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 Manu Chao Questions
Dear audience.
im writing my final work at university. Could anybody help me with some Questions:

Is there any officiel Manu Chao Fan-Club?
Is there any difference between a manu chao fan and a common fan?
If you think yes, whats the difference?
What makes MC different to other wellknown musicians?

Please write me here or on my email:


 :: :: 14/10/2010
ahhh i had a nice answer for you but page froze up!!! i can email you later
 :: :: 14/10/2010
a Manu Chao's fan id different because fond of Manu Chao !!!
and Manu Chao is different as the other because is the best !!!!
Sorry, i just think that !!
 :: :: 14/10/2010

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