx!
 :: :: 13/08/2008
I heard all the CDs were sold
(sorry for my bad english!)
 :: zazanomalie :: 13/08/2008
you can buy this cd at the concert of Manu
 :: PtitePersonne :: 13/08/2008
yes but are there manu chao's concert in greece? ^^
 :: zazanomalie :: 13/08/2008
Aucune idées !!

[ aucune ] ideas

Bref, ephemar, you don't buy this cd, is dead LOL
is totaly sold

dsl si je dis de la merde, je ne me comprends pas moi mm ^^
 :: PtitePersonne :: 13/08/2008
You can find it on Ebay
 :: :: 13/08/2008
maybe later this cd will be re-edited... : )
 :: zazanomalie :: 13/08/2008
you can see the CD siberie on the blog...
bye bye boum
 :: manviv :: 13/08/2008
thanks manviv ^^
 :: zazanomalie :: 13/08/2008
but the link doesn't work (?) : it doesn't exist... :(
 :: zazanomalie :: 13/08/2008
Wait ...I go to see the link...I return
bye bye boum
 :: manviv :: 13/08/2008
plusieurs liens ont été désactivés
 :: :: 13/08/2008
I does not understand...The links are all deactived !!!!! I don't know "WHY" !!!!! I have to put you in the error..... Forgiveness !!!!!!!
bye bye boum
 :: manviv :: 13/08/2008
Thanks guys.This is really frustrating.I want the original cd so bad.Hope it will be re edited.It's unfair...
 :: :: 13/08/2008

Would you settle for a copy given that it is completely sold out? I bought mine over ebay about two years ago, but I doubt it if they are still selling it on ebay.
 :: nubiasol :: 13/08/2008
le livre + le cd en vente 5,50 € pour le moment sur ebay

attention fin de la vente le 22 aout à 12 h 57. Un conseil d'acheteuse sur ebay ; attendez les dernières secondes pour mettre en enchère, et ce dans le but précisément de ne pas faire monter l'enchère trop haut.
 :: :: 13/08/2008
Thanks camille94. But Ephemar you should be aware that there are two versions of the CD. One with all the twenty-something tracks and another one that has about five or six.
 :: nubiasol :: 13/08/2008
attention n'achetez pas les dvd manu sur ebay, ils ne sont pas de bonne qualité. Non seulement vous contribuerez a engraisser ceux qui se font tu beurre sur le dos de manu chao mais en plus vous vous faites avoir. Il y a des gens qui partagent ce qu'ils ont et ce gratuitement.
allez plutôt sur le hub ou vous trouverez des merveilles ou demandez ici et ceux qui ont feront tout pour vous donner ce que vous chercher.

Ce n'est qu'un petit conseil.
 :: :: 13/08/2008
je suis totalement d accord avec toi sur ebay
 :: :: 14/08/2008
ouais nempeche que jesite a lacheter sur ebay quand meme... parce que sinon ou est-ce que je pourrais le trouver?...
mais bon de toute fason au pire jattendrais le dernier jour des encheres de toute fason!
 :: zazanomalie :: 14/08/2008
Tain j'le prendrais bien si j'avais une carte de crédit -_-
 :: PtitePersonne :: 14/08/2008
I don't really understand french. If I got it right, the link above says that cd + book is 5,50 euros? What's the catch????

What about this one?

nubiasol, i am aware about the two versions,thnx.
 :: :: 14/08/2008
pfff sa devient trop cher: la ils sont a 35 et 45 euros tous les deux!
mon porte monnaie ne peut pas encaisser sa, snif... :(
 :: zazanomalie :: 17/08/2008
c'est bien pour cela qu'il ne faut mettre une enchère que dans les dernières secondes. ainsi l'enchère ne monte pas trop haut.

retourne de temps en temps sur ebay, les disques manu chao reviennent souvent. il faut juste un peu de patience. J'ai mis plus d'un an pour pouvoir acheter un bon mp4 sans me ruiner.
 :: :: 17/08/2008
L'album de Sibérie m'était conté est en vente pendant la tournée de Manu au prix de 35 € .
 :: Mano Chahu :: 17/08/2008
voui mais pour cette année c'est foutu pour ceux qui cherche encore, la tournée est terminée
 :: :: 17/08/2008
I finally got today my copy of the cd!!!!!!!!!
I had ordered it about 2 months ago at the FNAC store (Greece) and today they called me to go there and pick it up.It came at the price of 37,50 euros.
What a happy day!

Now I'm the proud owner of these cd's and book:

 :: :: 26/09/2008
hola everybody!!!

je ne vis plus en france depis n bon moment, j'ai qulques chansons de l'album siberie m'était contéee, mais pas toutes!!! et c trop tard pour l'acheter,
quelqu'un pet m'envoyer les chansons en MP3?????????
ça serait tellement gentils de votre part!!!!!
allez les changos n petit effort :'( !!!!!
 :: :: 28/09/2008
 :: :: 28/09/2008
EN: So the CD is not sold out if it's possible to order it from fnac?? I thought I read in that there were only limited copies of the CD and the book when they came out, i.e. sold out! That means you look up on ebay to get it for a lower price, not cause you can't find it? If that's right it's great news for me! Please let me know if it's really possible to buy it!

FR: Y a moyen de le commander à la Fnac?? C'est juste pour un prix réduit que vous regardez chez ebay? Moi aussi je meurs d'envie de l'avoir! Si c'est 2 moins qu'il faut attendre et 37 euros qu'il faut payer pas grave..mais il est vraiment tjs disponible? Merci d'avance pour l'info!

GR: Hello Ephemar! Gia pes, den pisteua oti einai dunaton na vrethei "etsi apla"! Den einai sold out telika? Piges Fnac kanonika kai to to paraggeiles? Thelw ki egw! Ginetai ki alla palia CD tou Manu na sta feroun?px. Mano Negra kai loipa? Egw eimai Brukselles me tou ksenerwtous kai idrwsa gia na vrw mexri kai to Proxima Estacion Esperanza! Alla Fnac exei, kai i alitheia einai oti ekei den dokimasa.. Mporeis na me fwtiseis se parakalw? Thanx!

Aunque sea mi idioma preferido, en español no lo hago ¿de acuerdo? :P
 :: Ariadni griega internacional :: 30/09/2008
hola todos!!!

merci bcp lolalola!!!! c vraiment super adorable de ta part ; thank you so very much!!!! :D
ciao les changos
 :: :: 30/09/2008
Geia sou Ariadni! Wraio onoma by the way :)
H alhtheia einai oti apla phga sto fnac kai to pareiggeila .Afou perimena 2 evdomades xwris apanthsh,xanaphga k to eixan xanaparaggeilei thn idia mera.Den mou eipan to logo pou argouse,an ki egw hmoun apaisiodoxos k hxera giati argouse giati pisteva pws den yparxei.
Telos pantwn,perimena alles 10 meres kai me phran thlefwno oti to eixan paralavei.
To vivlio leei pisw ekdosh tou 2004 opote den einai epanekdosh.

Mano Negra exoun sxedon ta panta sto fnac,opws epishs kai Manu.Apo Manu den exoun mono to live cd kai dvd ta opoia pistevw me paraggelia den einai dyskolo na ta apokthseis.
Otidhpote thes ,xanarwta :)

Don't have the time to explain it in english.
 :: :: 01/10/2008
Geia sou Ephemar! Se poio fnac phges kai se eksyphrethsan? Rwtaw gia na paw ki egw s'auto, giati eixa parageilei kati sto fnac tou Mall ton perasmeno Dekemvri kai akoma perimenw.
Eyxaristw prokatavolika!
 :: piggytat :: 01/10/2008
Euxaristw polu!!-kai gia to komplimento kai gia tis plirofories ;)! Filakia!
 :: Ariadni griega internacional :: 01/10/2008
piggytat phga sto katasthma Glyfadas :) Elpizw na eksyphreththeite paidia.Kalo tha htan na mas enhmerwsete gia thn poreia ths paraggelias sas.
Kalh dynamh k xara :)
 :: :: 01/10/2008
For non-greek speaking people, we are just saying that the album is available from the fnac stores if you order it.
A little bit of waiting but worth it!
 :: :: 01/10/2008
One more happy owner of the CD + book, without even having to order!
I found it at the Fnac store of Glyfada. I went there ready to make my order and wait... and I was thinking that I should get it by Christmas, BUT it was probably left from a previous order. jajajajaja! I think I got the last one...!
Thanks for the advice Ephemar and probably for making the order!
 :: piggytat :: 24/10/2008

Hey, Piggytat or Ephemar,

Do you have the CD with the 20-something songs? If so, what picture do you have in the case? The picture that you see when you take out the CD from its case.

See, I'm trying to assess if mine is a burnt copy made to look like the real thing. (I bought it from ebay.)

It has Manu's face, but one eye looks scrunched (as if the picture was moved slightly during photocopying) and there is about an inch of white space on the left-hand side of the photo. Most of the time, CD photos take up the entire space. Just curious.
 :: nubiasol :: 25/10/2008
nubiasol check the link with the foto of my cd.I have the cd with the 21 songs, not the one with the 6.

piggytat I'm so glad you got the cd!They did order it twice as far as I can tell.Once when I first went there,and the next time was 2 weeks later when I went there again to check and it haven't arrived yet.
I don't speak french though and don't have anybody that does ,so I only look at the pictures in the book :(
I only understand some words since I know some italian,but doesn't help me much :(

Ariadni, any news from you yet?
 :: :: 25/10/2008
Argh. I have a burned copy then. No wonder one of the tracks skips. No it doesn't skip when it's in my CD player. The CD was recorded WITH a skip - there's no way around it.

Oh well. I tried to support the artist. |
 :: nubiasol :: 25/10/2008
:( Sorry to hear that...
Tell others about that particular ebay seller so they know.
 :: :: 25/10/2008
I obviously have the same copy as Ephemar's.
I don't know french either, but with a little english and a little spanish I get something. The pictures help too!
Yes, tell them about this seller, because it's really mean to do something like that.
 :: piggytat :: 26/10/2008
 :: PtitePersonne :: 26/10/2008

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