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Hola amigos!

Tengo una pregunta. Toy buscando en la red si encuentro unos libros de Manu Chao en espanol o en ingles. Yo se que Alessandro Robecchi has escrito un libro sobre Manu Chao, pero cuando busque en google encontre differentes libros que Alessandro Robecchi hayas escrito, son los mismo?

Tambien se que el viejo de Manu has escrito un libro - Un tren de hielo y fuego, que se trata de Mano Negra cuando reconstuyeron un tren en Colombia y pasiaron por sud america.

Alquien sabe mas de los libros sobre Manu Chao. Y donde se puede consiguirlos?

Perdon por mi espanol ;D
Im just wondering if someone knows anything about some books about Manu Chao. I have been checking around on the internet, and i have found some books that Alessandro Robecchi has written. But i found like 2 or 3 books about Manu that this author have published. Is it just the same books but with different covers?

I also know that Manus father, Ramon Chao, has written a book about Mano Negra when they traveled around south armeica in a train. The train of fire and ice is it called, but where can i find it and have anybody translated it to english or spanish?

Does anybody know more about this books, or where i can buy them?

 :: Jalola :: 29/07/2008
I rode (to read) that Robecchi's book is not good. (But i didn't read, so...)
So do i look for "un train de feu et de glace"... i don't know how to find it. sorry. (and for my english too).
 :: laejoseph :: 29/07/2008
Okej, thanks for your help!
 :: Jalola :: 29/07/2008
I have the Alessandro Robecchi book and found it interesting to read - simply because of the subject matter. He has pretty good insights.

If the book has the same title and author, more than likely they are just different editions of the same book or they are published in different languages. I bought a copy over ebay for about 40 U.S. dollars.

 :: nubiasol :: 30/07/2008
Oops, that link may have the book in Portuguese, not Spanish.

If I had the time I would scan it and email it to you, but that would take a LOOONG time. Things like this, though, you want to share. The best advice I can offer you is to keep looking at ebay and other book store links and see if something comes up.
 :: nubiasol :: 30/07/2008
Sorry for all the extra messages, but here are some links to help you on your way:

1. (in Spanish)

2. (in Spanish)

Basically, the book with the red cover (of Manu's face) is in Spanish. It seems like the book with the cover of Manu in a red and white shirt is Italian. The one that has a very sexy photo of Manu's face is in French.

Also, it may be best to get a prepaid credit card for these sites. I have not purchased anything from these sites, so I cannot say whether or not they are legitimate.
 :: nubiasol :: 30/07/2008
"a very sexy photo of manu's face" ? where? where ? (hihi, i understand the most important, every time !)
 :: laejoseph :: 30/07/2008
nubiasol, without laughing, do you know where i can find "un train de feu et de glace" ? sold out amazon or fnac...
 :: laejoseph :: 30/07/2008
 :: PtitePersonne :: 30/07/2008
if u want little person, but i prefer it in red, covering the book. dont u?
 :: laejoseph :: 30/07/2008
No no no, i enjoy colours, so i prefer the google's image ( sorry for my langage ) than the photo of the book, but it's a choice

 :: PtitePersonne :: 30/07/2008
 :: PtitePersonne :: 30/07/2008
too young ! the more he is old, the more he is sexy, i think. like many men.
 :: laejoseph :: 30/07/2008
but, nubia, don't forget the question, hein? pleaaase. even tomorrow.
 :: laejoseph :: 30/07/2008
too young !
 :: PtitePersonne :: 30/07/2008
No is not too young !!
And i'm young it's for that

sorry a 17 ans mon anglais retse restreint
 :: PtitePersonne :: 30/07/2008
you are very young, but you 've got eyes to see that he is sexiest now, isn't he ?
(je voulais pas forcèment que ce sujet là aussi parte en sucette mais bon)
 :: laejoseph :: 30/07/2008
Hi everyone,

The photo I found is of poor quality, but here it is:

I'm with PtitePersonne. Manu definitely looks better with age. It's those eyes. OK. Enough drooling for today!

If I find a better quality image of the one I referred to, I'll send it.
 :: nubiasol :: 30/07/2008
ahhhhhhhh someone is agree with me ! i'm happy ! ;)
Nubia, you have no information for "un train de glace et de feu"?
 :: laejoseph :: 30/07/2008

I know there is a Spanish and a French version available. I'll see if I can find the publisher's address and ask how decisions are made to reprint the book. I don't know if there will be enough demand to justify it, though.
 :: nubiasol :: 31/07/2008
Mais voyons !! j'ai pas dit qu'il était moins beau maintenant !! J'vous ai juste montrer une photo que j'aimais bien =)
Tu sais moi laejoseph, il a beau avoir 30 ans de plus que moi j'le trouve charmant ... xD
mais ne nous étalons pas...
 :: PtitePersonne :: 31/07/2008
too young. too young, toooo youuung ! toyoungtooyoungtooyoung ! hihi
 :: laejoseph :: 31/07/2008
Maybe... i know that i'm young, maybe too young, but [ sa me dérange pas =) xD ]
 :: PtitePersonne :: 31/07/2008
Je plaisante le plus souvent, Ptite Personne ;)
 :: laejoseph :: 31/07/2008
 :: nubiasol :: 06/08/2008
jolie photo !!!!! préface d'un livre sur MC....
bye bye boum
 :: manviv :: 06/08/2008

Thank you! I love Manu fans like you that want to share thnigs about him to other Manu fans!

Good Work!
 :: Jalola :: 11/08/2008

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