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 SOS.Pungesti-Romania, Police brutality
SOS. United we Save#uniti salvam#Pungesti, Romania

Dear Manu Chao and friends,
Please take note and share.. in our country the main media keeps a well payed silence over the dramatic situation of basic civil constitutional rights violation by the riot police forces in the village of Pungesti, where silently and without clear officially assumed legal responsibility, an undeclared but a 'de facto' Martial Law was instituted as response to the peasant's and the civil society activist's actions of resistance against a planned fracking site opening by the Chevron company threatening to poison their ancestral source of subsistence, the soil and the underground water. After the riot police force intervention early morning on 2-12-2013, the people in Pungesti are intimidated, beaten, arrested or fined, forbidden to move on the streets in groups or even to get out of their yards to go to school, to shop or even to bury their dead [!]..and all this, somewhere in the Europe of 2013.

This is not a call for help -as only God helps, insha Allah- but only a message for the word to spread and people to know; it would be a real support if you could respond somehow to show solidarity and sign the petition in the following link,
Thank you and may God keep you well!
Yahya ar-Rumany

This is a call from Romania, an EU member state, where there is an ongoing resistance movement against shell gas by hydraulic fracturing extraction and cyanide open pit gold mining projects granted to foreign corporations [mostly north american] by an entirely corrupt and sold out political apparatus of state administration and parliament..

Here is an article that could give you more insight into this dramatic situation:
by Luca Oprea

Link to the full text here:

 :: mirro :: 15/12/2013
text fragment:
"...Parliament is trying to pass several laws. One would make all mineral resource exploitations matters of national strategic interest, fully overriding property rights and right to livelihood, and consequently the right to sustain one’s life within a social constitutional continuum without being abruptly uprooted. The law would make industrial interests trump all else – anytime, anyplace. This more than literally creates a state within a state effect, giving gas, oil and gold companies free rein to create as many independent undercover states within Romania as they please, or as many as their capital allows for, each one sovereign not only over the land, but also over the law of the land, over due process, and with fast-tracked access to parliament that cannot even be challenged. Nevermind that the balance of financial and lawyer resources already tips the scale gigantically to the side of corporations, why let the common man have a day in court when you can avoid the bother all-together and turn resource extraction corporations into super-state entities.

When you put together the phrases “national safety”, “strategic interest” and “international corporation”, and you use this threesome from hell to motivate an overriding of the constitution and a derision of human rights law, and then you legislate this into a country’s organic law, that country is no longer a sovereign nation. All that’s left for its state officials is to legislate their own position as being above the law, and the endless pillage can begin anew everyday for as long as this land has people and resources.

And that is exactly what happened on Tuesday. Romanian politicians decided they needed superimmunity. So they gave themselves exactly that, amending the penal code. With the new law, no conflict of interest is possible for public officials, and parliamentarians are no longer considered public officials, thereby being immune from offenses of corruption, abuse of function and outright theft of public funds. It is also now impossible for anti-corruption agencies to gather criminal evidence against politicians until an investigation has been made public, thereby completely neutering these institutions and rendering them useless.
What has not yet passed, mostly because of public outrage, but is still up for vote at a future date, is a law that would provide amnesty for corruption, economic crime, treason, and various other white-collar crimes with sentences of up to 6 and 7 years.

And to balance out these changes comes the reinstatement of a simplistic legislation that criminalizes insult and calumny, which will make serious journalism, activism and civic presence very difficult from now on. Already, a day before the new calumny law passed, an activist-journalist was being investigated by police for the crime of having written a book – a historically accurate and intelligently argumented book about the Rosia Montana project.

All this happened overnight. On Monday night these naturally slumbering giants whose campaign trails only deviate from the champagne-caviar axis to stumble onto the theft-corruption axis, these glorious sloths who proudly bear the suit and tie of no discernment – the very people who never seem to remain consciously awake long enough to ever get anything done – actually stayed up all night fully completing the texts of three laws.

There are two obvious conclusions. One is that Romanian politicians could easily rewrite contemporary life well into the next century. We could have a hundred years of golden achievement and unmatched vision if only these men of mighty pens would mercifully decide to grind their steely, tenacious intellects against the deadly wheels of history. Legiferating gladiators never at rest across seven continents.

Slightly more relevant is the second conclusion. There had to have been deep external approval, if not firm and probably ruthless demand for this anti-social and unconstitutional political behavior. Most likely the mine law was commissioned externally (it had been commissioned a year ago, but was such a mess of totalitarian-sounding gibberish, that it got sidetracked, then external pressure was applied again and the re-wording happened overnight) – the superimmunity law was the prize received by Romanian politicians for its enactment.

Someone in the EU worked closely with someone in America in order for this to happen. Romania is the testing ground, the European Argentina. Romania is the precedent..." by Luca Oprea

Link to the full text here:
 :: mirro :: 15/12/2013
Following is another article from international media, hosted on a site blocked by the censorship of the main Romanian internet providers..

you could read it here:

or, a copy, here:

The resistance movement against fracking group page on fb:

And the fb page of the solidarity movement platform for united action, Uniti Salvam/United we Save:

Thanks again for your patience and support,
Please pray for us for truth and justice to prevail,
May God Almighty give us all courage, patience and wisdom.
 :: mirro :: 15/12/2013
Circa an hour ago, one of the protesters, Mr. Ion Ioan, puts himself to fire in front of the Government Palace, Piata Victoriei, Bucharest. Riot police beats him and another man who intervened for rescue, Mr. Gabriel Tora, ...and doesn't call for an ambulance [!]

Notre lutte devient accents dramatiques! M. Ion Ioan cet mis en feu il ya environ une heure au Palais Victoria!
Les gendarmes n'ont pas appelé l'ambulance, mais ils ont battu dans un combat avec le feu sur lui, lui et M. Gabriel Tora, qui tentait de le sauver!

The people are gathering now in the center of Bucharest, at the University Place

Please spread the word, we are here facing a mass media blocade,
Thank you!
 :: mirro :: 15/12/2013
 :: mirro :: 16/12/2013
Proxima estacion, Esperanza
 :: mirro :: 16/12/2013
::This site is dedicated to the plight of Pungeşti, a village in an area of Romania licenced for shale gas development., Early in the morning of Monday 2 December, Chevron sent in hundreds of riot police to forcibly remove locals at a camp set up to protest against Chevron’s activities, resulting in the brutal arrest and hospitilisation of many innocent civilians. Since then, the entire village has been under siege with severe human rights abuses, including restrictions on the freedom of movement.::
 :: mirro :: 22/12/2013

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