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 Manu Chao in High TImes Magazine!
Check out my HIGH TIMES interview with Manu Chao by clicking HERE

Myself and Manu backstage in Brooklyn
 :: dannydanko :: 01/10/2008
Sorry. No links. Copy and paste the info below to see the interview and photos...

Check out my HIGH TIMES interview with Manu Chao by clicking:

Myself and Manu backstage in Brooklyn:
 :: dannydanko :: 01/10/2008
Interesting... I had no idea he was growing his own green stuff at home...; )
 :: :: 01/10/2008
That was a fun to read interview! :D
 :: :: 01/10/2008
hey man.. do you have a msn???? DAnny DAnko??
 :: :: 02/10/2008
Are you for real, dannydanko, or are you a sad, attention-seeking little plagiarist who's f#%king with us?

Just curious...
 :: :: 02/10/2008
???jeez... ...why be so paranoid??...what's so special about it??
 :: :: 02/10/2008
Paraniod? Moi? Gosh, maybe it's all that BC bud I smoke. ;^)

Seriously, I think it's a great interview, and if this guy actually wrote it, why wouldn't he have pitched it to website itself,
asked the admins to post it under the News link? It's certainly worthy of that.

Nope, I'm not paranoid -- just a little cynical, and a big fan of credibility.

PS Hey dannydanko, IF you're the Real McCoy, I'm sorry for calling you *sad* and *attention-seeking*. I'm sure you're
neither of those. Peace out.
 :: :: 02/10/2008
Mmmmmm........ something doesn't go well, but I cannot understand what.........
 :: piggytat :: 02/10/2008
Nothing to worry about , piggytat. i was just questioning this guy's authenticity (perhaps unfairly, but hey, I have trust issues), and
lolalola thought I was being paranoid.

Maybe she's right, but then again, think about it:

This is the web. I could take a picture of a saucy local pin-up girl, claim it was me and post it as an avatar. (I'd bet good money
some of Manu's fans on MySpace do it all the time. Have you SEEN some of those photos? Sheesh!)

Anyway, the High Times article was a totally enjoyable read, and I think Danny Danko's got a dream job. Where do i apply? :^)
 :: :: 02/10/2008
It is indeed me and I find it a bit amusing that someone would pretend to be me. I guess anything's possible on the internet.

Anyway, thanks for the kind words! It was an honor and one of the highlights of my life to meet Manu and be at the special Brooklyn concerts.

The music and message are incredible.

P.S. It is indeed a fun job, and most of all the traveling. Me Gusto!
 :: dannydanko :: 11/11/2008
Hi Danny,

It's great to see this thread re-appear!

I met Manu as well -- sweet-talked my way into an after-party. Although I
only spoke with him for a couple of minutes, it
was one of the highlights of my life too.

Well, if you're ever in Vancouver, feel free to send me an email. My
husband and I are definitely local produce
connoisseurs, if you know what I'm saying. ;^)

Sorry again for the undeserved cynicism.

Warm regards,


PS Do you by any chance know Watermelon?

PPS Have you seen the film The Union: The Business Behind Getting
High? I highly recommend it. (No pun
 :: :: 12/11/2008

I have met Ms. Watermelon and she's cool for sure. Been out to Vancouver and Vancouver Island a few times and I really love it out there. Great local produce! Haven't seen the full film yet but the trailer is great. Looking forward to it.

We leave tomorrow for the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. Steel Pulse and Andrew Tosh (Peter's son) are performing. Should be fun! Talk to you soon, Danny
 :: dannydanko :: 18/11/2008
Have a great time in Amsterdam, Danny. That sounds like a stellar reggae gig! :-)
 :: :: 18/11/2008
many thanks dannydanko
 :: :: 22/11/2008
yes!!good lights on this interview for me, thank's
 :: lilymalena :: 23/11/2008
Amsterdam was fantastic! We were also blessed with shows from Ky-Mani Marley and hip-hop group Dilated Peoples. A fun smoky time was had by all. If only we could get Manu to perform there one day. Until then, I will keep dreaming...
 :: dannydanko :: 30/11/2008
I'm glad you had a good time, Danny.

Happy Holidays!
 :: :: 22/12/2008

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