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 Manu en Pula - muy de corazón
"Sólo se ve bien con el corazón. Lo esencial es invisible a los ojos..."
... pero sí está en tu música, Manu! Me encanta. Me conmueve. Muchísimas gracias por el concierto INOLVIDABLE de Pula, Croacia, por la inspiración, por la energía. Y qué maravilloso encontrarte!!!

@ So... (Rest des Namens konnte ich mir leider nicht merken, bitte entschuldige) aus Klagenfurt: Ich freue mich schon darauf, Deine Fragen zur Diplomarbeit zu beantworten. Und ... - ich freue mich wahnsinnig auf "unsere" Fotos. Habe ehrlich gesagt selten auf etwas so gewartet :-) ... Ich hoffe, Du hast meine Mail-Adresse noch? Ansonsten schreib mir kurz hier ins Forum, ich schick sie Dir gerne nochmal. Tausend Dank + un abrazo - Eva
 :: :: 27/07/2008 Manu in Pula,photo gallery
 :: canabinola :: 27/07/2008
Canabinola, your link doesn't seem to work, at least not for me. But thanks anyway! Here is another Pula link for all of you:

Saludos - Eva
 :: :: 28/07/2008
 :: :: 29/07/2008
Thanks Savannahsong,great gallery isn´t it ;)
 :: canabinola :: 29/07/2008
Muchísimas gracias - GREAT gallery :-) !!!!
 :: :: 30/07/2008
And gallery in your link...wonderfull images!!! Who ever takes it must had envious possition for watching concert :)
 :: canabinola :: 30/07/2008
@Canabinola: Maravilloso, no? I also love the images, as they reflect what I saw myself. To be honest, the photographer was right in front of me, in the space between the first row and the stage. I know how lucky I was to have been right in front of Manu. I'll NEVER forget. Hope you had a chance to be there, too - or in any of the other Tombolatour concerts?
Muchos abrazos a todos desde Alemania, Eva
 :: :: 30/07/2008
Yes,I was there,near the stage too,in front of left speaker,it was fantastic,but I wasn´t taking photos,I wanted to enjoy in music.All images in my site Manu Chao Hrvatska are taken by two girls from this forum,we never met,but Manu connected us :)
 :: canabinola :: 01/08/2008

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